Modi Thugs on the Rampage – Where is the EC?

UPDATE on yesterday’s news

BJP's lie exposed

Reports of Modi Thugs on the rampage in Benaras: Over the last few days, as the days of the election appraoch, Modi supporters have become more and more desperate and violent. This is just one in a long series of disruptions of meetings and attacks that has been meted out by the goon squad to AAP volunteers.

जिन्हें नाज़ है हिन्द पर वो कहाँ हैं? उन्हें  ये गलियाँ, ये कूचे, ये मंज़र दिखाओ…

AAp activists attacked by Modi Thugs

And like the fascist goons that they are, they have started a campaign that they were urinating in the Ganga and drinking alcohol in the religious ghat – therefore they were beaten up. Says one apologist to a post on facebook:

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  • Raghav Puranik Mr. Admin from today morning there has been a trend on twitter and there is news everywhere that they were urinating in Ganga and drinking liquor on the religious ghat…Why dont you post this too? There are 2 sides of the story and no one knows the exact truth till now…Then you say you are not biased? Really?

Well, Mr Puranik, we have posted your message too – that is the surest proof of the vileness of your ilk. At least you don’t deny that your goons actually beat up these AAP volunteers. We should thank God for that.

For those who want to know – this is what actually happened according to one report:

AAP volunteer Ankit Lal said that they were drinking water at a shop in Assi Ghat area last night when a group of alleged BJP workers asked them to remove their party caps and when they refused to do so, they were beaten up. Station House Officer of Bhelupur Police Station V K Singh said AAP volunteers had an argument with some alleged BJP workers at Assi Ghat area and soon a scuffle broke out.

For all those who have any experience of how the BJP/RSS goons have functioned in their own universities and cities, there can be no doubt that not only are they now physically attacking their opponents in desperation, they are also spreading the basest lies about them.


3 thoughts on “Modi Thugs on the Rampage – Where is the EC?”

  1. what else can you expect from goons of Bharat Jalao Party? violence, lies, deciet, intimidation, anti social & anti national activities.


  2. Given the kind of stuff that makes it’s way into the Ganges eg.
    and the kind of characters who live by the river e.g
    one would have thought that Puranik & co. could have taken a little bit of pissing and drinking by the river into their stride. But anyways, a little bit of hypocrisy in name of politics never hurt anyone, right?. Especially when the stakes are as high “Desh nahin Jhukne doonga” & “desh nahin mitne doonga”.


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