A rape in Kulgam; the dishonouring of India continues

Imagine there had been a rape in Delhi. Imagine the headlines in the papers. They would have been loud and angry. As they are, and as they must be. Do you think any of the papers would have said that the woman in question has ‘accused’ or ‘alleged’ who the perpetrator was? But there has been a rape in Kashmir and your media wants you to know that a woman has ‘accused’ an army jawan of having done so. Journalistic restrain and caution are good things when they are useful. After all, let an inquiry establish this is the truth.

The truth? Ha! We know what this is in Kashmir. Kashmir, you see, is so “complex” an issue… India’s “mistakes” in Kashmir have been exploited by the evil Islamists, the terrorists who hate democracy, the Pakistanis who don’t like Kashmir as a symbol of Indian secularism!

In Kahsmir another reality will play out, one the Delhi media will ignore until it blows up, which it may or may not. There will be protests and strikes and stone-pelting and these will be crushed by shooting 13 year old boys in the head.

We will then debate such atrocities by the state. We will come to a conclusion, aided by what intelligence sources will tell stenographers-posing-as-journalists, that the protests are planned and paid for by Pakistan.

Geelani will be put under house arrest for the 683rd time in his life, “intellectuals” will start quoting from Yoginder Sikand’s review of his books to show what a bigot he is, and given that he is a bigot we cannot support the Kulgam woman’s right to justice. Why should she get justice? Was she a model in Delhi? Was she a Punjabi like Jessica Lal or a Kashmiri Pandit like Priyadarshini Mattoo?

Those who don’t kiss the Indian flag five times a day don’t deserve justice or rights. They deserve occupation.

Thereafter there will be calls for “peace” and “normalcy”; the arbiters of such “peace” and “normalcy” (who conference and seminar for it all the time) will tell us of the “complexity” of the Kashmir problem, print reports and distribute them. Those who will go to Kashmir to record stories from the ground, stories that the media has been manipulated or prevented from telling, such people will be returned to Delhi from the airports; or allowed and followed; or at the very least told that they are being watched.

How can we assume the woman is not lying? Don’t we know that the women of Kunan Poshpura had lied they had all been raped? After all, our brave journalists trudged all the way there to establish this.

The first thing you need to know to understand the “complex” conflict in Kashmir is this: The Kashmiri is always a liar, the Indian always as true as the word of god.

Azadi? Oh yes, the “separatists” (those green-horned Islamic fundoos who hold poor Kashmiris to ransom and who prefer terrorism to tourism) will exploit the rape of a woman to say they want azadi. But Kashmir can’t get azadi because the non-Kashmiri Hindu maharaja of the colonially created state of Jammu and Kashmir signed the territory away to the Union of India which thus earned the right to send its army and rape the erstwhile Maharaja’s subjects at will, with impunity and without punishment. Kashmir can’t be a nation-state, sorry, because we are against nation-states. Because we are a great nation populated mostly by tolerant, peace-loving Hindus who like democracy better than an Islamic fundocracy where Syed Ali Shah Geelani gets to decide who can consume alcohol. Because we kill Muslims rather than Kashmiri Pandits.

And that is why the woman in Kulgam can’t get justice either. How can we send a brave army jawan to jail? The Army has saved Kashmir for us, saves it every day, wouldn’t it hurt their morale and send out a bad signal in the rank and file that they can’t even rape a terrorist’s daughter? Ha! Such are the “complexities” of Kashmir. If only Nehru understood them he wouldn’t have moved his ass to the United Nations…

Meanwhile, get ready to ignore the next killing or rape in Kashmir. This is how it goes, this is how it goes.

Jai Hind.

Update: So the Indian Army has let it be known that while it is co-operating with investigations (we’re grateful, sir) the charges may have been levelled to defame the force and disturb peace! Even before I read this report I knew it was about Others disturbing peace!

28 thoughts on “A rape in Kulgam; the dishonouring of India continues”

  1. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-04-11/delhi/29405739_1_taxi-driver-girl-pcr-van



    three articles, mr. vij, for your kind perusal. they appeared when i googled delhi rape. they all use the word “allege”. you are not entirely off the mark tho. “allege” is not always used but that doesn’t mean it is never used. you write for delhi media yourself anyway.

    the essence of what you are saying is fine, too. the problem is mis-representation of facts and your hypocrisy.

  2. This is what the fact has been in beautifull prison since the very dawn of neo colonialism in Kashmir ! India is what we know via ”uniform perpetuation of state terrorism” and we don’t expect justice rather we are all against table works and now we push our demand of AZADI once for all from all betrayals and foul of indian Doom o Crazy !

  3. Kashmiris have to get rid of Jihadis who have been invited by them. Once Jihadis go the Indian Army will have no job there. And for being credible Kashmiris should get their Pundit brothers back whose propertied they have looted.

  4. I was expecting this ‘outburst’ on Ghulam Nabi Fai affair, but you got a better stick…

    The looese ends shopian Rape allegation was pointed out by Harinder Baweja and not by Arun shourie

    Let truith prevail

    An Indian

  5. The Kashmiri is always a liar, the Indian always as true as the word of god.

    Why you are mixing two distinct issues? One is the issue of whether Kashmir should be allowed to secede. The other concerns the behaviour of our army and the culture of impunity which sees gross human rights violations unpunished. I agree that the two issues are interrelated but it still makes sense to keep them separate. The reason is that while the former issue [the political] concerns only Kashmir, the latter concerns all areas where the army effectively does the job of the police.

    It is no secret that there have been rape allegations wherever the Indian Army has been doing the job of the police. Why else is Irom Sharmila fasting? Why did the brave Manipuri women strip themselves and march in Imphal shouting “Indian Army, rape us!” some months back? I remember the late A. Z. Phizo notably saying “The Indian Army fought in Nagaland with their genitals.” Weren’t there rape accusations in Assam during the heydays of ULFA? How many Indian Army personnel have been punished in Assam, Manipur or Nagaland?

    The behaviour of the Indian army is no different in Kashmir than its behaviour elsewhere. Surely, we have to address this but this is a distinct problem from the political problem that Kashmir poses to the Indian polity. I would rather we keep the two issues separate. Just my opinion.

  6. o god stop with the kashmir bullshit – i say the indian govt shud just let the entire fucking state go to pakistan and be done with it. kashmir has only ever been trouble for india. we don;t fucking need it, because kashmiris can’t say a sentence without talking about kashmir’s “troubles” – bullshit

    1. Dear Mr. Ashok and noorjahan,

      Kindly correct the use of words you write on these sites. Mr. Ashok, you are writing about to get rid of the Jihadis, but the fact is no normal man wants to lift a gun and no mother wants her son to be a militant and die fighting. These all things were given birth by brutal politics. We can never understand the true suffering of seeing our loved ones dying in front of our eyes, just imagine it once and then write what your heart says.


      First thing, kashmir is not bullshit, people live there, they are humans and not bloody animals. Kindly make your history more correct and see that no Indian state has ever faced any problems becoz of kashmir. But the sad part is no Indian never ever thought of what brutality people living there are suffering. Just imagine once a female being raped in front of you, and you standing there helpless, can you just feel that pain. Nad wht if that fmale is you sister??????? My intentions are not to hurt your feelings, but just to show you how it feels when your every moment of live your every breath comes out of fear.

  7. Whatever anyone says… I somehow agree on the below line quoted by you…

    “The Kashmiri is always a liar, the Indian always true as the word of god.”

    Who decided what is truth and false is a very thin line and one who has power has might….One thing i will add is that It is very kashmiris who have done the most of damages to themselves by falling prey to vested interests. Kashmir is of a sybmolic importance to India as well as PAK. So both are performing for their pride, whatever happens to common people is no big deal for all of them.

    This case will also go in din very soon and people will forget what happened. This reminds me of a Captcha by some journalist recently post mumbai attacks about Mumbai Spirirt.. Let us call it a common mans spirit. MOVE ON…… Nothing is going to change unless we stop voting in elections for corrupt and opportunistic political class.

  8. every indian must read it
    and suggest
    plz humble request
    i love u mahraj
    i feel proud that we are natives……..
    Bakui wasalam

  9. Khasmiri women are in a sense war treasures gained by the victors and are using them for pleasures as an when required. Indian societies seem to have condoned these criminals. Otherwise the Government of India with it’s machinery must have brought those responsible to justice. Alas that did not happen.

  10. My prayers are with that poor tribal women, let justice be on her side.
    like wise my heart also weeps for a nation who is facing proxy war driven by the stategy >>

    “death by bleeding through a thousand cuts” as experimented against Soviets in Afghanistan -thanks to stategist Gen Zia Ul Haq and Akhtar abdur rahman(the architects)

  11. The Land of Kashmir is very important to both Indians and Pakistanis. Kashmiris are not . Pakistan during its occupation of erst while East Pakistan now Bangladesh wanted the land and with that objective forced out more than 10 million people out of the country, killed 3 million, raped half a million women, destroyed households, etc. These sort of tortures are crime against humanity.Natural justice did not allow their dream to be fulfilled. Injustices and torture did not achieve anything. Both India and Pakistan know it. Justice will take it’s course, we dont know when? Hope good sense will prevail.

  12. Every Kashmiri who is living in Kashmir is tired of India and Pakistan. Kashmir is not the problem! Indians and pakistanis are blood thirsty animals who want Kashmiris to become an excuse to suck each others blood. This is the main problem!

  13. Why are the rapist not brought to justice. Why is it so.
    If a fucking jawan is gulity, send him to gallows… Why such hypocrisy.

    An Ashamed Indian…

    1. @Arurag, The answer to your question is Incentive and immunity to law enforcers for carrying out enormous task to keep the people of Kashmir subjugated. Isn’t it a befitting one?

  14. u better stop n shut ur mouth , u SLUT………..
    i dont know thru which fucking a**hole u cam out……..

  15. Shivam, haven’t the rape charges been contested by the forensic report and by the victim’s family? Hasn’t a business man been killed by militants in Sopore? Why no post on that? Why don’t you come out and call a spade a spade. If the army,CRPF, BSF and JKPF are rapists, murderers and occupation forces to you. Why not paint the ‘freedom fighters’ with the same brush? Or are we to believe that kafila has become the partisan news outlet that it was setup not to be?

    The silence is deafening. Over to you now.

  16. अरे भाई मोडरेटर, ये ऊपर xxxxx जी का कमेन्ट बाहर करवाइए ! और शिवम् भाई ने अच्छा लिखा है, क्रूर हास्य में कुछ खम्बा वाली झलक मिली.

  17. Where are the moderators? Some obscenities have been written above by “xxxxxxxxx”..
    About the article: I think it is unbalanced. Let the investigation end. Then let the courts decide. The media’s role is more to work towards making sure Institutions are doing their job, not to cast stones.

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