Communal Violence in Khirkiya, Harda, Madhya Pradesh: Report of a Fact Finding Team



Khirkiya, district Harda, witnessed communal violence on 19th September when Muslim majority residents of the area came under direct attack by a frenzied mob of activists of Hindutva formations. The immediate pretext for the attack was the death of a cow in the area, which was blamed on the Muslims.

A seven member team comprising of activists, journalists visited the area on 27th September, met the victims there and also met representatives of district administration.According to it the spontaneous sounding violence was pre-planned and was aimed at terrorising the minority community.It is part of the larger fascist agenda of RSS-BJP and meant to polarise people on religious lines before the elections. It felt that if the administration had shown spine the ensuing violence could have been avoided. 

Read the full report here :

3 thoughts on “Communal Violence in Khirkiya, Harda, Madhya Pradesh: Report of a Fact Finding Team”

  1. This is exactly what Team Modi does to win elections and is a common factor in fascist medhods : Target a minority and demonise them then put them at your mercy. Used to great advantage in Gujarat 2002 elections. To see just how watch “The Final Solution” by Rakesh Sharma.


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