Indians and Pakistanis Condemn Exchange of Fire and Killings on LoC

List of signatories from both countries given at the end.

We, the undersigned Indians & Pakistanis, are deeply disturbed with the recent exchange of firings and killing of two Indian and one Pakistani soldier across the Line of Control (LoC). The incidence as reported is highly deplorable and no sane person or society can accept such unwarranted and gruesome incidences. The said incidences have a potential to derail the ongoing peace process that has shown remarkable progress in recent times in easing the visa regime, improving trade relations and securing many other confidence building measures that hold great promise for both the countries.

We are happy that the Director Generals of Military Operations (DGMOs) of both countries have spoken to each other after the incidents. We urge that suitable mechanisms must be evolved and implemented immediately to ensure that the concerned authorities on both sides are in constant touch to avert recurrence of any such incidence rather than meet after some damage is done.

We sincerely appeal to both the countries to take action against those responsible and see such incidences do not occur in the future. Such incidences will only help war mongers and enemies of peace when the need of the hour for both sides is to take the peace process forward. We are confident that such dastardly incidences will not affect the dialogue as it has to be uninterrupted and uninterruptible till we secure complete friendship and peace between our two countries. The two sides should also resume normal trade across the LoC and enhance people to people contacts by easing the Visa regime further.


Admiral L. Ramdas- Former Chief of Indian Navy, Alibaug
Mahesh Bhat-Film Maker- Mumbai
Lalita Ramdas- Former Chair, International Green Peace- AlibBaug
Jatin Desai- Peace Activist and Journalist, Mumbai
Dr. Mazher Hussain- Director, COVA, Hyderabad
Dr. Amrita Chacchi- Academic, Delhi
Ramesh Pimple- People’s Media Initiative, Mumbai
Sheeba Chacchi- Artist, Delhi
Varsha Rajan Berry- SAHR, Mumbai
Dr. Sandeep Panday- Asha Ashram, Lucknow
Ramesh Yadav- Folklore Institute, Amritsar
Sanjay Nahar- Sarhad, Pune
Vijayan M J, Programme for Social Action, Delhi


Karamat Ali, Labour Rights Activist, (PILER) Karachi
Dr. A. H. Hayyar, peace activist, President Pakistan Peace Coalition, Lahore
B. M. Kutty, Secretary General of Pakistan Peace Coalition, Karachi
I. A. Rahman, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Lahore
Dr. Kaiser Bengali, Senior economist, Karachi
Dr. Tipu Sultan, Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi
Sheema Kermani, Tahrik-e-Niswan, Karachi
Muqtada Mansoor Khan political analyst, Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences, Karachi
Dr. Syed Jaffar Ahmed, academician and peace activist, Karachi
Mehnaz Rehman, women rights activist, Karachi
Mohammad Ali Shah, Chairperson, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, Karachi
Iqbal Alavi, peace activist, Karachi
Zulfiqar Halepoto, peace and human rights activist, Hyderabad
Sauleha Ather, women rights and peace activist, Karachi
Farooq Tariq, peace activist and labour leader, Lahore
Javed Qazi, Forum for Secular Pakistan, Karachi

9 thoughts on “Indians and Pakistanis Condemn Exchange of Fire and Killings on LoC”

  1. Yes, the solution to this gruesome act is to continue cricket diplomacy, Bollywood diplomacy and cuisine diplomacy. And more candle holding at the border. The Pakistani army and Lashkar-E-Toiba will be impressed.



  2. Pakistani soldier was killed in crossfire, he wasn’t beheaded or mutilated like they did. What Pakis did was against humanity and military ethics.They must take strict action against the responsible people otherwise, it will lead to many more deaths.Nobody wants war and violence.I urge both nations to avoid such conflicts in future.


  3. this signature doesnt help coz ultimately they are killing our soldiers…wats with the compulsory “friendship” mongers?????


  4. I endorse the statement and at the same time utterly condemn the war mongering that is on display on the media.


  5. although it is pointless to pursue sanity as it is considered more a political game, still i dare request a soul-searching effort by wa rmogering atomic neighbours to be more humane.


  6. Sabash, Shatrughan Sinha. It’s not important to consider who’s saying but what is being said.

    Shatrughan Sinha refuses to hate Pakistan
    “Let’s talk peace,” says Shatrughan Sinha who refuses to hate Pakistan

    (Source: Mediawatch)

    You’ve just returned from attending a wedding in Islamabad? Rather politically incorrect, considering two of our jawaans were shot and mutilated by elements across the border, no?

    First of all I was not in Islamabad in any political capacity. I went there as a brother to my mooh-boli behen Zian, Zia-ul-Haq’s daughter who is a special child, and very special to me. I attended her marriage many years ago. I was the only Indian and only Hindu at her wedding. Now I went to attend her son’s marriage. No function in that family is complete without me. It was a wonderful experience. I met so many of today’s politicians in Pakistan. Not as politicians but as guests at the wedding. Nawaz Sharif even gave a fabulous farewell lunch for me but look at what I’ve come back to. Loud news of cross-border firing and killing.

    Are you saying the news shouldn’t have been broadcast?

    I am not saying that at all. I am as grieved and shocked by the killings of our jawaans as any Indian. But I insist, my going to Pakistan had no bearing on what transpires at the border. When I meet politicians in Pakistan on a social level they display tremendous love and respect for my country and me. I am merely reciprocating the love and warmth and affection I get from them.

    Does it help to extend a hand of friendship to Pakistan, as you’ve been doing for so many years when that hand is repeatedly bitten?

    I don’t know. I am not qualified to comment on political relations because I don’t go there as a politician. I say, what has happened is unwarranted and condemnable. But I am pretty sure that the soldiers from Pakistan acted on their own without taking the permission of their high command. It could be a completely localized dispute. Also, how much of what we’re hearing and reading is the real truth? We really don’t know When I was in Pakistan what I read in the international press about the Indo-Pak tensions was completely different from what I read at home. But I am sickened by what I read and see on television.

    Do you think there is an asha of aman (hope for peace) between the two countries?

    No matter what happens, the dialogue for the peace process must continue. Compared with earlier times the civilians in Pakistan are very pro-India today. I was there in Lahore when India won and Pakistan lost the cricket match. There was no hungama after that. Over here everyone in politics is trying to show his loyalty to ‘The King’ by shouting the loudest against Pakistan. However, that doesn’t mean I condone incidents such as the one that happened at the border this week. What I am saying is that progressive-thinking people on both sides want peace. Those who believe in peaceful co-existence would never want such incidents to happen. I repeat, the dialogue between the two countries must continue uninterrupted.

    Why don’t they send you to Pakistan as India’s high commissioner?

    That is up to the government of India to decide. I’d be most happy to go. So what if I am not in the ruling party? When it comes to the safety of the country we are all one. No one wants war with Pakistan. War is never a solution. It’s always a problem. In Pakistan, I am already known as a cultural ambassador. Again next month, I am going back to attend their Jashne-e-Bahara celebrations for the spring season. I will go and do more constructive talks. Some of my colleagues believe in destructive talks. I don’t. Let’s talk with hosh, not josh.



    “Most men feel themselves entitled by the weakness or misfortune of others to inflict further outrages upon them without fear or reprisal; they take a barbarous pleasure in adding to their afflictions, in making them feel their superiority, in treating them cruelly, in ridiculing them. – D’Holbach 1723-1789”

    The aforementioned is the harsh REALITY of the HR Policies being practiced in few organizations. It is evident that INSECURE BOSS derives sadistic pleasure, by continuously haranguing subordinates, indulging in gross violation of Human Rights & committing blatant atrocities on Junior Employees.


  8. It will do good to many leaders of the BJP, of which Mr Sinha is himself a member. to listen to his sane voice.


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