SS Stormtroopers attack OBCs celebrating Shiv Jayanti

(Apologies for posting a mere press release, but it’s something important and yet I don’t think it will be ‘interesting’ enough for the ‘national’ media to pick up. This is not to take sides at all, because there are no sides to take.)



Rashtriya Samaj Paksh, Shiv Jayanti meeting attacked by Shiv Sainiks in Mumbai

The Shiv Sena once again proves that it is a Brahmanical party by attacking OBC’s

Mumbai – February 23, 2009

A meeting that was organized by the activists of the Kurla unit of the Rashtriya Samaj Paksh (RSP) was attacked by Shiv Sainiks. The SS storm troopers, numbering 50, unleashed their fury on the meeting, shouting slogans, attacking the people and throwing chairs. The very fact that the Shiv Sainiks attacked Shiv Jayanti celebrations organized by the OBC (Other Backward Caste) activists, namely the Dhangar community (Shepherds) has once again exposed the Manuwadi – Brahmanical character of the Shiv Sena.

They objected to the fact that Shri Amol Madame (Mumbai President of the RSP), criticised Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray (Shiv Sena supremo) for his silence on the insult to Jijau Mata the mother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, by James Laine, in a biographical book that has been the subject of a major controversy across Maharashtra. The book had clearly hurt the sentiments of the Dalits and OBC’s and all through the turmoil Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray chose to keep silent.

Shri Feroze Mithiborwala stated that the Shiv Sena has taken a position that opposes political and economic Reservations as an instrument of empowerment and it is our appeal to the OBC masses and all oppressed working people to leave the Shiv Sena as it has consistently betrayed the Bahujans.

Shri Kishore Jagtap, a senior advisor of the RSP, criticised the Shiv Sena and particularly Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray for distorting the memory and the message of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and by reducing him to a mere weapon of communal politics. He said that, it was none other than Krantiveer Mahatma Phule who rediscovered and resurrected the memory and the symbolism of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as an idol of the Bahujans. Thus there was a dire need to reclaim the life and teachings of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who was a paragon of secularism and an inclusive and plural nationalism, that was in consonance with the ethos and history of India.

As usual the police arrived on the scene after the destruction had been done.

Then the activists of the RSP marched to the Kurla police station.

The Shiv Sainik leaders, to our astonishment further defended James Laine and said that nothing of this nature has been written.

Finally after a heated debate, a settlement was arrived at.

The RSP has demanded that henceforth the police provide protection to all our public meetings.

It is only due to the elite Maratha domination of the Congress-I and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), that the OBC’s of Maharashtra have been driven into the Shiv Sena and the BJP.

But now as the Rashtriya Samaj Paksh continues to provide a political platform for the Bahujans, the Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress-I and the NCP, all controlled by the entrenched elite are bound to get aggressive and attack the new vehicle of Bahujan empowerment.

We salute the people of Kurla for having withstood the aggression of the Shiv Sainiks.

The RSP which is the true inheritor of the ideals of Rastramata Ahilyabai Holkar, Krantiveer Mahatma Phule & Bharat Ratna Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar will eventually succeed in defeating the elitist parties and liberating the Bahujan Samaj.

The Shiv Sena knows that and thus the attack !!

Feroze Mithiborwala

(National Vice-President)

Amol Madame

(Mumbai President)

feroze dot moses777 at gmail dot com

16 thoughts on “SS Stormtroopers attack OBCs celebrating Shiv Jayanti”

  1. It is high time for Dalit Bahujan politics to enagge seriously with CULTURAL POLEMICS AND RHETORIC to challenge the colonialism of Hinduism. The caravanisation/kafilisation (not refering to this blog) of ‘subaltern’ culture has resulted in offering some golden moments for some sociologists to copy and paste western theories on indian village psyche, and name it polemically ‘sanskritisation’ the rhetoric that paved the path for fashioning indian version of sociology. It is the failure of Dalit Bahujan politcs in counteting the process of hindu colonialism that results in incidents such as “DAlits denied entry in temple”, shiv sainiks attacking OBCs celebrating shiv ratri and hindus proudly proclaiming “Non-Hindus are not allowed in temples”.
    The DAlit Bahujan politics shuld be able to make a claim on the world of Rhetoric/Polemics that rule the roost in deciding the fate of our cultural life.


  2. Please…OBCs Dhangars like yadavs and kurmis in the north have always opposed dalits. This should be kept in mind while condeming shiv sena. What SS has done is an aberration. Usually they tie up with the Dhangars to subjugate Dalits. One should also be careful of marxist who are collaborating with OBCs to oppose Dalits.


  3. Dalit – OBC unity is a big joke. Most cases of atrocities on Dalits are caused by OBCs. Khairlanji, Jajjhar and the recent rape of the Dalit Girl in Pipalgoan. Sociologists claiming that these atrocities are due to some unseen brahmin conspiracy are smoking some real strong stuff. I would love these folks to pass their peace pipe to me.
    FYI – 60 percent of shiv sena cadre comes from OBC.


  4. why is it so? what makes OBCs place agaisnt Dalits in the structure? and the same can be seen percolating into the grid of ‘Dalit’ also, thereby extending these tensions to its social ambt. seems that there exists something that cause thse kinds of acts. perhaps one needs to see through the visible and dig the invisible to find out the culprit. else, such reductive ontologies will led to ignoring larger structures within which such graded violence of inequality and power othering occur.


  5. OBC s are sticking to hinduism like glue ,even they are not following their pagamber Periyar and Phule.OBCS have to follow the path showed by VT Rajshekhar and Mr kanchan illiah .time has come OBCs should embrace Buddhism and kick the hinduism.All millitant hindu organisations are headed by OBCs,Modi,Vinay Katiyar <Yeduppa in Karnatka,Kalyan Singh,Uma Bharti,.


  6. The centre government and the Punjab government announced Rs. 50,000 grant to the inter-caste married couples by equal sharing but the governments and society could not create amicable environment .We appreciate Heer-Ranjha , Sassi-Punnu , Sohani-Mahiwal , Laila-Majhanu but can not bear the existence of contemporary lovers ! Why? Do we not wish to dynamite the Varna / caste systems created by the manuwadis by inter- caste marriages as well as inter – Varna marriages or part and parcel of this filthy system?

    One thing is clear that no power in the world can stop to die this filthy caste system as the well educated youths of all castes / varnas hate this system and when we celebrate the centenary of the Adi-Dharam Mandal in 1926 AD, at least inter-caste marriages among scheduled castes will be a routine work! As our Bharat Rattan Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar appealed his followers to dynamite the Vedas which had the first ever evidence of caste / Varna system .At least, we can arrange inter-state / inter-regions marriages between the residents of Majha, Doaba and Malwa regions within our own castes! We should come out of the wells of regions / castes and swim in the ponds, rivers and seas! We pay obeisance to our daughter late Miss (?) Suman Devi and share grieves with Mr. Ashok Kumar, widower before marriage.


  7. In a suspected case of honour killing , Suman Devi ( 20 ), a Gujjars girl of village Pandori Beet in Garhshankar sub-division ( Hoshiarpur ) , was murdered with sharp edged weapons and her lover , Mr. Ashok Kumar( 24 ) , a Rajput of nearby Kot village , was seriously injured .Mr. Ashok was refered to PGI Chandigarh . But now he improved and refered to Civil Hospital, Hoshiarpur .No arrest has been so far.


  8. Dear Chumber Ji,OBCs have to follow the path showed by Sri VT Rajshekhar andMr Illiaha,other wise these slaves are used and will used as foot soldiers against the muslims and minorities.Modi and Kalyan singh are the example of OBCs who were used against the muslims and now Kalyan is being booted out from BJP.


  9. *Two youngsters from Hissar ( Haryana ) – Rajesh Paswan ( 21) , a scheduled caste boy and Sonia ( 18 ) backward class girl of Jangra ( Khatri / Ramgarhia / Tarkhan / Lohar ) caste – had approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court for security after solemnizing their marriage in Rajasthan on 20 February , 2009 .They were accosted by the 7 relatives of Sonia when they approached the court who were arrested by the Chandigarh police under charges of abduction and kidnapping .

    OUR COMMENTS : Our government , law enforcing agencies , religious and political leaders did not enlight about the constitutional and legal norms .Our friends who lecture that Baba Saheb Ambedkar drafted the constitution also failed to convince the masses to the relevancy of constitutional norms ! They do not even know that the present and Baba Saheb constitutions are separate and what amendments have been done in the constitution of Baba Saheb .The Parliament Secretariat of India published the calligraphic copies of Baba Saheb drafted and implemented constitution costing Rs.2000 only and also published the constituent assembly debates in 8 volumes in English and Hindi costing Rs.2000 only. I have both in my reference library .We must read the debates in the both houses of Parliament of India and our state assembly to know the actions of our governments and representatives .

    The Ambedkarite and other Dalit religious social organizations must start to highlight the constitution, Indian Penal Code and other acts to be vigilant law abiding citizens and start inter-caste marriages to liberate from the Hinduism in practical. If a non -Hindu do not do inter-caste marriage, he / she is still Hindu in practice. A non-Hindu is who do not obey the caste / varna system in practice. Practice what you preach!


  10. Dear Kumarpushp ji ,
    I have discussed that the Gujjar( an OBC ) girl in love with a Rajput boy was allegedly killed by her close relatives . I already said in this blog ,” If a non -Hindu do not do inter-caste marriage, he / she is still Hindu in practice. A non-Hindu is who do not obey the caste / varna system in practice. Practice what you preach! ” I do not know the practical path of M/s Rajshekar and Illiaha . I know that Baba Saheb dynamited the Varna system by doing marriage with Dr (Mrs.) Sharda Kabir , a Brahmin lady . Although I do not like his marriage with our opposite varna but I appreciate that he dared to demoralized the Brahmin community who once treated him and his community as untouchables ! An untouchable desired and deserved to be son-in-law of the Brahmins !
    I appreciate the views and sentiments of your good self but we have to be practical and submit the alternative of the manuwad !


  11. Please refer to my previous writing dated 27th instant ” In a suspected case of honour killing , Suman Devi ( 20 ), a Gujjars girl of village Pandori Beet in Garhshankar sub-division ( Hoshiarpur ) , was murdered with sharp edged weapons and her lover , Mr. Ashok Kumar( 24 ) , a Rajput of nearby Kot village , was seriously injured .Mr. Ashok was refered to PGI Chandigarh . But now he improved and refered to Civil Hospital, Hoshiarpur .No arrest has been so far. ”
    Now the Punjabi Tribune daily published a news that the lover Mr. Ashok Kumar not the relatives of Suman Devi killed her as she refused to marry with him . Her marriage was fixed with another boy on 28th February , 2009 . The police got 2 days police remand of Mr. Ashok Kumar from the court . There is a Punjabi song ” Piar the kahani loko kithey aa ke ruk gayi . Haasiyaan ton shuru ho ke , hanjuaan te mukk gayi ” means ” Look the people at the stoppage of a love story which started with smiles and ended in tears ! “


  12. Dear Chumber ji,Dalits are different from OBCs and it is not possible to have varna relationships with OBCs.OBCs will have to look for their god first then only they will be enlighted in India.


  13. Dalits and OBCs cannot break the manuvadi varna system that perpetuate the violence etched in brahmincal values by wholeheartedly embarcing it. The narratives of brahminsm/its value system remain intacteven whileraising voice against varna/caste atrocities. Dalit as a new national community and religion should be able to bring forth a new values system (with its own inherent violence) so as to effct social transformation. the major hurdles in the process would be saffronising of culture via hidnu colonialsm of all spheres. The process against brahmism should begin as a self respect movement that could muster the courge to think self critically and mediate political messages by claiming on the normative polemical realm hitherto dominated by brahmincal assertions.


  14. Dear Chumber ji, Marriage between different varna would not demolished the varna system,Great Aurang Jeb had broken the varna systems and librated the millions of dalits from untouchability.Buddha had to carry the sword to defend their dhamma at the fag end of his life.we have to prepare the dalits for buddhist path , bring back to 125 million dalits into buddhist fold first rest will follow.Politicians are looking for 5 year period but dalit intellectuals like you are thinking for genration.have a faith in god and established your goal,mark the enemy .If we want to achiev our goals in hindu India then we must have Plan B,have a 3 tier leaderships to defeat the hindus and their hindu led government in India.


  15. In Maharashtra, Dhangars have never indulged in any atrocities against SC or ST’s. I dont know if it has actually happened in North.

    The time of Shiva Jayanti chosen by Shiv Sena to attack RSP is shamefull.

    RSP is emerging as a strong and alternative Party representing the Backward Class including SC, ST, OBC, VJNT & SBC.


  16. first all obc dalit made their temples seprately
    from brahimin s as satnami does in chhattisgarh so we can get ride of brhaminism. traditional worship may be change in obc castes.and remove the caste strata.


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