The Disappearance of Susheel Raina: APDP protests unabated disappearances in Kashmir

Susheel Raina

Press Release issued on 28 April 2011 by the ASSOCIATION OF PARENTS OF DISAPPEARED PERSONS, led by Parvez Imroz. The APDP also staged a protest in Srinagar. 

Susheel Raina, 21, son of Badrinath Raina disappeared from Chandergam, Aishmuqam in district Anantnag (Islamabad) on 4th April 2011. Susheel left his home to collect a certificate from Boys Degree College Anantnag (Islamabad) and since then never returned.

Police is said to be investigating, as they claim about hundreds of others who have disappeared in last two decades. These investigations either never begin or never end and in very rare cases where police investigations have indicted the perpetrators, no one has been prosecuted.

When it comes to high profile political murders, (like the one of Moulvi Showkat Ahmed Shah recently) police swiftly comes out with a charge sheet against some people without even providing a shred of evidence, but when there are cases of common Kashmiris like Susheel no one seems to be interested in investigating these cases. Intelligence agencies are clueless and news analysts are silent.

Susheel’s disappearance is an indicator about the continued phenomenon of people disappearing in Jammu and Kashmir. Susheel is not the first one to disappear but if the government does not allow independent and impartial investigations into the phenomenon of enforced disappearances, unfortunately Susheel will not be the last one as well.

Like so many young men, justice too appears to have been forced to disappear from Jammu and Kashmir. People who seek justice are branded as hardliners and the ones denying justice claim to be the torch bearers of democracy. Democracy is strengthened by truth and justice but here in Kashmir transparency, accountability and truth are the most hated concepts for democrats.

APDP while reiterating its demand for independent investigations into all the cases of enforced disappearances urges the government to shun callousness and help the family members of Susheel Raina establish his whereabouts.

Ghulam Nabi Mir

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