#NoDissentNoCOUNTRY #StandWithJNU

As the People’s Republic of Delhi dances to freedom’s song, people from around the world liberate banned speech. Bol Ke Labh Azad Hain Tere!

Divya Cherian, (JNU 2008) Rutgers University


Dora Zhang and Damon Young, University of California, Berkeley


Greta LaFleur, Yale University

A full text of Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech and a video is available here:http://kafila.org/2016/02/15/jnusu-president-kanhaiya-kumars-speech-before-being-arrested/

A complete English Translation may be accessed here: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1160216/jsp/frontpage/story_69576.jsp#.VsMg17R97GL

7 thoughts on “#NoDissentNoCOUNTRY #StandWithJNU”

  1. Seriously? This is like posting #instagram #foodie pictures of your beef dish after the beef ban and a man has been lynched.


    1. Really? Why? Several people in India, in New Delhi, in fact have also made videos exactly like the ones above. We will carry those soon. Would that be ok then? Since they are reading them in India? People are reading Kanhaiya Kumar’s and Shehla Shora’s speeches because they say something about the freedom to think and speak and act, values that apply to university spaces everywhere. And everywhere, around the world, people can see the space for dissent shrink as the autonomy of the university comes under attack. You can, and should, read their speeches too!

      You are not “supposed” to be doing anything at all :) What I don’t understand is what enrages you about the fact that people around the world, in universities around the world, want to stand in solidarity with their colleagues and comrades in New Delhi.


  2. No, seriously. Are we supposed to be celebrating that these NRIs are reading out the speech and not being arrested for it?


    1. SR
      NRIs are no less concerned about developments against free speech in India nor do they have any less a stake in what is happening there. To assume so is simply to assume that there is only one location for and one way of being ‘authentically” Indian and we are all beginning to realize what such a narrow mindset leads to. So, please have the open mindedness and decency to take us seriously. And, speaking as an NRI, I am perfectly willing to be arrested along with Kanhaiya Kumar, and to stand for the Indian constitution and free speech whenever I am on Indian soil, which is as much mine as yours.


    2. This has about the same impact as those NRIs and foreign citizens of Indian origin cheering for Modi at his routine NRI bashes overseas. If they have a connect with India, so do these people? A nation that refuses to take a long hard itself will only go backward.


  3. More and more support to such struggles by more and more videos and statements will attract more and more ‘dissent’ from upper castes. They know that they are fighting a losing battle!!!!


  4. Arti and Kafila, I love the fact that you represent the little people everywhere, but is it a paradox of our times that there are more big names, more illustrious names, more prestigious universities writing in, even in this blog? Lobbying is important, but is there a way out of this conundrum? Prestige seems to be giving immunity.


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