Spring in Israel? Internal voices of dissent grow


Over 150,000 social justice protesters took to the streets of 11 cities across Israel.These protests, which some are calling part of an “Israeli Spring”, began initially in response to the country’s housing crisis. But since as they began gaining momentum, they have spread to a host of social and economic complaints, including overlap with the struggling Israeli peace movement.


6 thoughts on “Spring in Israel? Internal voices of dissent grow”

  1. Some Good News at last! Yes, resistance from inside will be the most effective way to stop this massacre.


  2. This is terribly misleading. The mass “social justice” protests pictured here took place three years ago (2011) and the anti-war protest is current. Thus there is little overlap between the two and their juxtaposition here is misleading (though there are interesting connections to be made).


  3. Thanks for this bit of news. In the US we get very little news about Social Justice movements in Israel — especially their Peace Movement. Can we get dates for these protests? Were any done during the latest massacre in Gaza?

    Here is a link to a very well established, American rabbi and his critique. Rabbi Henry Siegman is interviewed for about 45 minutes and then you can find a link to more, the following day. http://www.democracynow.org/2014/7/30/henry_siegman_leading_voice_of_us


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