How the Hindutva Propaganda Machine Manufactures Lies

Did you know that the return of awards by writers, film-makers and scientists was a plot hatched jointly by the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? Well, if you did not, you will probably not ever understand why the ‘tolerant’ multitude that turned out at Anupam Kher’s March for India rally today, could so vilely abuse and attack NDTV’s Bhairavi Singh and Aaj Tak’s Mousmi Singh. After all, it is one thing for the netas to simulate their anger and laughter on TV channels and elsewhere, but how do you actually get ordinary people to go crazy? How and why does the ordinary Hindutva footsoldier act the way he or she does? Basically, he (and occasionally, she) is made to believe things that most people would know to be false. So why does as innocuous an act as the returning of awards by writers become such a big threat to India’s position in the world and to the very existence of the government of the day? Well, because, it is not a simple matter of some writers acting out of their conscience but already a part of an international conspiracy plotted by the US-Saudi Arabia-Pakistan nexus!

Defenders of the great tradition of tolerance, image courtesy Saikat Datta
Defenders of the great tradition of tolerance, image courtesy Saikat Datta

Published below is the text of a note that has been circulating over different social media platforms. We have left the typographical and printing errors as they are in the original. Paranoid in its content, it is also illustrative of the way the RSS ‘rumour-machine’ works to produce lies. In earlier days, it used to start circulating from the morning shakhas via the shakha participants. Nowadays it moves from one social media platform to another, with lightning speed.

The text below is remarkable and though distasteful, needs to be published in public interest. Circulated initially (or so it seems) by one Vishal, based in Maharashtra, its opening address goes thus:

The Sinister and Nefarious Design of Breaking India forces EXPOSED. MUST READ for Modi Govt. Supporters. [Capital letters in the original. By putting ‘Exposed’ in big block letters, the willing Hindutva reader is given the impression that what s/he is about to read is based on some actual investigation and revelation of facts.

And sure enough, the factual status of the claims made in this text is established in the very beginning. And this is something that will make most people gasp. Here is the quote [with our observations in square brackets]:

1. GOI intelligence has investigated #AwardWapsi & primary report suggest that US-Saudi-Pakistan are involved.

[The Govt of India intelligence has investigated and of  course, this is top secret information, so it can only circulate through informal channels, through people who are privy to it. Since the appeal addresses itself to ‘Modi Govt Supporters’, there is little doubt in the mind of the footsoldier that he is being made privy through this secret channel, to information that nobody but the government’s supporters can have. He is already psychologically uplifted from what he appears to us (a goon) to what he now appears to himself (a fighter against an international conspiracy to break India].

2. It started when few Senior Congressmen + JNU Professors + Sr. Journalists + Sahityakars met and these writers were convinced to use Dadri incident as fool proof issue

3. The first meeting held at JNU and later at India International Center & Habitat center. At first these Sahityakars were reluctant to fall in line due to fear of negative reaction but then they were narrated about the favors from Congress

[Notice how the ‘factual’ register is firmly adhered to – the first meeting was held at JNU, and then later at IIC and IHC. In parenthesis, it should be stated that anyone following the developments would know that writer Uday Prakash actually returned his award as an entirely individual act of protest and that for a long time no one followed. Yes, Dadri became a trigger that led many others to contemplate a similar protest, largely symbolic in nature.]

4. They were shown how they got awards, favors, threat from Modi & fund shortage (sic). Later Nayantara Sahgal was introduced. And was made to lead protest.

5. Nayantara Sahgal was the turning point due to NEHRU connection and all were promised full backing of Media, Congress & international opportunity.

6. Globally 150 writers & journos were hired to write article on#AwardWapsi & to build image of  India as ” INTOLERANT” nation under Modi

At this point now, we enter into another domain – that of the fantastic. The appearance of talking factually is however continuously maintained, even when the most outlandish claims are being made, except that now some initial steps towards ‘analysis’ and logical deduction’ also begin to be made:

7. To promote & divert in benefit of Pak-US-Saudi, Ford Foundation & Green Peace hired an international PR firm and millions were invested as fee & benefits.

[this once again gives the impression of purveying facts, because Ford Foundation and Greenpeace are mentioned – but strangely, the name of the PR firms is not mentioned and it is hoped that no one will notice it.]

8. The Writers, Poets, Narayan Murthy, Raghuram Rajan, film-makers..they all used one word which is common in every statement ” INTOLERANT”. How is it possible ALL use same word even when caught off guard for comment?

[Now this is brilliant analysis! How is it that everybody used the same word: INTOLERANT!!  That can only mean that they have been paid off by the same source  – except that such a source must be mad not to tell them to find some synonyms through a simple net search. Maybe it did want to be identified. Who knows?]

And then we come to the really complex part of the global conspiracy. Some psychologist/ psychoanalyst must help us decipher the ‘true meaning’ of this imagined scenario:

9. Bihar election is just BONUS. Start point is US-PAK-Saudi (UPS) want to STOP India’s efforts to secure UNSC Seat. Not surprising, Congress is party to this. Also as per latest reports in west, US is worried about its people driving toward Hinduism & Vatican is worried on Christian future. This explains why Pope was in US during Modi visit. Surely he didn’t come to hear India & Pakistan development plan at UN.

10. UPS designed Chakravyu of “Human Rights” to project INDIA as a country  INTOLERANT to other religions, a Hindu terror promotor under MODI. PR firm [the PR firm still remains unnamed, despite the GoI Intelligence sources] and Presstitutes [Goodness! this the same word that VK Singh used for the Press as did the participants who abused NDTV reporter Bharaivi Singh] are all to take it to world via International Press. Saudi Arabia is Chair of UNHR commission, a Pakistan friend & very soon with Pakistan going to question India’s human right violations.  WATCH it, its coming.

11. This report is with MODI govt & Modi’s UAE visit was one trump card to counter it. In GOI investigation, it has come up that the PR firm has funded many presstitutes [emphasis added], print, TV, writers, film associations & makers in $$

The final part of the text gives the possible political fallout of the Bihar election results – what might happen if the BJP loses and what if it wins – and the threat that if the BJP wins then after the Bihar election results, the GoI will go full blast in dealing with these nefarious characters of the “#AwardWapsi gang”

12. Condition of funding is to “Keep Dadri  & #AwardWapsi etc. alive at all cost till Nov 5 & dig out incidents which can be linked even for short term”

13. If BJP lose Bihar, it will be projected as Govt which is crushing Human Rights on International platform including UN.This will STOP make in India & FDI inflow derailing MODI development for rest of the term. Also Article 370 revocation & Uniform Civil code will be in the frozen bag.

14. If BJP wins Bihar then major country wide RIOTS planned so that GOI is busy in it till 2019 and to project MODI as an incompetent prime minister who pushed nation into riots and unrest. Hardik Patel was a good attempt but Social Media & GOI busted it.

15. After Bihar election, as Amit Shah indicated in the Arnab interview, GOI will go in full throttle to counter the notorious & nefarious design & full investigation of #AwardWapsi gang

The final point, point 16, is revealing in that it shows actually how vulnerable the Hindu Right is feeling that it has to make the following appeal of its supporters:

16. Request to all Modi Govt supporters, please don’t fall in TRAP. Expose media, politicans, seculars but with FACTS. Check images if they are photoshop. You all are FIRST line of defence to MODI Govt. You voted him for 5 years. TRUST him. He has the toughest JOB on earth.

[Notice that the appeal is still to ‘expose’ the media and ‘seculars’ with ‘facts’. Also notice how the ordinary person is once again drafted in the battle for the defense of the Leader: you are the first line of defense of the Modi government. The foot-soldier is made to feel that he is indispensable to the vulnerable Leader, who is now the ‘victim’ of a global conspiracy and where a whole lot of internal enemies have joined forces with the external enemies!]

18 thoughts on “How the Hindutva Propaganda Machine Manufactures Lies”

  1. Always fun to read nonsense like this exposed. Can’t figure out how normally intelligent people fall for ridiculous conspiracy theories. Moreover, there is a huge sense of “being under threat”, when there is no such thing. Muslims are not taking over the country, Hindus are certainly not under attack…these are all just paranoid imaginings.


  2. I just saw a blatant example of the lie manufacturing on TV. In a TV discussion this evening, when BJP’s Sambit Patra was asked why people heckled at the NDTV journalist with foul language etc., he said ‘I have come to know from twitter that she (the journalist) was asking the protesters if they have been paid to join the march? That’s why she was attacked by the angry mob.’


  3. It’s shameful what they did today, heckling journalist. This level of tolerance has gone too far with people like Anupam Kher playing to the gallery. This Hindutva game of hatred calls for people to rise!!


  4. There is a Sanghi in one of my alumni groups. The sheer combination of nonsense, conspiracies, victim-hood and bigotry is unbelievable. It is impossible to reason and facts dont matter to him.

    RSS irreparably damages the brain turning functioning humans into zombies / drones!

    I do admire their comprehensive brainwashing package, tailored to each individual.


    1. I’ve had the exact same experience!! It’s hard to understand how they can’t hear how they sound… Reasoning has no place in their brainwashed arguments!


  5. Sambit patra argued that PAKISTAN DAWN NEWSPAPER HAS BEEN GIVEN ADVERTISEMENT BY JDU without ascertaining facts that it is general Google search engine’s ad from JDU so to manipulate he managed to carry forward Amit Shah’s cracker bursting remarks.


  6. We Indians love our mythology too much, that’s the problem. And over a period of time all myth becomes fact


  7. And now, ideas are manufactured in ‘The US’! ‘Pakistan! Saudi Arabia! Only a few days ago Modi’s visit to the US was hailed as a boost to ‘make in India’! Alongwith the technology and science, our people have borrowed ‘idea’ of capital and investment… Next time, do not seek anything outside of Hindu India vecause, unwanted ‘ideas’ will percolate with foreign investment. Varavararao, in one of his poems states:
    ‘Baambulanu panchaledu
    Bhavaalanuu panchaledu….”
    (I did not distribute bombs / Nor ideas for that matter… translated by Balgopal and published in EPW when Varavararao’s collection of poetry was proscribed by the Government of AP.)


  8. RSS is known for such tactics to spread its ideology of Hindu Rastra from very long. Earlier they were not getting the space due to secular govt committed to our constitution. The problem is with Modi ji is that he has taken oath to abide by the constitution but due to RSS backing not being able to follow it. During 2002 he is already indicted by great Vajpayee ji for deviating from Rajdharma. He is again on the same path. Now Vajpayee ji due to his health not being able to advice him. Then who will tell? This is where intelligentsia comes into picture and finally people of this great country (Bihar election). Fabricating such blatant lies that US, Pak and SA is joined hands against India is height of imagination. Such lies cannot withstand scrutiny by any agency, society or class of people. Only the Sanghi would like to fan it without verifying the truth.


    1. That is quite something! Though, I believe what is also important in this very regard is to recognize how after propagating such seemingly fact based lies among the lay sympathizers the middle level leadership of the Parivar next performs its own quite crucial role. Thus, after spreading such far from the truth messages around, the job of the leaders like Yogi Adityanath, Sadhvi Prachi, and Giriraj Singh begins. A close observation based on the Kailash Vijayvargiya’s twitter comments in response to a statement recently made by the noted film actor Shahrukh Khan also suggests the same. The BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya in a series of controversial comments not only attacked Shahrukh for being a Pakistani at heart but also alluded to the aspect of an ongoing international conspiracy against the Modi government, which, according to him, is doing tremendously good in the global political context. As a matter of fact, one also finds Vijayvargiya highlighting, through the same comments of his, the prospects of India gaining a permanent seat at the UN security council. And, condemning side by side all the sane voices against increasing intolerance in our society as parting with an anti-national conspiracy. Finally, as a blatant lie spreads through the systematic propaganda machinery and at crucial points is also being utilized as valid justification by the Parivar leadership, it shortly acquires the status of an unquestionable belief, esp. for the followers and now for the millions of the lay sympathizers. Its truly the evil design that needs to be EXPOSED.


  9. It is always a good laugh reading Sanghi literature. However, the fact that these people exist with such intellectual acumen dampens the laughter, for they can wreak havoc on the minds of the un-reflective. I would like to remind these fertile minds that Modi and Obama are supposed to have a ball together and the visit of Obama to India and Modi’s to the USA was all about such bonhomie. Now, you can’t have both can you? Your propaganda machinery needs much more intelligence than what you are dishing out. And Bihar shows that people are not interested. What morons!


  10. From Ganesh drinking milk to poison for children to make them infertile (during Emergency) the RSS has mastered the art of rumour monger img. They have sometimes attacked their own people –Uma Bharati was a victim many years ago


  11. “US is worried about its people driving toward Hinduism”.

    Despite the fact that over forty percent of the US population is some form of Christian, the civilians, driving their pickup trucks (filled with guns and FOX news, screaming “BUILD A WALL!” while harassing minorities) are *worried* about accidentally reaching the exotic land known as *Hinduism*.

    Yeah, they are *so* right to worry.


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