Play Haze Kay not Honey Singh: Music from Kashmir against Rape for Delhi

“Justice to the girls who were so innocent,
Justice so our sisters can be roaming free,
Justice to Aasiya and Neelofar,
Justice to the girl from Delhi.”

– a song by HAZE KAY (Rapper from Kashmir)

Haze Kay
Haze Kay

Yesterday, we saw placards on Jantar Mantar that sought to draw linkages of solidarity between young people asking for justice for the gang-rape survivor in Delhi and those committed to the memory of the rape and murder of Neelofar and Aasiya in Shopian and many others in Kashmir.

Today, a Facebook post by Fahad Shah alerted me to a song by Haze Kay – a Kashmiri rapper that made the same linkage of solidarity, from Kashmir, to Delhi.

Here is the song. No further words are necessary. Except to say, call up radio stations in Delhi, and ask RJs to find and play Haze Kay, not Honey Singh.


In the memory of Aasiya and Neelofar and thousands of other girls and women who have been victimized by the crime called Rape ..

intro –

their guns and their clicks , i don’t fear all that .
when the police comes around , i don’t fear all that .
disappeared without a trace , i don’t fear all that .
cause i am from Kashmir so i don’t fear all that.

verse 1 –

i am preparing a tomorrow that will have my destruction ,
but i will first violate the violent coalition of this occupational cooperation that is ruling me ,
cops are now suing me , their plots aint doin me ,
enough of a damage so i still dont hesitate to manufacture facts and spit it right at their face ,
if i believe in God then i know he will keep me safe ,
my every punch line is like a scream from the grave ,
tell me how did u manage to silent the commission , that was investigating the shopian rape victims ,

tell me how did you label that episode a suicide even though the bodies were found naked besides a shallow lake

merely 2 blocks from a military checkpost , now dont you dare blame this episode on a ghost ,
the evidence was posted to delhi but didnt ever reach there ,
cause here justice too can feel fear and die in a wheel chair . . . .

chorus –

Justice to the girls who were so innocent ,

Justice so our sisters can be roaming free ,

Justice to Aasiya and Neelofar ,

Justice to the girl from Delhi .

verse 2 –

their screams their cries a village raped in the night ,
now their children born dont know who’s against or who’s side are they on ,
while some ended living in hatred , some crossed the border turned to militancy to escape it and
came back in arms , and came back with bombs ,
but who’s to be blamed when the govt is wrong ,
when justice seems framed and the proof are the widows ,

the orphans , the raped , the disappeared and all those ,
people who have suffered through the years of genocide ,
when you live in occupation you can die but not cry ,
sabotaging the truth can only cover not hide ,
cause when the clouds pass away the sun has to shine bright ,
and its a lie if they say occupation means democracy ,
its another form of slavery justified by hypocrisy ,
it bothers me to stand patient waiting for a prophecy ,
no more you will see a sober me , though you plot and follow me ..

Courtesy : Fahad Shah, Thanks to Haze Kay


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6 thoughts on “Play Haze Kay not Honey Singh: Music from Kashmir against Rape for Delhi”

  1. Whether it is Kashmir or it is Manipur…..the story is the same….. we need to bring these out in the open…


  2. I appreciate the sentiments, but the song itself is quite awful. But still not as awful as Honey Singh I suppose.


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