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Indian tea is laden with pesticides: Greenpeace India

downloadTrouble Brewing – Pesticide Residues in Tea Samples is the result of an investigation carried out by Greenpeace India to understand the situation concerning the use of pesticide usage in tea, which is a quintessential part of Indian culture and critical to the economy. The study has found residues of hazardous chemical pesticides in a majority of samples of the main brands of packaged tea produced and consumed in India. Over half of the samples contained pesticides that are ‘unapproved’ for use in tea cultivation or which were present in excess of recommended limits. The report underscores possible implications for health and the environment, which is both unnecessary and avoidable. While it highlights the fact that the tea industry is stuck on a pesticides treadmill, it suggests that tea companies, which are critical stakeholders in the tea industry, take the necessary steps in moving away from pesticides while adopting a holistic approach is best way forward. Continue reading Indian tea is laden with pesticides: Greenpeace India