In Memory of a Puppy/ Ek Pillay Ki Yaad Mein


میرے تخیل کے پہیے کے نیچے

آ گیا ہے آپ کی نفرتوں کا پللا

اور پھر مجھے پاکھنڈ کی بھی ضرورت نہیں

کہ مجھے افسوس ہے

(Mere takkhiyul ke pahiye ke neeche

Aa gaya hai aap ki nafraton ka pilla

Aur phir mujhe paakhand ki bhi zaroorat nahin

Ke mujhe afsos hai)


मेरी कल्पना के पहियों के नीचे

आ गया है आपकी नफरतों का पिल्ला

और फिर मुझे पाखंड की भी जरूरत नहीं

कि मुझे खेद है

(Meri kalpana ke pahiye ke neeche

Aa gaya hai aap ki nafraton ka pilla

Aur phir mujhe paakhand ki bhi zaroorat nahin

Ke mujhe khed hai!)


Underneath my imagination’s wheel

Lies crushed your hatred’s puppy

And I don’t even feel the need to pretend

That I feel sorry for it.

© Danish Husain

19 thoughts on “In Memory of a Puppy/ Ek Pillay Ki Yaad Mein”

        1. Oh ok, my apologies then. Yes, unfortunate. For that matter, not imaginary wheels, it should be real wheels running those puppies down. Not happening soon enough. As a fellow techie, my apologies should carry a little more humility than I display here.
          It is surprising in a way. I thought most of our breed had gone in the opposite direction, so it is a whiff of fresh air to see someone like you writing here. I wish it weren’t so ambiguous :) Nonetheless, your blog was refreshing. And let me qualify it by saying, even if you did belong to the saffron brigade, I would have still liked it. Thank you, and once again, my apologies. Good to meet you here..

          1. Sure, no problem. And since you are the first person to have commented on my young blog, may it be known that my worst nightmare is to be dubbed the upcoming Chetan Bhagat. I’d rather be told my writing sucks.

            Glad you liked my writing. :)

  1. yet another occasion to remember Faiz’s ‘Kutte’

    ये गलियों के आवारा बेकार कुत्ते
    कि बख्शा गया जिनको जौके गदाई
    ज़माने की फटकार सरमाया इनका
    जहाँ भर का दुत्कार इनकी कमाई
    ना आराम शब को ना राहत सवेरे
    गलाज़त में घर नालियों में बसेरे
    जो बिगडें तो इक दूसरे से लड़ा दो
    ज़रा एक रोटी का टुकडा दिखा दो
    ये हर एक की ठोकरें खाने वाले
    ये फाकों से उकता कर मर जाने वाले
    ये मजलूम मखलूक गर सर उठाये
    तो इन्सां सब सरकशी भूल जाए
    ये चाहें तो दुनिया को अपना बना लें
    ये आकाओं की हड्डियां तक चबा लें
    कोई इनको अहसास-ए-जिल्लत दिला दे
    कोई इनकी सोई हुई दुम हिला दे

  2. “Nafraton ka pilla”? That’s terrible!

    It’s bad enough that that arrogant and insensitive sod used this very bad analogy. But, why must you perpetuate it further? You’re making it worse, actually, by having a poor pup represent hatred!.

  3. ہم سب پللے ہیں
    اور منتظر ہیں
    کہ درد بھرا دل لئے ہوے
    کوئی یہاں سے گزرے
    اپنے سنگھآسن پر براجمان
    ہم اسکے آسان کے پہیوں کے
    نیچے آکر نجات پا لیں
    وہ اپنے دکھ کا اظہار کرے
    تاکہ و پالے جو بچ گئے ہیں
    اس نرم دل کے احسان مند ہوں

    हम सब पिल्ले हैं
    और प्रतीक्षा मैं हैं
    के दर्द भरा दिल लिए
    कोई यहाँ से गुज़रे
    अपने सिंघासन पर विराजमान
    और हम उसके आसन के पहियों के
    नीचे आ कर मोक्ष प्राप्त करें
    वो अपने दुःख का इज़हार करे
    ताकें वो पिल्ले जो बच् गए हैं
    उस नर्म दिलवाले के एहसान मंद हों

    we are all pups
    for a soft heart
    to pass this way on his chariot
    we receive deliverance
    being crushed under his wheels
    his saddened visage
    will place under his eternal debt
    the pups that survive

    1. Atrocious!! ‘Vers Libre’ gives you the liberty I suppose. I laud the thoughts, not the poetry. Look at the comment below this one. Much better. Not great, just better. Neither Hindustani nor Hindi, I suppose, but for a madrasi like me, the nuances don’t come easy I guess… still… something better awaited :)

  4. ग़ज़ब “सदभावना ” थी आज उस ज़ालिम के लहजे में

    समझता है जो एक “कुत्ते के पिल्ले ” से भी कम मुझ को

    वोह इंसानों की लाशें देख कर रोया न था अब तक

    चलो एक जानवर की मौत का तो दुःख हुआ उसको !!!!

    (डॉक्टर नदीम ज़फर जिलानी, मेनचेस्टर , इंग्लैंड )

  5. I was really hoping Kafila would have a detailed piece in the backdrop of those comments by Modi. Regarding the infamous ‘puppy’ comment I think there is misinterpretation and we are lost in rhetoric. As Shoma Chaudhury said on NDTV, he did mean that if he feels sad for a ‘kutte ka baccha’ it is natural that he also feels for the Muslims of 2002. However, he refuses till date to answer that question directly or to express any explicit sympathy with the victims of that mindless (or was it?) violence. And he said “if someone else is driving the car”, implying as the CM of that time, he is completely washing his hands off any moral responsibility. For him it is not a failure because he tried absolutely everything that could have been done. Today, he endowed us with another sound byte: burqa of secularism. Of course, sounds innocent. But essentially the charge against the Congress is that it is a party that appeases to Muslims for votes (lolwut?). Modi is already playing to the nationalist gallery with his insidious Hindutva remarks. Are we even listening?

  6. The problem is Newtonian mechanic driven minds will never know how to deal with a Schrödinger’s puppy :)

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