Jurrat – 10 to 16 December 2013, Delhi

Majma and Swaang are organizing JURRAT – A week long campaign on violence against women, from Dec 10-16.


About Jurrat

On 16th December 2013 one year would have passed since the shameful, horrific and brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old girl in Delhi. And yet this whole year, city after city and village after village has screamed ‘Rape’ ‘Gang Rape’ in the months after the much publicized and condemned Delhi-gang rape.

Jurrat for us signifies the urgent need for women and men to both question and act beyond the oppressive gendered norms. The campaign aims at interrogating and broadening the popular discourse on gender violence beyond the hyperbole of media narratives. It will do so by foregrounding the varying degrees and shades of violence experienced by women in both private and public spheres. While exploring the contoured nature of the issue, the campaign will focus on select themes, including ‘love’ and violence (stalking, obsession, acid attacks, honour killings etc) domestic violence (its banal and stark forms) and violence of/in the city (the self-regulatory as well as the more coercive practices that mediate women’s access and relationship to public spaces, including sexual violence).

Jurrat is Courage! Audacity! Our brazen spirit! Our fearless stride together to recognize, speak out, protest and act against the manifold forms of violence faced by women in both private and public spaces. An effort to claim back the city, A ‘show of strength’, the cry of our conscience against our own complacency, Jurrat is a resolution that from now on there shall be no more victims only survivors. Jurrat is the collective cry of “No more!” Jurrat is a promise unto ourselves that “We shall fight”.


We engage with these issues through a repertoire of cultural forms and public performances. The campaign will represent these issues mainly through a range of cultural forms, including poetry, music, theatre, films, exhibition/installations and posters.

Jurrat Detail Program
(Dec 10 – 16, 2013)


Dec 10
Launch at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre (IHC)
6.30 PM Inaugural address by Vrinda Grover
Songs of Protest by Swaang & Majma,
Thoda Dyan Se, a sketch by Mallika Taneja, Tadpol Repertory (Hindi/10mins)
Museum… of species in danger, play by Being Association, Dir: Rasika Agashe (Hindi/60mins)


Dec 11
Songs by Mazil and Jurrat Exhibition
11.00 AM Mangolpuri
1.30 PM Bhalaswa Resettlement Colony
4.00 PM Shahbad Dairy
7.00 PM Museum… of species in danger, play by Being Association, Dir: Rasika Agashe (Hindi/60mins) at Siddharth Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan

Dec 12
Street Play by Paltan, Protest Songs and Jurrat Exhibition
11.00 AM Trilokpuri
3.00 PM Seemapuri
7.30 PM Songs by Swaang at One Billion Rising, Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre

Dec 13
Songs by Barefoot Band & IPTA JNU, and Jurrat Exhibition
11.30 AM Madanpur Khadar
3.00 PM Munirka Village
9.00 PM Museum… of species in danger, play by Being Association, Dir: Rasika Agashe (Hindi/60mins)at JNU Convention Centre

Dec 14
Street Play by Paltan, Protest Songs
2.00 PM Katwaria Sarai Village
2.00 PM Museum… of species in danger, play by Being Association, Dir: Rasika Agashe (Hindi/60mins) at YWCA-Delhi
6.30 PM Music Concert by Swaang at IIFT, Qutab Institutional Area

Dec 15
Protest Songs by Swaang and Majma, and Jurrat Exhibition
12.00 Jantar Mantar (at Joint Action on 33 % Reservation Bill for Women in Parliament by NFIW)


Dec 16
Mapping Jyoti Singh’s route of Dec 16, 2012
12-5 PM Mobile Concert and Rally
Performance stops: Saket Mall, Mehrauli, Munirka and Mahipalpur

7 PM
Jurrat Closing Concert at Convention Centre, JNU
Inaugural Address by Prof. Jayati Gosh (CESP-JNU)
Performers for Mobile and Closing Concert: Rabbi Shergill, Swanand Kirkire, Sona Mohapatra,Vinay & Charu, and Swaang

Partners: Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch, National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), Lokadhikar, IPTA-JNU, JOSH, EFRAH, Panchayat-Katwaria Sarai, Everymedia (Digital Media), ID8 Media Solutions, Gurgaon Ki Awaz (Community Radio), Kriti Team, Tulika Books, YWCA of Delhi, Max Mueller Bhavan, Must, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi University, IIFT, CESP-JNU and CISLS-JNU

Venue Partner: India Habitat Centre



Supported by: Oxfam India and Beti Zindabad Campaign of Action Aid

About Swaang & Majma

Swaang is best known for its song ‘Maa Nee Meri’ which was created to protest the Delhi gang-rape and in solidarity with the braveheart Jyoti Singh who fought her attackers against all odds and whose spirit to live and survive has been an inspiring lesson for women and men across the world.

Majma is an emergent collective of diverse artists and activists committed to progressive arts and media. Its vision is to create and promote music, films, theatre and other cultural forms that challenge existing hierarchies of class, caste or patriarchy. It seeks to bring together these forms in the shape of thematic cultural festivals and issue-based campaign.

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