Statement on the Hate Crime in Pune: Concerned IT professionals

Circulated by Concerned IT professionals from Pune

We, the undersigned express our deep shock at the gruesome incident of hate crime reported in the city of Pune earlier this week. A 28 year old IT professional Shaikh Mohsin Sadiq was thrashed to death by a group of people suspected to be connected with a radical Hindu outfit called Hindu Rashtra Sena.

Mohsin was reportedly returning home after offering namaz at a mosque on Monday night when he found himself caught by the mob. As is the case in every hate crime, a skull cap on head and beard were enough for the killers to pounce on him with deadly intentions. The city was witnessing bandh and violent street protests by Shiv Sena, BJP and other radical Hindu organizations in the wake of Facebook post(s) with allegedly derogatory references to Shivaji and former Shiva Sena Chief Bal Thackeray. The assailants were apparently involved in similar protests when they spotted Mohsin on Monday night in Bankar colony in Hadapsar area of Pune.

One cannot help seeing this incident vis-à-vis forthcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra. As a run-up to the elections which are due in a few months, an attempt to polarize the masses on communal lines with the sheer intention of electoral gains, as we have seen elsewhere, seems to be on the cards. We appeal to the state government to thwart any such attempts with alacrity while ensuring safety to every citizen; we also appeal to the people of Maharashtra to not fall prey to such hideous designs and uphold the progressive tradition of the state that has seen peaceful co-existence of various sects, religions and cultural groups with no place for hatred.

While offering our deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and friends of Mohsin, we extend our heartfelt solidarity to each and every member of minorities/disadvantaged communities in struggle to preserve the values of democracy, secularism and justice.


Neeraj Kholiya

Dhanesh Birajdar

Bharatbhooshan Tiwari

Nitin Agarwal

Vinod Pillai


Gokul Panigrahi

Rajat Johari

Ujjwal Barapatre

Kshitij Patil

Sanind Shaikh

Akbar Ali

Prince Shelley

Mohamed Shazad

Shaikh Asfaque Hossain

14 thoughts on “Statement on the Hate Crime in Pune: Concerned IT professionals”

  1. Excellent statement. Good to know there are folk who can still think straight. We have just seen a similar incident in B’lore, where once again, a young Muslim professional, from Bhatkal was attacked. Cybercrime police needs to trace the actual culprits in such cases.


  2. Really shocking incident….we blame the westerners for being racial, but how good we are so far??? A few people commit the crime and becomes reason for communal hatred in totality..


  3. It is indeed shocking to read about the murder of an innocent person. Yes! it is premeditated murder. The Shiva sena and other senas are nothing but fascist thugs like Hitler’s brown shirts. I hope the police catch all of the cowardly thugs and hang them. Killing innocents in the name of religion is disgusting. How did these thugs know that a muslim posted images on facebook? even so, it is freedom of expression. These goons should be severely punished. There should be a mandatory punishment for religious/hate crimes.


  4. its very very bad inhuman act done by extremists .
    My appeal to people of India is why all these communal organisation are working out of their mind. Why they take law in their hand and kull innocent humans before knowing the truth.
    why they are , why they are allowed to make communal organisation.
    Indian Police is there to protect citizens and to find out who are these culprit disturbing brothethood.
    I am 100% sure Indian Police force is more rhan sufficient to deal with crimnals but then why youngesters were provoked to shed innocent people blood and kill them.


  5. Its really a very shocking incident.
    As a citizen of India I do not like minority appeasement and to even more extent citizens of India hate such brutal assassination on the name of “Religion”.

    What we want at this moment of time, when Industrial growth is slowing down; are more businesses, peaceful environment and world class infrastructure. Unfortunate incidences like killing of innocent people will lead us to Talibani mindset which is disastrous for society.

    The background of the murder seems originating from protests of Facebook posts for hon Balasaheb Thakray and Pujya Shri Shivaji Maharaj. Indeed the heritage and work of above great people are so great that no facebook post or a hateful and intentional speech can destroy the effect of greatness of these personalities.

    Come on India.. For a becoming superpower; we cant afford to have such intolerance towards anybody.


    1. “hon Balasaheb Thakray and Pujya Shri Shivaji Maharaj. Indeed the heritage and work of above great people are so great that no facebook post or a hateful and intentional speech can destroy the effect of greatness of these personalities.”

      Really !! Are you serious?


  6. Your extremely sensible statement reinforces the thought that 20 goons don’t define India and gives us hope for the future. May better sense prevail, may we truly deserve to be called a Superpower…….or better still, may we truly deserve to be called a ‘Nation’ first.


  7. Gujarat riots lead to Modi’s rise in Gujarat. With orchestrated UP riots it was Modi’s turn to realize his PM dream. What we are seeing in Pune is a similar modus operandi to win Maharastra elections. Manufacture riots and rule India.


  8. It’s a shameful act one which should be condemned.. i also like to see that we should condem any one spreading hate. People who passed dreogatory references to Shivaji should also be condemned. I don’t see that happening in this post, i looks one sided.


  9. The Logical Indian, I think your logic fails you. This ghastly murder was in fact meant as an act of condemnation of the so-called derogatory references to Shivaji. If a murder has already been used as a form of condemnation (not to mention the widespread protests by Hindu right-wing groups after these images circulated), what should we, those who are horrified by this violence, be condemning? The murder, or the supposed action that was cited as a reason for the murder? By morally equating the murder with those who passed derogatory references to Shivaji, you have shown your competence only in arithmetic, not in reason or ethics. And yet again joined forces with those people who believe a historical figure is above criticism. So much above, that living human beings need to kill and maim all who disagree in order to protect his glory. (Not that Shaikh Mohsin Sadiq was even investigated for this supposed crime before he was brutally sent away from us).


  10. I feel this platform should be used to build bridges and not to add fuel to fire.. by condemning derogatory remarks it ensures that we are in no way encouraging for siding with people who are spreading hate.
    There are people who want to spread hate in both the sides – i would rather live in a peaceful society which respects others point of view and not criticize for sake of criticism only. ~Peace


  11. Mr. Logical Indian. You do realize that the person killed was in no way related to the derogatory posts that appeared on FB, don’t you? The cyber crime cell is in touch with four (yes four) nations because it was behind proxy servers that are housed in these four nations.

    Secondly FB is slowly becoming a platform to host hate and negativity of late. In a hyper sensitive society that is South Asia, FB must be roped to spread hatred. All these ideals of Free speech really have no meaning because we are talking life and death here (of usually innocents)


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