Modi Not Welcome!


At 9 p.m. on Sunday, Nov 8, 2015, a massive projection of Narendra Modi holding a sword in one hand and a shield with the Oum symbol with a swastika superimposed appeared on the Houses of Parliament next to the iconic Big Ben. Above it were the words Modi Not Welcome. It was the most high profile message from the campaigners of the Modi Not Welcome organisations which have come together as the Awaaz Network.

Read full report in Caravan Daily News.

4 thoughts on “Modi Not Welcome!”

  1. Symbolism is totally counter-productive. They are legitimizing Modi as the political face of Hinduism, which he is not. There is a huge difference between hindutva and Hinduism.

  2. Modi as the ‘fascist’ may not be welcome…. but Modi as the torchbearer of ‘capitalist ‘ will be welcomed not only by the British, but other countries of the West as well. Knowing fully well of the fundementalist face of Modi, US laid a ‘red carpet’ though his visa was rejected by the same US some time ago! Modi and his men are not ‘untouchables’ to capitalists and industrialists — they brush away ‘hindutva’ and ‘hinduism’aside when allure of profits comes to the fore!
    ‘Pehle paisa phir bhagvan
    Babu kartey jaana daan’… (RAJINDER KRISHN)
    (First paise, then god / mister, give away charity… free translation)

    1. Sheshu,
      You are right. Modi is welcome in London and Washington as the torchbearer of capitalism and further expanding “enclosures” to every nook and cranny of India and her natural resources.

      At the same time, Modi as a fascist may be welcome too! As long as fascism is used to service capital’s needs. After all, Washington has a long and dirty history of supporting tinpot dictators who danced to Washington’s tunes.

  3. Kapil,
    You have a very valid point. RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are not the legitimate reps of Hinduism. They merely represent the Brahmanical version of Hinduism.

    The Lokayata and Nyaya Vaishesika traditions are very different from Indian philosophies’ Brahmanical and / or Vedic versions.

    You are also correct in hinting that we need to de-legitimize Modi’s (and RSS’, VHP’s and Bajrang Dal’s) claims to represent Hindus and Hinduism.

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