Modi 2.0: Majoritarianism Normalised?

This election verdict will have vital ramifications for democracy’s onward journey for decades together, and silencing and further invisibilisation of religious minorities would be its logical outcome.

minorities in india

“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”  — – Gramsci

A journalist friends’ prophesy has finally come true.

The day India launched ‘surgical strikes’ across the border supposedly to avenge the Pulwama terror attack, this friend immediately sent a message on a WhatsApp group that Narendra Modi has ensured himself a second term. He stood his ground despite few heated exchanges on the group from Left leaning friends.

In the coming days, this not so expected debacle of the secular camp and the surge of the Hindutva Supremacist camp in newer areas and communities would be further analysed/debated/discussed from various angles. It will be debated why despite the caution expressed by the likes of Amartya Sen, who had concluded how India has taken “a quantum jump in wrong direction since 2014”; how despite being cautioned by leading scholars, intellectuals, scientists of our times that the  very idea of India is at stake in the elections, the people in general did not pay any heed to their appeals and have resolved to continue the journey with a renewed frenzy in the same direction or have fully supposedly embraced this idea of ‘New India’ jettisoning the old one. Remember, not only has the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) been able to garner more seats than last time but its vote share has also increased more than 5%.

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3 thoughts on “Modi 2.0: Majoritarianism Normalised?”

  1. It is increasing clear that the decisive victory of NDA under Shri Narendra Modi has happened because of people voting across caste lines and not bound by old loyalties. Many of these are young and women. To disregard their aspirations and use divisive terms like “majoritarian” etc is patently unfair. It is certainly not the hallmark of a liberal to run someone down just because he/ she thinks differently.


  2. It’s difficult to see this as progressive versions, 1.0>2.0, as a cumulating negative ethics, that ends justify means, asserted as radical truth claim. Its really more of the same, lynchings and patriarchy reinforced by enactment and impunity. Proletarianizing India with Skill and Make in India (buggering Indian atmospheres, labour markets), enriching cronies simultaneously. Peasant-ization from Agribusiness and Rural Distress, longstanding dispossessions predating a scorching G(overnance). Please don’t be surprised when the G turns to Getaway, sooner than you think


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