Dear Abhijit babu – The Society of Painted and Dented Ladies responds

Rajyasree Sen in Firstpost:

Dear Shri Abhijit Mukherjee,

I am writing to you in my capacity of  General Secretary of the Society of Painted and Dented Ladies of India. First of all, I would like to state that I was most touched that you have noticed our presence in your midst. For long, we the Painted and Dented Ladies have suffered on the fringes of society, waiting to be recognised – especially by the likes of political luminaries such as you. This honour from a sitting MP, has given me inestimable joy. Not to forget that you are our venerable president, Pranab Mukherjee’s very own son. I stand up in respect, sir.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Abhijit babu – The Society of Painted and Dented Ladies responds”

  1. I heard most of the versions presented by Abhijit Babu.I feel proud that such a Solomon was hand picked by wise men of Congrss high ups to represent his constituency in LokSabha.What a choice?May his tribe increase . S K Sethi


  2. An Abhijit justifies a Rahul. Rahul , helped by a lot of media hype, failed miserably in Bihar and UP polls. Abhijit makes a faux pas extra-ordinary and Congress chamchas are quick to justify him since he has apologised. If Congress is to be believed I can call Sonia names and then withdraw my comments and also apologise and everything would be hunky dory. If all the hurt women do it ? Get even ? What happens then ?


  3. Just thinking that may be not the solution but it can be a part of larger efforts: Should we now further raise voice and ensure that the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament gets passed and implemented? May be when we will have around 180 to 200 women in Parliament and 1/3 in all Vidhan Sabhas of India then largely women will become more politically empowered and stronger in making our political and legal system accountable towards women of India? Imagine when around 200 Lok Sabha Constituencies will only have women candidates contesting against each other then the larger politicisation of women across the country will increase and they will be able to share more power in a male dominated India? After all, ever since women started entering more professions in India we have seen that their collective voice has strengthened in different newer walks of life. The experience at Gram Panchayat levels has shown that with 50% reservation for women the relative power of women against men in rural society has enhanced.


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