Statement by concerned citizens against Delhi Police’s conduct of the probe into Delhi riots 2020



 Stop coercing ‘confessional’ statements to manufacture evidence

Stop falsely implicating people, including Umar Khalid

Stop wrongly invoking UAPA to give the colour of conspiracy against the state

Over 1000 citizens from all walks of life including, filmmaker Aparna Sen; former Culture Secretary culture Jawahar Sircar; Historian Ramchandra Guha; former Chairperson, Delhi Minority Commission Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan; Former Governor, Margaret Alva; Academics –  Zoya Hasan, Partha Chatterjee, Jayati Ghosh, Poonam Batra, Sucharita Sen; former senior civil servants – Wajahat Habibullah, Madhu Bhaduri, Deb Mukherjee, Amitabha Pande, Sundar Burra, Aditi Mehta; feminists and trans rights activists – Meera Sanghamitra, Vani Subramanian, Chayanika Shah, Hasina Khan;  Journalists – Vidya Subrahmaniam, Geeta Seshu, Manoj Mitta, Anjali Mody, Antara Dev Sen, Priyanka Borpujari; political leaders, Brinda Karat, Annie Raja, Kavita Krishnan; Artists Kiran Sehgal, Shuddabrata Sengupta & Writer Aruna Vasudev; Social activists – Magsasay Awardees Aruna Roy and Sandeep Pandey; Democratic rights activists Jagdeep Chhokar, Henri Tiphane, Teesta Setalvad, John Dayal, Lara Jesani; Former Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Ramdas; Scientist, Amitabha Basu, along with scores of others – have issued an urgent statement, strongly objecting to the manner in which Delhi Police has been conducting the probe into the riots cases, and calling on them to restore the public’s faith in the investigation.

Citing strong evidence of coerced ‘confessional’ statements and manufactured evidence, the signatories have sought assurances from the Delhi Police Commissionerate that these practices will be stopped, and have urged them to conduct a fair and impartial investigation to book the real culprits of the riots.

We are alarmed by the news that on Sept 1, 2020, Umar Khalid sent a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner, Shri SN Shrivastava, with shocking evidence of the Delhi Police manufacturing evidence against him, through extorted statements. The letter reveals that a young man was interrogated by the Delhi Police (Special Cell) and a false confession against Umar Khalid, related to Delhi riots, was extracted and videotaped. The young man was threatened that he would be arrested under UAPA if he refused. He submitted to the coercion for he was scared, and yet his conscience allowed him to speak up about what had transpired.

[Note from Kafila: In this context, we would like to add that Delhi Police also falsely claimed that they had a confession from AAP MLA Tahir Hussain, implicating himself in the violence in North-east Delhi in February 2020. This “news” was widely reported. However, in response to an RTI query, Delhi Police’s Crime Branch has been forced to state that no such confession has been recorded.)

We are gravely concerned that Dr. Umar Khalid, a young scholar, already vilified and targeted relentlessly by a section of the media, is now being implicated in riots cases on the basis of manufactured evidence. Umar Khalid is not above the law, and must support any police investigation. But when the process of law is sought to be short circuited and undermined, then any citizen’s liberty is gravely threatened.

Other people have earlier reported being coerced during police interrogation in Delhi riots cases.

A scrutiny by independent media has found the following:

In the Ankit Sharma charge-sheet (FIR 65/20), Dayalpur Police station, presented by the Delhi Police, there were 4 identical ‘confessional’ statements.

There were 7 identical statements in the Ratan Lal (FIR 60/20), Dayalpur police station, charge-sheet.

And there were 10 identical statements in the Jaffrabad police station, (FIR 50/20) charge-sheet.

In a fourth charge-sheet of the Dilbar Negi case (FIR number 39/20) Thana, Gokulpuri, the Indian Express found that 9 out of 12 confessional statement were near verbatim copies of each other.

This pattern of coerced statements and false evidence is alarming. We ask the Delhi Police to confront this evidence of fabrication and coercion, uphold the sanctity of law and procedures, and conduct a fair and just investigation, so that the real culprits of the terrible violence that caused 53 deaths, injured hundreds and damaged property of thousands, are arrested.

We, as citizens of this country, bring on record our objections to the manner in which the North East Delhi Riot cases are being investigated, what this means for the rule of law, the protection of the civil liberties and booking of the real culprits.

It is important that the faith of the public be restored in the police. The investigation of the North East Delhi riots has undermined this faith as it is being undertaken in a prejudicial manner, targeting the anti-CAA protestors and supporters, alleging a conspiracy.

We seek an urgent assurance from the Delhi Police Commissionerate, that practices like extorting ‘confessions’ to manufacture evidence will be immediately ended; that those who indulge in them will be held accountable; and that no action will be taken against Umar Khalid or anyone else on the basis of these so called confessions and fabricated evidence.

Even these coerced confessional statements do not make for UAPA offences, and invoking this law appears to be done without application of mind, to give acts the colour of a conspiracy against the state. We ask the police to drop the application of UAPA in all these cases.



  1. A David Rebello, Haryana
  2. A J Jawad, Advocate, Tamil Nadu
  3. Aabha Muralidharan, Documentary photographer and activist, Kerala
  4. Aali Dadhich, Student, Rajasthan
  5. Aamir Ismail, Researcher, Central University Of Rajasthan, Ajmer, Rajasthan
  6. Aarthi S, Researcher, Karnataka
  7. Abdul Aziz, Retired employee, Maharashtra
  8. Abdul Khader Mohammed, Consultant, Telangana
  9. Abdul Mujeeb Khan, Andhra Pradesh
  10. Abdul Raiuf, Computer Programmer, Private Sector, Telangana
  11. Abdul, Director, Snehi, New Delhi
  12. Abdulsalam CM, Retired Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board, Kerala
  13. Abha Bhaiya, Social Activist, Rajasthan
  14. Abha Jeurkar, Researcher, Maharashtra
  15. Abha Rani Devi, Assam
  16. Abhijit Mitra, Professor, IIIT Hyderabad, Telangana
  17. Abhimanyu, Activist, Jan Jagran Shakti sangathan, Araria, Bihar
  18. Abhiti, Lawyer, New Delhi
  19. Abid Shah, Journalist, Uttar Pradesh
  20. Aboobacker, Student, Kerala
  21. Adeeb Sanjeeda, Architect, Interplan Architect, Telengana
  22. Adil Farouqui, Soft Skills Trainer, Freelance Consultant corporate Trainer, Telangana
  23. Adil, Engineer, Private, Telangana
  24. Aditi Arur, Assistant Professor, Goa
  25. Aditi mehta, Retired govt servant, IAS, New Delhi
  26. Aditya Khurana, Associate Director, PWC, New Delhi
  27. Aditya Naique, Android app developer, Goa
  28. Aditya Nigam, Professor, New Delhi
  29. Admiral L Ramdas, Former Chief of Naval Staff, Maharashtra
  30. Advocate Md Tanweer Arshad, Lawyer, Legal, Bihar
  31. Aftab, Social worker, SIO, Tamil Nadu
  32. Afzal khan, Chairperson Idara Islahul Fikr Society, IIFSSR, Himachal Pradesh
  33. Agyatmitra, Certified Trainer, Play for Peace, Maharashtra
  34. Aijaz Ahmed, Managing Director, Full Stack Academy Hyderabad, Telangana
  35. Ajay Kumar, Professor, JNU, New Delhi, New Delhi
  36. Ajay Singh Mehta, Rajasthan
  37. Ajith Pillai, Independent journalist, New Delhi
  38. Ajitha, Editor, Books, Karnataka
  39. Ajoy Kumar Karnati, Assistant Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  40. AK Dave, Activist, LABIA queer feminist collective, Maharashtra
  41. Akhil Choudhary, Advocate, PUCL, Rajasthan
  42. Akhil Katyal, Poet, New Delhi
  43. Akhil swami, Retired, Haryana
  44. Akil Khan, Press Reporter, Bharat News, Maharashtra
  45. Akshay, Maharashtra
  46. Akshaya Kumar Yadav, Retired Army Officer, Bihar
  47. Ali Ahmed khan, Dr Deputy director, Council for leather exports, New Delhi
  48. Ali Asghar, Founder, ASEEM, Telangana
  49. Ali Javed, Working President, Progressive Writers’ Association, New Delhi
  50. Alka Hingorani, Assoc Professor, IIT Bombay, Maharashtra
  51. Aloke Lal, IPS Retired, Retired Government servant, Uttarakhand
  52. Aman Saurav, Design Lead, Uttar Pradesh
  53. Amanulla Khan, Former President, All India Insurance Employees Association, Karnataka
  54. Ambika, Social worker, Telangana
  55. Ameena, Housewife, Karnataka
  56. Amina, PDSU, New Delhi
  57. Amit Bhaduri, Professor (Retd), None, New Delhi
  58. Amit Parekh, Co-owner Lovely Flowers, Lovely Flowers, Maharashtra
  59. Amita joseph, Advocate, New Delhi
  60. Amitabh Srivastava, Theatre Artist, New Delhi
  61. Amitabha Basu, Retired scientist, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi
  62. Amitabha Bhattacharya, New Delhi
  63. Amitabha Pande, Retired member of the IAS, Independent, Uttar Pradesh
  64. Amitprakash Singh, Ex-Editor Jansatta New Delhi., DUJ, U.P.
  65. Amitranjan Basu, Doctor, Shaheed Hospital, Chhattisgarh
  66. Ammu Joseph, Independent journalist and author, Karnataka
  67. Amrit, South Asia Solidarity Group, London UK
  68. Amrita Anand, Goa
  69. Amutha Jayadeep, Student, AISF, Kerala
  70. Anam, Non-profit, New Delhi
  71. Anamika, Research Lead,, Bihar
  72. Anant Bhatnagar, Social worker, PUCL, Rajasthan
  73. Anant, Haryana
  74. Ananya Dasgupta, Independent consultant, Work with Civil society, Karnataka
  75. Ananya Saha, New Delhi
  76. Anil Chaudhary, Film & TV Writer – Director, Anil Chaudhary Productions Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra
  77. Anil Kumar, Asst. Prof., MLN College, New Delhi
  78. Anil Rai, Economic Adviser, New Delhi
  79. Animesh Chattopadhyay, Retired, Tamil Nadu
  80. Animesh Das, President, Indian Federation of Trade Unions(New Delhi Committee), New Delhi
  81. Anirban Bhattacharya, Research Head, Centre for Equity Studies, New Delhi
  82. Anis Ahmad, Social worker, Cankids Kidscan, Uttar Pradesh
  83. Anita Cherian, Academic, Ambedkar University, New Delhi
  84. Anita Dighe, Uttar Pradesh
  85. Anita Narayanasamy, Social worker, Telangana
  86. Anita Rampal, Professor, New Delhi
  87. Anita Soni, Lok Adhikar Network, Barmer, Rajasthan
  88. Anita Verma, Retired, New Delhi
  89. Anjali Mody, Journalist, None, New Delhi
  90. Anjana John, PhD scholar, Central European University, Kerala
  91. Anjana Mangalagiri, Retired, New Delhi
  92. Ankita Aggarwal, Student, New Delhi
  93. Ankita Srivastava, Research Scholar JNU, New Delhi
  94. Anna George, Professor, New Delhi
  95. Annie Raja, NFIW, New Delhi
  96. Anomita Sen, New Delhi
  97. Ansar Indori, Human Rights Lawyer, NCHRO, Rajasthan
  98. Anshoo Sharma, Teacher, State Government, Rajasthan
  99. Anshu, Social work student, Bihar
  100. Antara Dev Sen, Journalist, New Delhi
  101. Anupama Potluri, Assistant Professor, Univ of Hyderabad, Telangana
  102. Anupama, Head policy and advocacy, HelpAge India, New Delhi
  103. Anuradha De, Director, Collaborative Research and Dissemination, New Delhi
  104. Anuradha Narayanan, Home maker, Maharashtra
  105. Anuradha Talwar, State Committee member, Paschim Banga Khet Majdoor Samity, West Bengal
  106. Anurag Singh, Student, Uttar Pradesh
  107. Anuvinda Varkey, Lawyer, New Delhi
  108. AnwarHansi, Progressive students front, Haryana
  109. Aparajay, Researcher, Andhra Pradesh
  110. Aparna Sen, Filmmaker, West Bengal
  111. Aparna Sen, New Delhi
  112. Aparna, National President, Indian federation of Trade Unions, New Delhi
  113. Apeksha Priyadarshini, Member, Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Students Organization, JNU, New Delhi
  114. Apeksha Vora, Activist, Maharashtra
  115. Apoorvanand, Professor Hindi, DU, New Delhi
  116. Aqueleema Hassan, Student, New Delhi
  117. Aradhana Vikram Singh, Self Employed, New Delhi
  118. Aravinda, Software engineer, Concerned citizen, Telangana
  119. Archana Prasad, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  120. Archana, Retired, Rtd chief general manager, Maharashtra
  121. Arif Hasan, Karnataka
  122. Arijit Sen, Researcher, West Bengal
  123. Arjun Ghosh, New Delhi
  124. Arti raj, Member, Samta Yuva Manch, UP
  125. Arun Bidani, Independent Activist, Teachers Against Climate Crisis, New Delhi
  126. Arun Kumar, Retd Professor, Haryana
  127. Arun Mitra, Doctor, Punjab
  128. Aruna Roy, MKSS, Devdoongri
  129. Aruna Sinha, National Secy, NFIW, Goa
  130. Aruna Vasudev, Writer, New Delhi
  131. Arunakoonumeni, Advocate member of NFIW, Andhra Pradesh
  132. Arundhati Dhuru, National Convenor, NAPM, U. P
  133. Arvinder, Professor of Sociology, Jamia Millia Islamia, Ansari
  134. Asad Ullah, Retd Sales Manager, New Delhi
  135. Aseem Sundan, Poet, Independent, Jammu and Kashmir
  136. Asha Saxena Ahmad, ophthalmologist, retired, New Delhi
  137. Ashfaque E.J, Independent journalist, Kerala
  138. Ashima Roy Chowdhury, Feminist Activist, SAHELI Women’s Resource Centre, New Delhi NCR
  139. Ashish Kajla, Independent Researcher, New Delhi
  140. Ashish Kumar, सदस्य, समता युवा मंच, Uttar pradesh
  141. Ashish Ranjan, Secratary, Jan Jagran Shakti sangathan, Bihar
  142. Ashley Tellis, Journalist, Telangana
  143. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate, New Delhi
  144. Ashok Choudhary, General Secretary, All India Union of Forest Working People, Uttar Pradesh
  145. Ashok Kaushal, Consultant, Maharashtra
  146. Ashok Lal, writer, New Delhi
  147. Ashok Sharma, IFS (Retd.), CCG, Uttar Pradesh
  148. Ashrey Goel, Music producer,Uttar Pradesh
  149. Ashutosh Kumar, member, Santa yuva manch, Uttar Pradesh
  150. Asis Kumar Das, Writer and activist, West Bengal
  151. Atif Jung, Senior Research Fellow, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  152. Avadh Bihari, Senior research fellow, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Maharashtra
  153. Avijit Dutt, Chief Motivator, Enable Advisory & Intervention, New Delhi
  154. Avijit Kundu, Research Scholar, IISER Kolkata, WEST BENGAL
  155. Avinash Mohananey, DGP (retired), IPS, Punjab
  156. Awais Siddiqui, Manager Real estate business, Texas
  157. Ayan Banerjee, Professor, West Bengal
  158. Aysha, Food right activist, Right to Food Campaign, New Delhi
  159. Ayush, Student, Maharashtra
  160. Ayushi Koul, Research scholar, JNU, Haryana
  161. Ayushya Kaul, PhD Student, New Delhi
  162. Azam khan, Business,Telangana
  163. Azhar Alam, Student, APU, Bihar
  164. B B Choudhaty, Social Worker, JJM, Jharkhand
  165. B Kinnera Murthy, Independent Consultant, NA, Telangana
  166. Baba Saheb, Social Worker, Karnataka
  167. Babar Hameed, Retired, Bharat petroleum corporation ltd, New Delhi
  168. Babita Anant, freelance actor, CINTAA, Maharashtra
  169. BABU LAL VERMA, Social Worker, CES, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  170. Banojyotsna Lahiri, Activist, United Against Hate, New Delhi
  171. Bernard Vivian Fernandes, Freelance journalist,, New Delhi
  172. Bhagwat Swaroop, Member AIFRTE, New Delhi
  173. Bhakti G., Student, Maharashtra
  174. Bharat, Feminist, Rajasthan
  175. Bharati Jagannathan, Associate Professor, Miranda House, Haryana
  176. Bharati Kapadia, freelance, Maharashtra
  177. Bharti Ali, Child Rights Activist, New Delhi
  178. Bhaskar Gupta, Professor Jadavpur University, West bengal
  179. Bhaskar Prabhu, CONVENOR, Mahiti Adhikar Manch, Maharashtra
  180. Bhaskatarao Ch, Chairman, central committee, OPDR, Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights, Andhra Pradesh
  181. Bhavneet Kaur, Lecturer, O.P Jindal Global University, New Delhi
  182. Bikash Kanungo, Postdoctoral Researcher, Michigan, USA
  183. Bikash Kumar, Director, Karunodaya Foundation, Bihar
  184. Bikram Phookun, Associate Professor, St Stephen’s College, New Delhi
  185. Biraj Patnaik, Human rights activist and public policy expert, New Delhi
  186. Bishnupriya Dutt, Prof JNU, New Delhi
  187. Biswaroop Chatterjee, Professor, Pt JNM Medical College, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
  188. Bittu Kondaiah, Trans rights activist, Trans Rights Now, Haryana
  189. Bodhisattwa Maity, Journalist, Uttar Pradesh
  190. Braj Kishore Jha, Environmental Activist, Retd Engineer, UP
  191. Brenda Noronha, Homemaker, Goa
  192. Brinda Karat, CPIM Polit bureau member, CPI(M), New Delhi
  193. Bunty Thoidingjam, Copy editor,New Delhi
  194. Balakrishnan, IAS (Retd), Ministry of Coal, Govt of India., Delhi
  195. Vijaya Kumari, Executive Secretary, Dalit Women Forum (DWF), Telangana
  196. Chakra Dhar, Convenor, Samalochana, Andhra Pradesh
  197. Chand Alam, Insaaf, Bihar
  198. Chandan Sen, Actor Director., West Bengal
  199. Chandana Chakrabarti, Self employed, Telangana
  200. Chandana Dey, Independent researcher, NA, West Bengal
  201. Chandrajeet Kumar Gupta, Founder, Slums To Schools, New Delhi
  202. Chayanika Shah, Member, Forum Against Oppression of Women, Maharashtra
  203. Cheryl Dsouza, Advocate, New Delhi
  204. Chhaya Basu, Retired teacher, New Delhi
  205. Chinmaya kumar, PhD Student, University of Chicago, Bihar
  206. Chirashree Das Gupta, JNU, New Delhi
  207. Chitra Narain, Former DDG, Doordarshan, Govt of India, New Delhi
  208. Christina Samy, National Vice President, Swaraj India, Tamilnadu
  209. Claire Noronha, New Delhi
  210. Dana Roy, Teacher, West Bengal
  211. David, Member, Jharkhand
  212. Deb Mukharji, IFS (Retd), Constitutional Conduct Group, New Delhi
  213. Deba Ranjan, General Secretary, GASS, Odisha, Odisha
  214. Debarshi Talukdar, Assistant Professor, Vivekananda College for Women, West Bengal
  215. Debjani Sengupta, Associate Professor, IP College, DU, New Delhi
  216. Debmalya, Concerned citizen, Concerned citizen, Karnataka
  217. Deep Vyas, Writer, Madhya Pradesh
  218. Deepika Jain, Ielts trainer, FreelancerNew Delhi
  219. Deepika Joshi, Health Researcher, Chhattisgarh
  220. Deepika Tandon, Associate Professor, Miranda House, New Delhi
  221. Deepthi, Content Marketing, Startup., Tamil Nadu
  222. Denzil Fernandes, Executive Director, Indian Social Institute, Delhi, New Delhi
  223. Dev Desai, Trustee, ANHAD, Gujarat
  224. Dev Gangjee, Professor, Oxford University, UK
  225. Devi Palakurthi, Cultural activist, Joint action women n transgender orgn persons, Hyderabad
  226. Devika Prasad, Human rights worker, New Delhi
  227. Devika Shetty, Mental health acrivist, Goa
  228. Devika Singh, Child Rights Worker, Alliance For The Right To Early Childhood, New Delhi
  229. Devyani Bhardwaj, Writer, New Delhi
  230. Dhananjai Sinha, Business owner, Gujarat
  231. Dheeraj Sharma, Video editor, Bihar
  232. Dhruv, Theatre practitioner, Barefoot, Uttar Pradesh
  233. Dimple Oberoi Vahali, Writer, Independent Activist, Himachal Pradesh
  234. Dipa Sinha, Right to Food campaign, New Delhi
  235. Ditilekha, Queer Feminist Researcher, New Delhi
  236. DL Tripathi, Advocate, PUCL, Rajasthan
  237. Dolly, Academics, Educational institutes, Gujarat
  238. Dr Avinash Kumar, Asst Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  239. Dr Iqbal Hussain, Executive Member, IMPA, IADF, Rashtriya Muslim Morcha, PMSF, Chattisgarh
  240. Dr Jacob Cherian, Associate Professor, New Delhi
  241. Dr Javed Hussain, Senior veterinary officer, Govt, Rajasthan
  242. Dr Mohammad Sayeed, Expert Committee Member, NCERT Karnataka
  243. Dr Navin Narayan, Academic and Human Rights Worker, Rajasthan Kachara Majdoor Sangh, Rajasthan
  244. Dr Rashid Hussain, Professor, Engineering college, Rajasthan
  245. Dr Vikas Bajpai, Assistant Professor, JNU, New Delhi, Centre for Social Medicine & Community Health, JNU, New Delhi
  246. Dr Vinay Kumar Ambedkar, Asst Prof, JNU, New Delhi
  247. Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor, The Milli Gazette; former Chairman, New Delhi Minorities Commission, New Delhi
  248. G. Vijay, Assistant Professor, University of Hyderabad, Telangana
  249. Goldy M George, Consulting Editor, Chhattisgarh
  250. K M. Srinivasa Gowda, Consultant Pathologist, Freelance, Bangalore Karnataka
  251. Nitin Jadhav, Health activist, Maharashtra
  252. S. Q. R. Ilyas, National President, Welfare Party of India, New Delhi
  253. Shafiq Durrani, Sarsanghchalak Muslim Margdarshak Mandal, MP
  254. Shakeel, Consultant Physician, IDPD, Bihar
  255. Suraiya Tabassum, Assistant Professor, JMI, UP
  256. Suresh Babu, Faculty JNU, New Delhi
  257. V Suresh, PUCL General Secretary, Chennai
  258. Virendra Vidrohi, G.S., INSAF, Rajasthan
  259. Dulali Nag, Visiting Faculty, Indian Institute for Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, West Bengal
  260. Dunu Roy, Environmentalist, New Delhi
  261. Dushyant Arora, Lawyer,New Delhi
  262. Dwiji Guru, Consultant – food & Agri processing, Karnataka
  263. Dyuti a, PhD Researcher, New Delhi
  264. Ebrahim, Employee, SIS, Karnataka
  265. Eesha Dev, Student, Rajasthan
  266. Eklavya Vasudev, Co-founder, Neev Foundation for Legal Aid, Uttar Pradesh
  267. Elina Horo, President, Adivasi Women’s Network, Jharkhand
  268. Ema Fatima, Consultant Marine Conservation, Bihar
  269. Enab Khizra, Theatre practitioner, New Delhi
  270. Fahad Ahmad, Student Activist, Mumbai Against CAA, Mumbai
  271. Faiyaz Mohammad, Business,, Telangana
  272. Faiz, Self employed,Karnataka
  273. Farah Batool, New Delhi
  274. Farah Naqvi, writer and activist, New Delhi
  275. Farah Singh, Theatre Actor, Scriptwriter & Director, Haryana
  276. Faraz Ahmad, freelance journalist, New Delhi
  277. Farha shah, Lawyer, INSAF, Kashmir
  278. Farhat Rizvi, Gen Secretary Progressive Writers Association, Uttar Pradesh
  279. Farida Patharia, HR,Maharashtra
  280. Faseeh Akram, Town President Welfare Party of India, Tamil Nadu
  281. Fathima Nizaruddin, Filmmaker, New Delhi
  282. Fatima Babu, Social Activist, Anti Sterlite People’s Movement, Tamil Nadu
  283. Fatima, Owner, Boutique, Telangana
  284. Fawaz Shaheen, Researcher, Quill Foundation, Delhi
  285. Fazle Kibriya, Student, Bihar
  286. Fidahusain Fakruddin, Executive Secretion, Private Organization, Karnataka State
  287. Firdous Ansari, Gr Head, Acl, Maharashtra
  288. Firoza Khan, Independent Filmmaker, New Delhi
  289. Franz Manjali, Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  290. Freny Manecksha, Independent journalist, Maharashtra
  291. G Arunima, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  292. G Naser Khan, Senior Radiology technologist, Social worker, Telangana
  293. Gangadharan Menon, Professor Rachana Sansad, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  294. Garima Bansal, Student, New Delhi
  295. Gautam Bhattacharya, Freelance Professional, New Delhi
  296. Gautam Chaudhury, Disability development worker, Self, West Bengal
  297. Gautam Mody, General Secretary, New Trade Union Initiative, India
  298. Gautam, Research faculty, New Delhi
  299. Gayatri, Student, University of Oxford, New Delhi
  300. Geeta kapur, Art historian, Independent, New Delhi
  301. Geeta Seshu, Journalist, Free Speech Collective, Maharashtra
  302. Geeta Thatra, PhD Scholar, JNU, New Delhi
  303. Geetika, Uttar Pradesh
  304. George M K, Retired Principal, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Kerala
  305. Gertrude Dondor Lamare, Student, Meghalaya
  306. Gitika Debnath, PhD student and activist, SFI, JNU, New Delhi
  307. Gokhul, Employee, Tamil Nadu
  308. Gopika Chowfla, Goa
  309. Gouri, Photographer, West Bengal
  310. Gouse Pasha, Retired Employee, Andhrapradesh
  311. Govind Mukundan, New Delhi
  312. Gunjan Singh, Advocate,New Delhi
  313. Gurpreet Sidhu, Partner, People Tree, Gurgaon
  314. Gurpreet Wasi, President, Super Sikh Foundation, New Delhi
  315. H S Gujral, Former Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Indian Forest Service, Punjab
  316. C. Kalita, Doctor, Assam
  317. Hanumantha Reddy, State General Secretary, All India Progressive Forum, Andhra Pradesh
  318. Harkesh bugalia, Secretary, R.N.J.Z.U., Rajasthan
  319. Harlal Bairwa, President, samta Sangthan Rajasthan
  320. Harriet Raghunathan, Associate Professor, (retd.), Jesus and Mary College, Haryana
  321. Harsh Mander, Peace Activist, New Delhi,
  322. Hasan Abdul Tawab, Data Scientist, Bihar
  323. Hasan Abdullah, Writer, New Delhi
  324. Hasiba B Amin, National Convenor, Indian National Congress SM & Digital comma dept, Goa/New Delhi
  325. Hasina Khan, Gender activist, Bebaak collective, Maharashtra
  326. Heman, Student, Azim Premji UniversityGujarat
  327. Hemant, Manager, Centre for Equity Studies, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  328. Hemlata Mahishwar, Writer, Akhil Bhartiya Dalit Lekhika Manch, New Delhi
  329. Henri Tiphagne, Advocate, Madurai
  330. Himanshu Pandya, Associate Professor, Govt College, Raniwara ( Jalore )Rajasthan
  331. Himanshu Singh, Delhi
  332. Himshi Singh, Social Activist, Himdhara Environment Collective, Himachal Pradesh
  333. Hina, Lawyer, PMS, New Delhi
  334. hindal tyabji, ias retd,New Delhi
  335. Homera, Retired, Telangana
  336. Humaira Khan, Student, Maharashtra
  337. Humy, Self employed, Real estate, Karnataka
  338. Iffat Siddiqua, Home maker, IAA, Texas
  339. Ikrambeg Mirza, President, Welfare Party of India Gujarat, Gujarat
  340. Ilias, Acupuncturist, Tamilnadu
  341. Imran khan, Self employed, Blue wings technologies, Himachal pradesh
  342. Imran, Retired, New Delhi
  343. Imtiaz Ahmad, Former Professor, New Delhi
  344. Indivar Kamtekar, Associate Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  345. Indra khan, House wife, Uttar pradesh
  346. Indrani Roy, Retired, Seagull Foundation for the Arts, West Bengal
  347. Indrani sigamany, Researcher, Free-lance, Karnataka
  348. Indu prakash singh, President, Forum Against Corruption & Threats (FACT), New Delhi
  349. Insha, Maharashtra
  350. Ipshita Chaudhuri, Home maker, West Bengal
  351. Isha, Educator, Goa
  352. Jacob, Director, Manthrin consulting, Karnataka
  353. Jagdeep Chhokar, Professor (Retd.),New Delhi
  354. Jaha Aara, Advocate, Andhra Pradesh
  355. Jaishree karani, Housewife, Maharashtra
  356. Jameel Khan, Doctor, Karnataka
  357. James Peters, Retired, Nil, Uttarakhand
  358. Jamindar, Professor, Vikas college, Andhrapradesh
  359. Janaki Abraham, Associate Professor, New Delhi university, New Delhi
  360. Jasveen Jairath, Social activist, Concerned Citizens, Telangana
  361. Javed Malick, Associate Professor, U. P.
  362. Jawhar Sircar, Former Culture Secretary, Govt of India, Retired.West Bengal
  363. Jayant Shetty, Retired, Not applicable, Maharashtra
  364. Jayaprakash ND, Social Worker,New Delhi
  365. Jayati Ghosh, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  366. Jaydeep Singh, Student, PDSU, New Delhi
  367. Jayoo Patwardhan Architect Film maker .. self employed, Nachiket and Jayoo patwardhan architects designers plannersMaharashtra
  368. Jenny Rowena, Assistant Professor, New Delhi, New Delhi
  369. Jiten Nandi, Editor Manthan Samayiki, West Bengal
  370. Joe Athialy, Social Activist, Delhi
  371. Joe, Social Worker, West Bengal
  372. Jogin Sengupta, Independent Researcher, Kolkata
  373. John Cherian, Journalist, Frontline, Delhi
  374. John Dayal, writer and activist, New Delhi
  375. Jose Varavukala, Retired IT professional, New Delhi
  376. Jose, Advocate, New Delhi
  377. Joseph Maliakan, Journalist, Indian Express, New Delhi
  378. Jyothi A, Writer and Activist, NFIW, Karnataka
  379. Jyotsna Siddharth, Actor, Activist and Artist, New Delhi
  380. Padma, Advocate, Committee for Release of Political Prisoners, Andhra Pradesh
  381. Ravi Chander, President, Telangana Praja Front(TPF), Telangana
  382. V.Manimaran, Social Worker, Welfare Party Of India, Tamilnadu
  383. Kabi, activist,Raj
  384. Kabita Gaur, Assistant Professor, Delhi University, New Delhi
  385. Kailash Kumbhakar, Advocate, PUCL, Rajasthan
  386. Kailash Meena, PUCL, Rajasthan
  387. Kalpana, Doctor, Birkbeck, University of London, London
  388. Kalyan Kumar Banerjee, Maths Teacher, Karnataka
  389. Kalyani Menon Sen, Independent researcher,Haryana
  390. Kalyani Raghunathan, Researcher,New Delhi
  391. Kamal chenoy, Retired, None, New Delhi
  392. Kamal Faruqui, Practising chartered accountant, Former chairman Delhi minorities commission, New Delhi
  393. Kamal Tak, RTI Manch, Rajasthan
  394. kamayani swami, Advisor, JJSS, Bihar
  395. Kamini Tankha, New Delhi
  396. Kanchan Yadav, Journalist, Rajasthan
  397. Kaneez Fathima, Activist, Telangana
  398. Kaneez Zehra Razavi, Freelance editor, Madhya Pradesh
  399. Karen Gabriel, Associate professor, St Stephen’s College, New Delhi
  400. Kartikeya Bhatotia, Researcher, New Delhi
  401. Kasturi, MA Gender Studies, Kolkata
  402. Kathyayini Chamaraj, Freelance Journalist, Karnataka
  403. Kausar jahan, कार्यकत्री, Uttar pradesh
  404. Kaushik Gupta, Advocate, High Court at Calcutta, West Bengal
  405. Kaushik Raj, Poet, New Delhi
  406. Kavita Apoorva Verma, Consultant & Trainer, Rajasthan
  407. Kavita Krishnan, Secretary, AIPWA, New Delhi
  408. Kavita Sarin, New Delhi
  409. Kavita Singh, Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  410. Kavita Srivastava, Human Rights Worker, PUCL Rajasthan
  411. Kavya Sharma, Education sector, New Delhi
  412. Khadeeja Arif, Journalist, None, UP
  413. Khadija, Student, New Delhi
  414. Khairunnisham Samajik karyakarta, Parwaaj, Gujarat
  415. Khatija Khan, Business, Telangana
  416. Khushboo Jain, Independent researcher, New Delhi
  417. Khushbu Sharma, Student Activist & Writer, JNU, New Delhi, New Delhi
  418. Kiran Kapoor, Retired senior citizen, None, New Delhi
  419. Kiran Segal, Artiste,
  420. Kiran Tandon, Retired, editor, New Delhi
  421. Kirankumar Vissa, Social Activist, Rythu Swarajya Vedika, Telangana
  422. KiranStudent, Individual, West Bengal
  423. Kishwar A.Shirali, Retired Associate Prof HP Univ Shimla, H P Univ Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
  424. Kites, Executive manager, Microsoft, Maharashtra
  425. Koel Das, Faculty, IISER Kolkata, West Bengal
  426. Komal Saigal, Housewife, New Delhi
  427. Komal Srivastava, CES, Rajasthan
  428. Koninika Ray, National Federation of Indian Women, New Delhi
  429. Kranti LC, Advocate,, Maharashtra
  430. Kriti Mahajan, Consultant, New Delhi
  431. Kuldeep Kumar, Sangtin kisan majdoor sanghthan sitapur, Utter Pradesh
  432. Kuldip Puri, Professor, Panjab University Chandigarh, Chandigarh
  433. Kumkum Bhalla, Haryana
  434. Kumkum Bhattacharya, Retired, West Bengal
  435. Kumkum Roy, Teacher, New Delhi
  436. Kusum Saiwal, AIDWA, Rajasthan
  437. Ravichander, Designated senior advocate, Telangana
  438. Labeed Shafi, National President, SIO of India, Delhi
  439. Labonie Roy, Illustrator, New Delhi
  440. Laiqur Rahman, Araria college, Bihar
  441. lakshmi krishnamurty, trainer in theatre for education (retired), alarippu, karnataka
  442. Lakshmi, Senior associate, quintiles, Karnataka
  443. Lalita Ramdas, Educator, LARA, Maharashtra
  444. Lara Jesani, Lawyer, People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Maharashtra
  445. Lata Singh, Associate Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  446. Lateef Binny, Film maker, Libravision, Maharashtra
  447. Latha Ramji, Activist, movement for Justice, Karnataka
  448. Leema, Social Activist, BGKU, Bihar
  449. Lima Kanungo, Retired reader, New Delhi
  450. Lokapriya, Consultant, Sightsavers, Odisha
  451. Lokesh, Educationist, Thakur
  452. Lumina Da Costa Almeida, Goa
  453. M R Khan, Professor, Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh
  454. M Shafi, General Manager, Avon Tubetech Pvt Ltdo, Maharashtra
  455. Kulandairaj, Counsellor, Telengana
  456. Maansi Verma, Lawyer, New Delhi
  457. Madhavi KuckrejaDirector, Sanatkada, Uttar Pradesh
  458. Madhu Bhaduri, Ambassador of India (Retd), CCG, New Delhi
  459. Madhu Prasad, Associate Professor (retd)All India Forum for Right to Education, New Delhi
  460. Madhulika, Member, Jungle jameen jan andolan, Rajasthan
  461. Madhumati Dutta, Former Professor, IIEST, West Bengal
  462. Mahesh Bindal, Secretary, Sankalp, Rajasthan
  463. Mahesh Choudhary, Independent Journalist & Researcher, New Delhi
  464. Mahesh K, IT Professional, IT Industry, Maharashtra
  465. Maitrayee Chaudhuri, Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  466. Malabika Majumdar, Retired, DU, New Delhi
  467. Malathi Adusumalli, Associate professor, University of New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh
  468. Malavika Kasturi, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
  469. Malik moatasim Khan, Secretary, FDCA, Telangana
  470. Malti, RUWA, NFIW, Rajasthan
  471. Malvika, Student, Gujarat
  472. Mamta Jaitly, Secretary, Vividha, Rajasthan
  473. Manav Dutta, Student,Rajasthan
  474. Manavi, Journalist, New Delhi
  475. Manira Chaudhary, Journalist, New Delhi
  476. Manisha Sethi, Academic, Telangana
  477. Manjari Mehta, Anthropologist, Independent Researcher, Uttarakhand
  478. Manjima Gupta, Student, HR
  479. Manju Menon, Environmental researcher, New Delhi
  480. Manjula, Social worker, Gujarat
  481. Manohar Ranganathan, Human Rights Activist, HuRiCARE, US
  482. Manoj Mitta, Journalist and author, UP
  483. Margaret Alva, Former Governor, Karnataka
  484. Marianne Lobo, Special educator, Bangalore international school, Karnataka
  485. Maroona Murmu, Associate Professor, Department of History, Jadavpur University, West Bengal
  486. Mary, Humanitarian worker, Freelancing, Haryana
  487. Mathi Ambethkar, Activists, Fraternity Movement, Tamilnadu
  488. Mayanka J Mukherji, Researcher, Oxford, London
  489. Mayuri Ghosh, Editor, New Delhi
  490. Md Arbab Hasan, Student, Bihar
  491. Md Azad Khan, Social Worker, New Delhi
  492. Md TafweejDist Manager, Bihar
  493. Md Tarique Anwar, Teacher, Byo, Bihar
  494. Jawaid Ashfaque, Indian Airforce Veteran Air Warrior,Sarpanch, Member..State Level Advisory Group,Govt Of Bihar, Distt.President..Rjd Veteran’s Cell, Bihar
  495. Medha Srivastava, PhD student, Humboldt University of Berlin, New Delhi
  496. Meena Gupta, Retired civil servant, Constitutional Conduct Group, Telangana
  497. Meenakshi Shedde, Journalist, Freelance, Maharashtra
  498. Meenakshi Sinha, New Delhi
  499. Meenakshi Yadav, Researcher, Karnataka
  500. Meenakshi, Delhi
  501. Meera Sanghamitra, Activist, National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)), Telangana
  502. Meera Sidhardhan, Independent researcher, New Delhi
  503. Meera Singh, House wife, New Delhi
  504. Meera Viswanathan, Mental health professional, Tamil Nadu
  505. Meeta Singh, Social and medical activist PUCL Jaipur
  506. Megha Sheth, Mental Health Professional, Maharashtra
  507. Mewa Bharati, Domestic Workers Union, Rajasthan
  508. MG Devasahyam, IAS, Chennai
  509. Mihir desai, senior advocate, PUCL, Maharashtra
  510. Milap Sharma, Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  511. Mir Ali, Engineer, NA, Karnataka
  512. Misbah Al Hasan, Rtd. Aviation Industry, Hyderabad Telangana
  513. Mita Deshpande, Public Health Practitioner, Hamburg
  514. MLMurty, Maharashtra
  515. MMPSingh, General Secretary, Janwadi Lekhak Sangh & Editor ‘ Naya PathJanwadi Lekhak Sangh, New Delhi
  516. MMr Irfan Ahmed, self employed, Andhra Pradesh
  517. Mohamed Abusali, Engineer, Tamil Nadu
  518. Mohamed salman, Engineer, Novatek consultants, Karnataka
  519. Mohammed Aleemuddin, District general secretary WPI, Karnataka
  520. Mohammed Haneef, Office executives, Al Koory automobiles, Maharastra
  521. Mohammed khezarBusiness, Karnataka
  522. Mohd amir, Manager, Export Unit, Uttar Pradesh
  523. Mohd Rashid, Advocate, United For humanity, New Delhi
  524. Mohd Sadiq, Social Worker, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  525. Mohd saqib, Program manager, New Delhi
  526. Mohd Usman, Phd scholar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Uttar Pradesh
  527. Mohd Z Javeed, Managing Director, Milestone Solarcom Pvt. Ltd., Telangana
  528. Mohsin Khan, Unemployed, New Delhi
  529. Monika Banerjee, Researcher,, Delhi
  530. Monika Srivastava, Citizen,, New Delhi
  531. Moumita Mukherjee, Journalist, Bengal
  532. Moushumi Basu, Academic, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  533. Mridul, Technology professional, Maharashtra
  534. Mridula Mukherjee, Professor (Retired), JNU, New Delhi
  535. Mrigank, Vice President New Delhi committee, IFTU, New Delhi
  536. Muhammad Imran, Rajasthan
  537. Mukesh, MKSS, Rajasthan
  538. Munawwar Librarien, Solidarity youth movement, Karnataka
  539. N Sai Balaji, National President, All India Students’ Association (AISA), New Delhi
  540. Vasudevan, President New Trade Union Initiative, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  541. K.Mustafa, Retired employee, Maharashtra
  542. Nabaa, Student, Maharashtra
  543. Nadeem Alam, Lecturer, Institution, Kerala
  544. Nagalsamy, Principal Accountant General, TN and Kerala RTD, CCG, Tamil Nadu
  545. Nahid Bhujwala, Professor, Maharashtra college, Maharashtra
  546. Naim Akhtar, LIC CLIA, LIC, U.P
  547. Naina Dayal, Academic, New Delhi
  548. Naiyar Azam, New Delhi
  549. Najemus Saqib, Engineer, Karnataka
  550. najma rehmani, Teacher, New Delhi University, New Delhi
  551. Nalini Nayak, Associate Professor (Retd), New Delhi University, New Delhi
  552. Namrata Das, Student, Azim Premji University, new Delhi
  553. Nandana Reddy, Rights Activist, Dhruva, Karnataka
  554. Nandini Dey, Social Audit Consultant, NIRDPR, Telangana
  555. Nandini Rao, New Delhi
  556. Nandini Sundar, Professor Sociology, DU, New Delhi
  557. Nandita Basu, Retired Professor, New Delhi University, New Delhi
  558. Nandita Narain, Associate Professor, St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi University, New Delhi
  559. Narendra Mohanty, State Convener, INSAF & Campaign Against Fabricated Cases(CAFC), Odisha
  560. Naresh Chandra Saxena, retired IAS,DELHI
  561. Naresh Saxena, Retired IAS, New Delhi
  562. Natasha Badhwar, Author, Film-maker,Uttar Pradesh
  563. Navaneetha Mokkil, Faculty, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  564. Naveen Mahich, Social worker, CES jaipur, Rajasthan
  565. Naveen, Art director, India today, New Delhi
  566. Navjyoti, Manager, Actionaid, Rajasthan
  567. Navrekha Sharma, Ambassador(retired), CCG, New Delhi
  568. Nayanjyoti, social worker, KNS, New Delhi
  569. Nayeem, Engineer, Andhra Pradesh
  570. Neelima Sharma, Secretary, Nishant Natya manch, New Delhi
  571. Neelotpal Sharma, Student, BSN College, Jaipur Rajasthan
  572. Neena Gupta Vij, Assistant Professor, Central University Of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir
  573. Neena Vyas, Freelance journalist, Formerly with The Hindu, New Delhi
  574. Neera Burra, Retired,Hauz Khas Enclave Chor minar New Delhi
  575. Neeraj Malik, Academic, Uttar Prafesh
  576. Neeraj Malik, Associate Professor,U. P.
  577. Neha, Marketing Director, New Delhi
  578. Nesar Ahmad,Rajasthan
  579. Neshat Ahmad, CHC, Care india, Bihar
  580. Nikita Sud, Professor, Oxford University, UK
  581. Nimisha Agarwal, Senior Campaigner, Jhatkaa, Karnataka
  582. Nirmal, AGM,Gujarat
  583. Nisha Biswas, Writer and Activist,West Bengal
  584. Nisha Siddhu, NFIW, Rajasthan
  585. Nishat Hussain, PUCL, Rajasthan
  586. Nishi, Student,Jharkhand
  587. Nivedita jha, सामाजिक कार्यकर्त्ता, बिहार महिला समाज, Bihar
  588. Nivedita Menon, Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  589. Nivedita, Independent, Independent, Maharashtra
  590. Niyati Sharma, Lawyer, New Delhi
  591. Noor Malik, Social developmental professional, Karnataka
  592. Noor Malik, Social developmental professional,, Karnataka
  593. Noor Mohammed, SFD, Rajasthan
  594. Noorul Absar, Asst Prof, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  595. Nupur Basu Journalist, Karnataka
  596. Om pareek,
  597. k.bajpai, Retired, Uttar pradesh
  598. Padma VelaskarProfessor (retd), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Maharashtra
  599. Padmanabh Samarendra, Associate Professor, New Delhi
  600. Padmini ConsultantNA, Andhra Pradesh
  601. Pamrla, Journalist, Philipose
  602. Panchali Ray, Researcher, New Delhi
  603. Parimal Ghosh, Professor (retd.), University of Calcutta.West Bengal
  604. Paromita Dutta, Right to food coordinator, RTF/W WB, West Bengal
  605. Parth Richa, Salaried, Haryana
  606. Partha Chatterjee, Retired,WB
  607. Partho Sarothi Ray, Associate professor, Kolkata, West Bengal
  608. Parul, Freelancer, New Delhi
  609. Parvati Sharma, Writer, New Delhi
  610. Payal, Uttarakhand
  611. Pia Benegal, Costume Designer, Self Employed, Maharashtra
  612. Pintu Kumar ramWorker, Don bosco ashalayam, Bihar
  613. PK Sharma, Advocate, PUCL, Rajasthan
  614. Poojan Sahil, Musician and Teacher, New Delhi
  615. Poonam Batra, Professor, University of New Delhi, New Delhi
  616. Poonam kaushik, General secretary, Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, New Delhi
  617. Pow Aim Hailowng, PhD Scholar, BASO, New Delhi
  618. Prabeen Singh,
  619. Prabha, Heritage Beku, Karnataka
  620. Pradeep Shinde, Assistant Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  621. Pradip Kumar Datta, Retired Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  622. Pradip Saha, Radiologist,West Bengal
  623. Pragnya Joshi, Research consultant, Rajasthan
  624. Pramod Kumar Yadava, Professor (superannuated),UP
  625. Pranjal, Researcher,Germany
  626. Prateeksha Sharma, Mental health therapist and (Ph.D)researcher, Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad, Haryana
  627. Pratik, Lawyer, Bihar
  628. Pratikshya Mishra, New Delhi
  629. Praveen Kumar, Administration Officer, Integrated Social Initiatives, New Delhi
  630. Praveen Singh, UP
  631. Praveer Peter, Convenor, Sajha Kadam / Solidarity Centre, Jharkhand
  632. Preeti Mehra, Consultant, Independent, New Delhi
  633. Prem Kamath, Retired, Maharashtra
  634. Prem Verma, Convenor, Jharkhand Nagrik Prayad, Jharkhand
  635. Prithviraj Guha, teacher, West Bengal
  636. Priyanka Borpujari, Researcher, International Christian University, Japan
  637. Priyanka Kumari,Bihar
  638. Priyansh, photographer, Uttar pradesh
  639. Probal Dasgupta, Retired Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, West Bengal
  640. ShamimHanfi, Professor Emeritus Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  641. Mohan Rao, Former professor, Karnataka
  642. Professor I.S.Marwah, Retired Professor, University of New Delhi., N C R (NOIDA)
  643. Professor Mary John, Women studies, New Delhi
  644. Pulin B Nayak, Professor of Economics (Retired), New Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi
  645. Punam Thakur, Journalist, Home, New Delhi
  646. Puneet, Content Writer,Karnataka
  647. Purwa Bhardwaj, writer and gender expert, New Delhi
  648. Pushpa Saini, Rajasthan
  649. Qaadir Maaz MA, Educationist, CLF, Karnataka
  650. Qaiser Shamim, Writer, None, Haryana
  651. Qudsia Tabassum, Lawyer, Telangana
  652. rabindranath majumdar, Prof .(Retd), University of Calcutta, West Bengal
  653. radha holla,Uttar Pradesh
  654. Radha, Homemaker,Maharashtra
  655. Radhika Chakraborty, Researcher,New Delhi
  656. Radhika Jhaveri, Concerned Citizen,, Maharashtra
  657. Radhika kapur, Ms, New Delhi
  658. Raghav Srivastava, Graduate student, Yale School of the Environment, Delhi
  659. Raghunath Menon, Educationist, Retired, Telengana
  660. Rahul Kandola, Student, TISS, Haryana
  661. Rahul M, Finance Officer, United Kingdom
  662. Rahul Rathi, Lawyer, Haryana
  663. Rahul saxena, Seeker, Back 2 basics, Himachal pradesh
  664. Raj Kumar Sinha, Convener,Bargi Bandh visrhapit Evam Parbhavit Sangh, Madhya pardesh
  665. Raj, Content specialist, New Delhi
  666. Rajender kumar, Social activiest, Dr. A V baliga memorial trust, New Delhi
  667. Rajesh Kr Sinha, Activist, Bihar
  668. Rajesh Sethi, Indian Naval officer, Retired, New Delhi
  669. Rajiv Jha, Associate Professor, Shri Ram College of Commerce., New Delhi
  670. Rajkumar Chaudhary, Social activist, Bihar
  671. Rajnish Rao, Researcher, Berlin
  672. Ram Murti Sharma, Assistant Professor, AIFRTE, New Delhi
  673. Ramachandra Guha, Historian and writer, Karnataka
  674. Ramasundari, Head of ECE, Government, Andhra Pradesh
  675. Ramesh Kumar, Member, Samata youwa manch, UP
  676. Rameswari Varma, Retired academic, Karnataka
  677. Ramjeevan Rawat, Member, Samta yuva mach Sitapur, U p
  678. Rammilan, Right, Dream creation foundation, Utter Pradesh
  679. Ramvati choudhary, Coordinator, Rajasthan mahila kamgar union, Rajasthan
  680. Rani Day, Filmmaker, book editoe, Freelancer, Karnataka
  681. Ranjan K Chadha, New Delhi
  682. Ranjeet, Social Worker, Srcw, Rajasthan
  683. Ranjit Kapoor, Writer & Director, New Delhi
  684. Rashme Sehgal, Freelance journalist, Newsclick, New Delhi
  685. Ravi Hemadri, Activist, New Delhi
  686. Ravi Kiran Jain, PUCL President, Allahabad
  687. Ravindra kumar mishra, Monitar, J J S S, Bihar
  688. Ravindra Singh, coordinator, Bihan (u. p.), Uttar Pradesh
  689. Reena Nath, Psychotherapist, Private practise, New Delhi
  690. Rekha Awasthi, National secretaryJanwadi Lekhak Sangh, New Delhi
  691. Renuka Mishra, New Delhi
  692. Renuka Pamecha,MSSK, Rajasthan
  693. Renuka, Haryana
  694. Renuka, Private employee, Telangana
  695. Revathi, Independent Consultant,Karnataka
  696. Riaz Ahmad, Former Professor, New Delhi
  697. Richa Singh, Member, SKMS, Uttar Pradesh
  698. Riddhi Khandhar, Psychologist, Maharashtra
  699. Rina Kamath, Legal Practitioner, Maharashtra
  700. Rinchin, Writer, Chattisgarh
  701. RiniStudent, Karnataka
  702. Rita Manchanda, Consultant Research and Coordination, South Asia Forum for Human Rights, New Delhi
  703. Ritambhara Shastri, Journalist . Former Chief News Editor (UNI), United News of IndiaNew Delhi
  704. Ritumbra Manuvie, Academic, Uni of Groningen, Netherlands
  705. Ritwik Sharma, Assistant News Editor, Business Standard, New Delhi
  706. Roger Samuel, Director K&S Enterprises, New Delhi
  707. Rohan DSouza, Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan, Kyoto, Japan
  708. rohini fernandes, social worker, st. joseph’s school, maharashtra
  709. Rohit Prajapati, Environment Activist, Researcher and Writer, PUCL, Gujarat
  710. Roopa, Researcher, Karnataka
  711. Rosamma Thomas, journalist, freelancer, Maharashtra
  712. Royston, Jesuit,
  713. Ruchi Chaturvedi, Dr.,, Cape Town, South Africa
  714. Ruchika, Writer,, Delhi
  715. Ruchira Gupta, Professor, New York University & Apne Aap, Bihar
  716. Rukmini Rao, Feminist, Gramya Resource Center for Women Telangana
  717. Runu Chakraborty, Independent rights activist and professional, Uttar Pradesh
  718. Rupali Arte, Creative Director, Independent, Maharashtra
  719. Rupamanjari Hegde, Teacher and Education consultant, New Delhi
  720. S P Udayakumaran, Coordinator, People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy, Tamil Nadu
  721. s v pullareddy, professor of law, s. k. university, Andhra Pradesh
  722. Durga Bhavani, Professor, Telangana
  723. SrinivasanSocial work, LOCOST, Gujarat
  724. G.Vombatkere, Retired Major General, NAPM, Karnataka
  725. P.Ambrose., I.A.S.(retd), Consultative Conduct Group., Tamilnadu
  726. Saba, MKSS,New Delhi
  727. Sabala, Independent trainer/Activist, SELF, Maharashtra
  728. Sabiha FarhatProfessor, Haryana
  729. Sabiha Parveen, Independent social worker, Haq ki awaz, Rajasthan
  730. Sabyasachi S, Social Activist JJSS, Bihar
  731. Sachin vanaik, Retired Professor, University of Delhi, New Delhi
  732. Sadashiv N, Student, University College London, Kerala
  733. Sadhna Arya, Associate Professor, DU, New Delhi
  734. Safdar Ali, Student, Bihar
  735. sagar jadhav, maharashtra
  736. Saibal jana, Physicist, Shaheed hospital, Chhattisgarh
  737. Sajid, Student, United against hate, Bihar
  738. Sajit Malliyoor, Psychologist,Karnataka
  739. Sakhi Upadhyaya, Educator,New Delhi
  740. Sakshi Verma, Graphic Designer,New Delhi
  741. Saleth, Tetired, FSM, U. P.
  742. Salim Saboowalla Retired, Social Activist, Maharashtra
  743. Samarendra Das, Senior Research Associate, University of Sussex, Foil Vedanta, Odisha
  744. Sambit Sukla, West Bengal
  745. Sameera, Filmmaker, New Delhi
  746. Samina Mishra, Filmmaker, Writer & Teacher, New Delhi
  747. Sampada, Legal Researcher, New Delhi
  748. Sandeep Dnyandeo Bhong, Service, State Bank Of India, Maharashtra
  749. Sandeep Pandey, Vice President, Socialist Party(India), U. P.
  750. Sandeep, Researcher, PHD student TISS, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  751. Sandhya Gokhale, member, Forum against oppression of Women, PUCL, Maharashtra
  752. Sandhya KumariAssociate Professor of Law,Uttar Pradesh
  753. Sandhya Menon, Social scientist, Independent, Kerala
  754. Sangeeta Dasgupta, Associate Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  755. Sangeeta luthra sharma, Associate ProfessorSt Stephens CollegeNew Delhi
  756. Sanghamitra Malik, Committee Member, Apna Watan, Telangana
  757. Sanober Keshwaar, Retired lecturer,Maharashtra
  758. Sapna Kulshrestha, Director, NURC MediaNext Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
  759. Sarah Mathews, Managing Trustee, Sankalp Women’s Support Alliance, Telangana
  760. Saratchand C, Assistant Professor, New Delhi University, New Delhi
  761. Sarita ChaurasiaWriter, Self Employed, Maharashtra
  762. Sarla kumari,Rajasthan
  763. Satish Deshpande, Professor Sociology, DU, New Delhi
  764. Satish Misra, Media, Freelancer, UP
  765. Satya Sagar, Journalist,, Tamil Nadu
  766. Satyam, Independent social worker, New Delhi
  767. Satyendra Kumar, Organiser and Mentor, National Youth Equity Forum (NYEF)New Delhi
  768. Satyendra N Sharan, Farmer, Own Farming, Bihar
  769. Satyendra N Sharan, Farmer, Own Farming, Bihar
  770. Saumyajit Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, New Delhi
  771. Saurav Sarkar, New York
  772. Savithri Singh, Retired from New Delhi University, New Delhi
  773. Sayantani Adhikary, Asst. Professor, SCM, West Bengal
  774. Seema Azad, Editor, Dastak, UP
  775. Sehba, Political activist, New Delhi
  776. Selena, Consultant, Karnataka
  777. Shabani Hassanwalia, Filmmaker, Writer, Editor, New Delhi
  778. Shabnam Hashmi, Anhad, New Delhi
  779. Shabnam Shaikh, Maharashtra
  780. Shachi, Assistant lecturers, New Delhi
  781. Shadab khan, GM-Projects, New Delhi
  782. Shafi Alam, DG (Retd.), NCRB/ MHAUttar Pradesh
  783. Shaheen Ansari, Education, Arkitect India, New Delhi
  784. Shahnaaz Khan, Educator, West Bengal
  785. Shaista Anjum, Social worker, Bihar Mahila Samaj, Bihar
  786. shajahan, Retired Professor, Karnataka
  787. Shakeel Ahmed, Field Officer, Manufacturer, Tamil Nadu
  788. Shakeel, Ektha,Talagana
  789. Shakun Doundiyakhed, Concerned Gamana Mahila Samuha, Bangalore, TN
  790. Shakuntala, President, Rajsamand Mahila Manch, Rajasthan
  791. Shalini Gera, Advocate, New Delhi
  792. Shalom Gauri, Student, Karnataka
  793. Shalu Nigam, Advocate, New Delhi
  794. Shamim, International Ford Foundation Alumnus, Free lancer, UP
  795. Shams Quamar, Student, N/A, Bihar
  796. Shamshad pathan, Convenor, Alp Sankhya Adhikar Manch, Guujarat
  797. Shamshul haque, Self Employed, Business, Maharashtra
  798. SHAMSUL ISLAM, Former Faculty Delhi University, Nishnat, New Delhi
  799. Shankarlal Chaudhary, State co-ordinator, AIPF, Rajasthan
  800. Shanti lal Banjara, समन्वयक, Banjara vikas shakti sangthan, Rajasthan
  801. Shanti ranjan mitra, Retired, Forum for social harmony, Assam
  802. Sharanya, Cultural activist, Rangmatipadar, Koraput, Odisha
  803. Sharifa Roy, Screen writer, Maharashtra
  804. Sharmadip Basu, Assistant Professor, Azim Premji University, Karnataka
  805. Sharmila Purkayastha, Teacher, Miranda House, New Delhi
  806. Sharmila Sarkar, Service, Delhi
  807. Shashi Mehta, Designer, Maharashtra
  808. Shaswati Mazumdar, Professor, Retd New Delhi University, New Delhi
  809. Sheeba Aslam Fehmi, Journalist,, New Delhi
  810. Shefali Saini, Student,Maharshtra
  811. Shifat Khan, State Convenor, Mewat Kissan Panchayat Rajasthan, Rajasthan
  812. Shikha Sen, Teacher, UP
  813. Shipra, Research scholar, New Delhi
  814. Shireen Azam, Journalist, Jharkhand
  815. Shiv Inder Singh, Retired, New Delhi
  816. Shiv Shankar Mukherjee, Indian Foreign Service (Retd.), Constitutional Conduct Group, New Delhi
  817. Shivam Sharma, Uttarakhand
  818. Shivraj, कार्यकर्ता, संगतिन किसान मजदूर संगठन सीतापुर, Uttar pradesh
  819. Shraddha Verma, Doctor, Doctor, New Delhi
  820. Shraddha, PhD student, New Delhi
  821. Shraiya Singh, Student, Rajasthan
  822. Shreya Chandra, Student, Karnataka
  823. Shreyasi Biswas, Doctoral Fellow, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  824. Shridhar Sudhir, Filmmaker, Academic, Buddhijeev, Bihar
  825. Shruti Iyer, Student, University of Oxford UK
  826. Shruti Sharma, Actor, New Delhi
  827. Shubha Jindel, Advocate, PUCL, Rajasthan
  828. Shubham, Activist, Lokayat, Maharashtra
  829. Shubhang Ojha, Student, New Delhi
  830. Shubhangi Bhong, Social work professional, Maharashtra
  831. Shubhangi, Human Rights Lawyer, Uttar Pradesh
  832. Shubhangi, Social Worker, Rajasthan
  833. Shubhga Mishra, Student, New Delhi
  834. Shuddhabrata Sengupta, artist And Writer,New Delhi
  835. Shukla Sawant, Professor, New Delhi
  836. Shums Parvez, Engineer, Maharashtra
  837. Shweta Damle, Member Platform for Social Justice, Maharashtra
  838. Shweta, independent social worker, New Delhi
  839. Siddharth Bharath, Educator,Karnataka
  840. Siddharth Chakravarty, Researcher, Maharashtra
  841. Siddharth Singhania, Student, Ashoka University, New Delhi
  842. Siddiqui Awais, Manager Metro Bank, Illinois
  843. Sidharth Mody, CEO, bytegrill, Maharashtra
  844. Sister Carol, PUCL, Rajasthan
  845. Smita, Freelancer, Freelancer, Karnataka
  846. Smriti George, Communication and content strategy consultant, New Delhi
  847. Smriti Nevatia, Freelance text editor and film professional, Maharashtra
  848. Sohan, Student, Odisha
  849. Sohini, Union karyakarta, Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan, Bihar
  850. Sonali Sapna, Program Leader, Piramal Foundation, Bihar
  851. Sonalika, Teacher Educator, Uttarakhand
  852. Sonam Chaturvedi, Assistant Lecturer, Jindal University, New Delhi
  853. Sonam Yadav, Student, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh
  854. Sravanthi Dasari, Student, UIC, Illinois
  855. Srijan Chawla, Student, Jamia Millia Islamia, JCC, New Delhi
  856. Srimanjari, Associate Prof.,New Delhi
  857. Steve, Activists, Anjuman ehle islam, Assam
  858. Subasri Krishnan, Film-maker, New Delhi
  859. Subhash kumar, Members, Samta yuva manch, Uttar pradesh
  860. Subodh Lal, Retd Joint Secretary. Now teaching in Media Schools. Also author., New Delhi
  861. Subramani Arumugam, National general secretary, Welfare party of india, Tamil Nadu
  862. Sucharita Sen, Professor JNU, New Delhi
  863. Sucheta, Professor JNU, New Delhi
  864. Sudeshna Sengupta, Independent Researcher and Consultant, Haryana
  865. Sudha N, Independent Researcher & Activist, Karnataka
  866. Sudhanshu Mishra, General Secretary, Lok Adhyayan Sansthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  867. Sudhanva Deshpande, Publisher, LeftWord Books, New Delhi
  868. Sudheer Gupta, Filmmaker, Independent, New Delhi
  869. Sudhir K Katiyar, Social worker, Rajasthan
  870. Sudipta, Karnataka
  871. sufiyan Aftab, student, Niyajuddin memorial Trust, Uttar Pradesh
  872. Sujata Madhok, Journalist, Outside US
  873. Sujata Nag, Retired academic. University of New Delhi, New Delhi
  874. Sujata, Activist and Researcher, Forum Against Oppression of Women, Maharashtra
  875. Sukanta, Engineer, Punjab
  876. SumbulHousewife, New Delhi
  877. Sumi Krishna, Karnataka
  878. Sumit, Filmmaker, writer and activist, West Bengal
  879. Sumitra Chopra, AIDWA, Rajasthan
  880. Sundar Burra, Retired civil servant, Independent, New Delhi
  881. Sundar Burra, Retired civil servant, NCR of New Delhi
  882. Sunder Hemrajani, Cofounder & CEO, Incon Strategy Advisors P.Ltd, New Delhi
  883. Sunil A G, Retired, Maharashtra
  884. Sunil basu, Secretary, The Saviours, Bihar
  885. Sunil Jain, Entrepreneur, Bon & Co, Maharashtra
  886. Sunil Kumar, Filmmaker,New Delhi
  887. Sunny Pawar, Social workerFreelancer, Maharashtra
  888. Supriya Shukla, New Delhi
  889. Supriya Varma, JNU, New Delhi
  890. Suraj Singh Baghel, Student,New Delhi
  891. Surajkumar Thube, DPhil student, University of Oxford
  892. Surasri Chaudhuri, Associate professor, West Bengal
  893. surbhi m., development practitioner, New Delhi
  894. Surendra Bhanot, President, RTIFED, Chandigarh
  895. Surendra Rajan, Artist, Madhya Pradesh
  896. Suresh K Goel, Former DG ICCR and Secretary MEA, Indian Foreign Service, UP
  897. Surya Saathi, Student, Karnataka
  898. Suryakanta Rout, Software Engineer, Opentext, Telangana
  899. Sushil Dubey, former Indian Ambassador to Sweden,New Delhi
  900. Sushmita Sen Gupta, Director, Crucible Consultants, New Delhi
  901. Sushmita, Independent Activist, Bihar
  902. Sushmita, Independent Researcher, Maharashtra
  903. Sushmita, Retired, New Delhi
  904. Svati Joshi, Academic, Gujarat
  905. Swapnil R Shete, Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Editor, Maharashtra
  906. Swatija, Na, FAOW, Maharashtra
  907. Sweta Dash, Independent researcher and journalist, New Delhi
  908. Syed Adil, Sales manager, Telangana
  909. Syed farookh hydri, Karnataka
  910. Syed javeed hussain, Medical doctor, Saviours of democracy, Karnataka
  911. Syed Khalid Saifullah, Hyderabad,Telangana
  912. Syed Moinuddin, Advocate, Visakhapatnam Bar Association, Andhra Pradesh
  913. Syed Saleemullah, Jamia Nagar, Student, New Delhi
  914. T Mohan, Advocate, Mohan and Devika, Advocates, Tamil Nadu
  915. Tabrez A Ansari, DGM,UP
  916. Taher Hussain, State President, Welfare Party of India, Karnataka
  917. Taja Rao Kandukuri, Pensioner, All India Progressive Forum, Andhra Pradesh
  918. Tani Alex, Researcher, Kerala
  919. Tanika sarkar, Retired professor, Jawaharlal Nehru university, India
  920. Tanisha Nag, Scholar,Tamil Nadu
  921. Tanmay Nivedita, Activist, Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan, Bihar
  922. Tanveer Nawaz, Karnataka
  923. Tanvir Ahmad, Retired, New Delhi
  924. Tara Chacko, Consultant, Karnataka
  925. Tara Rai, Student, Maharashtra
  926. Tarak S Goradia, Coach, Youth Leadership Program, New Delhi
  927. Tarannum, Counselor, New Delhi
  928. Tarique Mazhar, Student, Aimsa, Bihar
  929. Tasneem Suhrawardy, Associate ProfessorSt. Stephen’s College, New Delhi
  930. Tauheed, Educationist, New Delhi
  931. Tausif Anwer, Student, Bihar
  932. Teesta Setalvad, writer, editor and peace activist, Maharashtra
  933. Tejas Suhas Muley, Independent consultant Freelance, Maharashtra
  934. Themeem T, Asst Professor of English, St Stephen’s College, New Delhi, Kerala
  935. Tina Chakravarty, Teacher,, Maharashtra
  936. Tiny Shah Sungh, Housewife, Maharashtra
  937. Tonu, Dy Director,New Delhi
  938. Trishna Senapaty, Student, Cornell University, New Delhi
  939. Tuba, Consultant, Maharashtra
  940. U P Singh, Jharkhand
  941. Udaya Kumar, Professor of English, JNU, New Delhi
  942. Ujjwala, Retired professional, Maharashtra
  943. Uma Tanuku, Documenter, UP
  944. Urmila Rai, Retired : College Principal, N M College, Maharashtra
  945. Ushak, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Johannesburg, West Bengal
  946. Utpala Mukherjee, New Delhi
  947. Uttaran bhunia, Architect, Architect yogesh and associate, Goa
  948. Uzma Qadri, Educationist, Telangana
  949. Uzma Qadri, Educationist,, Telangana
  950. P.Raja, IAS (Retd), Ex Chairman, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission, Maharashtra
  951. Vahida Nainar, Researcher, Maharashtra
  952. Vaibhav, Civil Society Worker, New Delhi
  953. Vaishno, Researcher, New Delhi
  954. Valan, PhD student, Tamil Nadu
  955. Vani, Feminist activist and filmmaker, New Delhi
  956. Varsha Poddar, Research Scholar, TISS, Mumbai, Jharkhand
  957. Varsha Poddar, Research Scholar, TISS, Mumbai, Jharkhand
  958. Vasantha, Member, WSS, New Delhi
  959. Veenu Pasricha, Haryana
  960. Venkateswarlu k, Social worker, Andhra Pradesh
  961. Vibhanahu, Student, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Rajasthan
  962. Vidya Subrahmaniam, Senior Journalist, New Delhi
  963. vidyun sabhaney, artist, New Delhi
  964. Vihaan, Queer Feminist Transman, New Delhi
  965. Vijay Bajpai, Independent social worker, Uttarpradesh
  966. Vijay Kiyawat, Retired,New Delhi
  967. Vijay Kumar, Trasrar, Construction workers Union CITU, Rajasthan
  968. Vijay Swami, District Secretary, Janvadi Lekhak Sangh, Rajasthan
  969. Vijayan MJ, General Secretary, Pakistan India People’s’ Forum for Peace & Democracy, New Delhi
  970. Vijaylakshmi, Social activist and human-rights activist, PUCL, Rajasthan
  971. Vijender Singh Chauhan, Asstt Professor, Zakir Husain New Delhi College, New Delhi
  972. Vikas Rawal, Professor, JNU, New Delhi
  973. Vikas singh, District coordinator, Actionaid association, Rajasthan
  974. Vikram Iyengar, Artist and Curator, West Bengal
  975. Vikram tandon, Retired senior citizen,, Delhi
  976. Vikram tandon,New Delhi
  977. Vikramaditya Sahai, Associate, Centre for Law and Policy Research, New Delhi
  978. Vimal Bhai, Haryana
  979. Vimala R, Retired, Rajasthan
  980. Vinay ShuklaFilmmaker, Freelance, Maharashtra
  981. Vinay, Retired Faculty, New Delhi University,Samajwadi Shikshak Manch, Nairobi
  982. Vineet, Social Activist, MKSS, Rajasthan
  983. Vineeta Bal, Professor, value, Maharashtra
  984. Vinita Bhandari, Member, Maharashtra Hawker Federation Maharashtra
  985. Vinod Taneja, Consultant, Uttar Pradesh
  986. Vipan Pasricha, Retd Export Consultant, New Delhi
  987. Vipul Mudgal, Researcher, activist, New Delhi NCR
  988. Vivek Monteiro, President, Mumbai Shramik Sangh, Maharashtra
  989. Viveka, Mental and Holisyic Health Practitioner, London, United Kingdom
  990. Vivekanand Tripathi, Public Service, Uttar Pradesh
  991. Voraprasad, Journalist, Sahitya prasthanam magazine, Andhrapradesh
  992. Vrinda Gopinath,, New Delhi
  993. Vritika Lalwani, Designer, Maharashtra
  994. Vyoma, Student, Maharashtra
  995. Waheed Sayed, Director, Business, Maharashtra
  996. Wajahat Habibullah, 1st Chief Information Commissioner, India, Centre for Dialogue & Reconciliation, UP
  997. wasi zafar, student, AIMIM, Bihar
  998. Wasim khan, Uttar Pradesh
  999. Wency Mendes, Filmmaker, Goa
  1000. Wilfred Dcosta, Convenor, Indian Social Action Forum – INSAF, New Delhi
  1001. Wren Fernandes, Service, Vivanta, Goa
  1002. Yakub Mohammed, State Convenor, National Hawker Federation, Rajasthan
  1003. Yash Agrawal, Independent researcher, philosophy, Maharashtra
  1004. Yashodara K, school teacher, Karnataka
  1005. Yasmeen Aga, Memberaawaaz-E-Niswaan, Maharashtra
  1006. Yatendra Chaudhary,Retired Government Official, New Delhi
  1007. Yogita, ITTCS, Maharashtra
  1008. Yousuf Saeed, Filmmaker, Independent, New Delhi
  1009. Yusuf, O. P. Manager, Global Solutions & Catering Services WLL, Maharashtra
  1010. Yuvika, Filmmaker, New Delhi
  1011. Zahir Anwar, Playwright/Critic, Sharjeel Arts.., West Bengal
  1012. Zahoor, Kef, J&K
  1013. Zakia Soman, Co-Founder, BMMA, Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, New Delhi
  1014. Zoya Hasan, Professor Emerita, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  1015. कल्ली बाई, सदस्य, जाग्रत महिला संगठन, Rajasthan (RJ)

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