Stand by farmers – boycott Adani and Reliance

The farmers unions have called for a boycott of all products of Adani and Reliance, the two corporates closest to the Modi-Shah regime and which stand to benefit the most from the opening up of the farm sector to agribusiness, which will not only destroy farmers’ livelihoods but affect food security for everyone.  The new laws have been drafted to facilitate ease of doing business for these corporations, eliminating safeguards for both farmers and consumers.

This post is simply a quick, not comprehensive, list of products we could all boycott (compiled with help from Anindita Bose and Rohit).

And just a reminder – the rapacious Adani corporation is wreaking havoc on Australia’s ecology too, and there is a huge people’s campaign there against Adani – #StopAdani .


Edible Oil, Foods, cosmetics

–  Fortune Brand oils, soya chunks, rice, pulses, flour 

 – King’s Soyabean Oil

 – Fryola

 – FarmPik Apples

-Avsar, Raaz, Alpha, Aadhar  brand foods and oils

-Alife soaps, handwash


-Adani petrol pumps



Digital and Telecommunication Services

 -Jio Sim

 – JioFiber Broadband Services

 – JioLYF Smartphones

 – JioPhone

– Jionet WiFi (JioFi)

– JioSecurity

– JioCloud Store

– JioCall – Landline Services


 – Reliance Petrol


– JioChat

– JioCinema

– JioMoney

– JioVoice

– JioMeet

 Internet Radio, TV and media

– JioSaavn Music and Radio

– JioTV

– JioCinema

– JioNews

Retail and e-commerce aggregator


– JioMart

– Reliance Fresh

-Trends apparel stores




 – Pillows/Cushions that use RECRON polyfill


7 thoughts on “Stand by farmers – boycott Adani and Reliance”

  1. The farmer leaders haven’t highlighted or clearly explained how the new farm laws affect “food security for everyone.”
    May i request Prof Nivedita Menon to elaborate on this point — new farm laws & food security — in her next piece.


  2. The farmer always loses, whether it’s tescos, Adani, govt or the notorious middle men. If everything goes well, you can be sure the weather will smash their crops.
    You’ve got to be a mad man to farm and I am proud to be one.


  3. Any person with minimum sense of self respect and ideology will boycott those product immediately !! Personally, I have been using BSNL mobile phone and never use any JIO products .Essential items of these corporate giants are not being used in my home !! Let all the sensible people follow this ,as these two “Enemy of the people” with the active support of Modi & his brigade are taking us back to the era of East India Company !! All support to this call!!


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