Five Years of Kafila

It was this day five years ago that Kafila published its first post.

The number of people who have joined this caravan in five years has been way more than we expected. Our less than 1,500 posts have been read nearly 1.8 million times, and have received more than 13 thousand comments.

Talking about numbers…

Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Five Years of Kafila”

  1. As a recent entrant to this kafila/caravan, I am enriched.
    Yes, it is true to the couplet of Majrooh Sultanpuri:
    “Main akela hi chalaa tha jaanib-e-manzil magar
    Log saath aate gaye… karavaan banta gaya”

    Let us walk on, with a feeling of accomplishment.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! It has been a most interesting journey indeed – educative, informative, combative…superlative!

    More power to the flight from big media…


  3. Congratulations to Kafila team and Mr. Shivam Vij for this brilliant blog.
    Reading Kafila has been an amazing , eye-opening experience for me
    Regards and keep up the good work.


  4. well done ! i have been registered to this website 10 months ago and read almost every article but at the same time I feel most of the time frustrated columnist with biased view get more space rather than healthy view!!!! It is becoming A place of ‘ reactionary intellectual’ hub.


  5. Congratulations!!! Btw, in the spirit of democratization sweeping the globe, will you be allowing us to review and vote on your moderation decisions? Only fair, I think….


  6. congratulations on completely five years but when are you going to correct the spelling to Qafila?



  7. Many congratulations to Kafila for completing five years on the Web. My association with Kafila is now more than 2 yrs old and it’s been a like-dislike – but never dull – relationship for me.
    Kudos to the good work by the authors, moderators & admins. :)


  8. Hearty wishes on completing five creative yrs ! In this one yr of association with Kafila I found some, if not many, critical and insightful posts. Thanks a lot !! Kafila team deserves praise,indeed, for its sincere job. I wish it will leave to our expectations !


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