OB vans in Mehrauli

I was in Mehrauli today for a few good hours. I don’t have the patience to write a long post. Just a few things.

Firstly, Star News should be banned, like forever, for showing those graphic images of part of a boy’s head chopped off. If not for tom-tomming all day how they were the first of the vultures.

Secondly, all you illiterate TV journalists, you don’t have to know about Phoolwalon Ki Ser and what it’s about. You can just ask the locals, “Tell me about this area”. If there’s a bomb blast at the intersection of a Hindu and a Muslim colony, in a place that has a syncretic culture maintained now for centuries, strengthened by gandhi and Nehru… surely, this is important background detail?

Thirdly, all you idiotic TV camerawalas, no, I will not move, your visual is not a bit more important than my observation.

Fourthly, a police cordon is not meant to be jumped. If you jump it, so will the rest of the wolves. And you will collectively trample all over the forensic evidence that’s being collected.

Fifthly, all you TV reporters who used the words ammonium nitrate as frequently as ‘byte’, the police never said there was any ammonium nitrate. Stop talking on you effing live broadcasts. Stop and listen.

Sixthly, all you TV reporters who crowded the small house of the boy who died, it was not a public place just because it was a poor labourer’s house. When somebody says please leave, leave. You can’t force a mourning family to give the same byte for two dozen cameras one after the other.

And you don’t have to run the camera over a washed pucca road and say again and again, “There was blood all over here. There was blood all over. All over.” Your viewer will get the point even if you weren’t as excited about human blood.

I have more to say but writing this much is enough to bring down my blood pressure. Thanks but no thanks. May those graphic images never let you sleep because during office hours you’re a camera without a brain.

2 thoughts on “OB vans in Mehrauli”

  1. I can feel your anger Shivam…I have long stopped watching television news – as have many others I know – precisely because of all this. It is a health hazard. But do please follow this post up with other impressions from the site – mauqa-e-vaardaat, as they say.


  2. Thank you Shivam for voicing your opinions. Every bit of what you’ve said here is so very true…the media really knows how to blow things way out of proportion and put them in front of the public…Naturally the public will be ignorant & unaware of the reality around when the media cooks up their own stories….
    We really need more voices like you…..Thank you for being so blatant about your opinion…. Media channels like star news really need to pull up their socks and start help people become more aware of their surroundings,instead of giving us stories with extra doze of masala.

    Thank you..


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