Delhi Stands With JNU Students and Against the Evil Modi Regime

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are...”-

Bertholt Brecht

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This afternoon saw an amazing, uplifting show of peaceful, joyful strength by students, young people, teachers, friends in Delhi, in support of JNU, in memory of Rohith Vemula, in solidarity with Kanhaiya, Umar and all the students in JNU who are being so stellar in their principled opposition to this evil, venal Modi regime. Reports of massive protests are coming in from Kolkata, Russia to and elsewhere. Something is changing in the air.
It was a perfect spring afternoon, overcast like our times, but breezy like our morale. There must have been at least 15,000 people on the march today. We met old and long lost friends and made new ones.

The gathering was totally peaceful. Young  women and men, student profits from JNU in the eighties, grey haired, felt young again as their student held aloft flowers, flags, signs and homemade banners. Everyone looked their best, as if they had come to a massive street party.

It was so infectious, the mood this afternoon, such a contrast to the vile bad temper of the men who attacked Kanhaiya and his supporters two days in a row at the Patiala House Courts two days in a row that the difference between two entirely different visions of politics was palpable on your skin. The contrast sent a clear message to all our senses.

The RSS-ABVP-BJP brand of politics is diseased. It’s on its last legs and that is why it is so desperate. It cannot perform, it has no ideas, it is morally and culturally bankrupt.

Universities are in crisis and all that the bad TV actress who makes a joke of her ministry (HRS) every day can think of today while thousands March against her and her boss is about sticking giant flagpoles into the ground and stitching gigantic silk shrouds for her  government and her party.

Modi, Rajnath and Manusmriti Irani should quake in fear. Their time is up.

Very proud of JNU students and the people of Delhi today.

#StandwithJNU #StandwithKanhaiya




5 thoughts on “Delhi Stands With JNU Students and Against the Evil Modi Regime”

  1. When Modi came to power in Delhi, many feared that the Hindu Right would become far more aggressive than it had been. That is indeed what happened. Muzaffarnagar is one example, and Kalburgi and Pansare are others. The phenomenon called “intolerance” can be linked directly to the increased power of the Sangh Parivar. Events related to trials where right wing people are involved have shown that much of the judiciary too has been co-opted or subdued. The repetition of the meaningless term of abuse, “anti-national”, seen most recently in JNU and in Patiala House, seemed to have put the Hindu Right decisively on top and beyond the reach of the law itself. In the circumstances, today’s show of unity and courage by civilised, thinking people holds out hope.


  2. Great scenes in Delhi. As the camera went from crowd to crowd waving banners of freedom from shackles of sedition and anti-national diatribe, one could see the jubilant youth exercising their power and strength. (NDTV Feb.18, 9.00pm with Ravish Kumar, Hindi ). The whole world shooks before youth! (Incidentally cracks within ABVP as some of their office-bearers resign. They have realised the truth -better late than never!),.


  3. Saw it on TV – staying away from Delhi- has locational disadvantage – congrats friends for showing unity – free speech and debate oriented democracy is the need of the hour. During the last elections to Lok Sabha, people were given a choice – choose between corrupt, inept party or strong and honest (?) party – people chose second one, many thought that compulsions of power shall put break on the aggressive Hindutwa brigade, alals so wrong were they


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