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Trickster City

Trickster City, the English translation of Behrupiya Shahar, a collection of writings on Delhi by young writers was launched on the 12th of February at Sarai. During the event the writers performed segments from their new work which is excerpted below for those who missed the event, or those who simply want to read the texts. The details of Trickster city is also provided below the text.

Translation of the writers’ text

Azra Tabassum:

They say in Delhi, there are no red lights; there are only the hands of strangers.

We, along with all our co-writers of Trickster City, who are among the audience, welcome you all. We would like to thank Ankur and Sarai, along with whom we have made, through Cybermohalla, a generative space. A space where we pose and think through our most challenging questions. We thank all our co-travellers, who argued and debated with us, challenged us further as we wrote and questioned. Continue reading Trickster City