5 thoughts on “Massive protests against Land Acquisition Ordinance at Jantar Mantar”

  1. For long the Indian elites have run roughshod over the poor and dispossessed of our land. Ignoring the genuine interests of the people is coming home to roost. Of course, the pro-corporate lobby will view this as anti-development and anti-industrialization sentiment.

    Never ever questioning their own motives of “development” by dispossessing the people of their homesteads – yes, keep aping the English model of industrialization. Never ever bothering to fully compensate the owners or those dependent on the land that is acquired forcibly or otherwise.

    I recall, the comments of state’s Chief Engineer. While discussing the compensation plans for a state highway modernization project, “We are used to evict squatters with lathis!”

    This is how bureaucrats and technocrats think of our people – the very people they are presumably trying to serve (sic!). And, the politicians, of course, do not care – rather they care to the extent that they and their goons will pocket the compensation funds that never reach the project impacted families.

    When will we ever learn to make development inclusive?!?

  2. The advance made by the 18th century shows itself in this, that the
    law itself becomes now the instrument of the theft of people’s land.
    (Karl Marx, Capital, vol. I, pp. 677–8) from the book “Power and Contestation by Nivedita menon & Aditya Nigam.

  3. It is these people who opposed the singer land acquisition for SEZ. The ordinance route for a legislation that has heavy sociAl impact is undemocratic. The ordinance exempts the S I A which shows the anti people outlook of bp. The aDhanies are facilitated to grab the poor men’s land under the pretext of power project. The moan bhagwat’sbhagwat mother terrace issue has been raised now only to distract a real discussion on land acquisition ordinance amongst the public.

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