An Appeal to the media regarding the ongoing vilification of Khursheed Anwar and his organisation:Institute For Social Democracy

A statement by The institute for Social Democracy

पिछले सोलह दिसंबर से  मीडिया के छोटे  और ग़ैर ज़िम्मेदार हिस्से द्वारा प्रचारित प्रसारित की  गयी एक रिपोर्ट ने खुर्शीद अनवर (पूर्व निदेशक, ISD ) को  आत्म हत्या करने पर मजबूर कर दिया।

हम ISD कि ओर से मीडिया द्वारा फैलाए जा रहे इन भ्रामक और ग़लत तथ्यों का विरोध करते हैं. हम ज़ोर दे कर  कहना  चाहते हैं कि

  • यह कहना  कि ‘सम्बन्ध आपसी सहमति से बनाये गए थे’ बिना किन्ही तथ्यों के आधार पर प्रचारित किया जा रहा है. हमारा यह  मानना है कि खुर्शीद अनवर द्वारा  लिखे गए जिस कथित नोट का ज़िक्र किया जा रहा है वह है ही नहीं।
  • १२ सितम्बर को खुर्शीद अनवर ने कोई पार्टी नहीं दी थी, उनके घर पर  आने का प्रस्ताव स्वयं इला जोशी व मयंक सक्सेना के द्वारा दिया था जिसे खुर्शीद ने स्वीकार किया था. इन दो लोगों के अलावा बाकी  लोगों के आने के बारे मे उन्हें कोई पूर्व सूचना नहीं थी.
  • हम स्पष्ट करना चाहते हैं कि बूँद टीम का ISD से औपचारिक या अनौपचारिक किसी भी प्रकार का कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं रहा है. ISD ने बूँद को कभी किसी भी प्रकार की आर्थिक मदद नहीं  दी.

हम आप से अनुरोध करते हैं कि  कृपया इस मामले मे ग़लत व भ्रामक तथ्यों के प्रचार द्वारा दोबारा उनका चरित्र हनन न होने दें।

ISD के सभी साथी


An appeal to responsible and sensitive section of media 


From 16 December a small and irresponsible section of media has been reporting a story which forced Khurshid Anwar (Executive Director of ISD) to commit suicide.

We, the members of ISD condemn these false and misguiding  rumors. We wish to strongly put forward that

  • to say that ‘it was consensual sex’  is absolutely false and baseless. We believe that there is no such note written by Khurshid Anwar, as claimed by various media persons.
  • Khurshid Anwar did not throw a party on 12th September. It was proposed by Ila Joshi and Mayank Saxena, which he accepted. Other people were accompanying Ila and Mayank, and it was not known to Khurshid.
  • ISD has no relations with Boond Team, whatsoever. ISD has never supported or donated Boond team financially or otherwise.

We request you to kindly refrain from character assassination of Khurshid Anwar even after his death by spreading rumors.

ISD Team

5 thoughts on “An Appeal to the media regarding the ongoing vilification of Khursheed Anwar and his organisation:Institute For Social Democracy”

  1. just for making their channels news sensational these peoples are showing any thing,but if they really calls themselves media they should not forget the responsibility.

  2. Media – particularly the TV channels in India acting acting in frivolous and irresponsible manner continuously. Persons concerned in these TV channels should actually be tried for provoking suicide. It is high time that citizens and civil society groups come together to draft a model code of conduct for the media and then lobby to get it made into an Act.

  3. Anybody remembers Ms Madhu Kishwar’s gem of public position on record, with the horrifyingly casteist innuendos against Banwaridevi ,the victim?
    Remember that the appeal court had then refused to accept evidences on the prosecution side ,interestingly on the ground that it thought it highly improbable for the accused, who were all highly placed higher caste men , to have enjoyed sex with the victim ,when the latter was a woman of much inferior social origin.
    If my memory goes right , the infamous Banwaridevi rape case & verdict occurred in Rajastan sometime in between late 80s- through 90s .

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