Ab aap police station se samachar suniye

(And now, the news read from the police station)

I am absolutely appalled by the new levels of unethical reporting reached every day. I could bear it if it were a race to the bottom that we see in the English media, because at some point we could have heard the thud of crashing skulls. But it appears the bottom is bottomless…

Take this “news story” on the front page of the Indian Express yesterday:

Shadowy Kerala outfit preaches hate in Dalit ghettos

It begins – “Police in Kerala have stumbled upon a shadowy extremist Dalit outfit that they suspect is working clandestinely to radicalise Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities in the state.”

The rest of the story is based on two other widely disparate sources:

a) “top police sources” and

b) “police sources”.

The “so-called Dalit Human Rights Movement”, is “reputedly”, “learnt to be”, “believed to have been”, and “reportedly” carrying out various “shadowy” activities, including – now this is really serious – “spreading anti-mainstream propaganda”.

And this mainstream would be the same patriarchal, misogynist, communal, casteist, capitalist, anti-poor, heterosexist sludge of slow-flowing poison we all wallow in playfully? One word against it, and I’ll personally take you out – the police wont have time to get to you, samjhe?

There have been attacks on two men, one died and the other survived. The police, using their finely honed skills of detection, immediately arrested seven “DHRM activists”, but “declined to provide further details” to our intrepid reporter, Shaju Philip, as he courageously pursued the story from room to room of the police station.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just provide us with the link to the hi-tech and well-maintained website of the the Thiruvananthapuram City Police?

But old newspapers do have their uses. Hmm, it’s a tough call.

(Click here for earlier fulminations on Cops and Reporters)

43 thoughts on “Ab aap police station se samachar suniye”

  1. Hindus want that dalit should be slaved for life and stay in hindu fold.Dalit human rigts movement is not a shadow organisation ,they are following dr ambedkar thoughts on real dalit lives.Why these hindu led forces donot arrest VHP<BAJRANG DAL<ABVP<HINDU SENA.time has come 175 million dalits should organise against the hindu toilet papers(Indian news papers)and hindu medias.


  2. Hi Nivedita, This is in response to the broader point you made about the levels of unethical reporting. Let me give you an example from the indian tv reporting of nepal.

    three weeks back, two people were arrested in bhopal. they allegedly confessed to the police of being a part of a fake currency network from the india-nepal border. And made the claim that the former crown prince Paras was involved in the isi sponsored nexus as well. A couple of tv channels, led by who else but arnab goswami, got on to the story. TV crews were sent to nepal.

    As they were pursuing the story, the pashupati incident took place – where two indian priests were beaten up by maoist protestors. the tv channels jumped on to the story,kept playing up the ‘anti-indianism’ of nepali maoists – without once mentioning the broader context of their protests (india-engineered ouster of the maoist government, demand to make pashupati accounts transparent, and a review of the practice of only having south indian priests).

    Here is the clincher. This was happening at the time of the so called chinese incursions – again blown up by the media. TV edtiors from india called up their reporters and stringers in kathmandu and told them in clear terms, Look for a chinese angle in the pashupati incident and how beijing backed the beating up of the indian priests! This was excessive even for the poor reporters – but they embarassingly asked around if someone on the record was willing to point at a chinese role in the incident.

    Absurd in itself, this kind of reporting really takes a dangerous turn if one understands the backdrop. Nepal is in crisis and te reason is that india and maoists – uneasy partners at the best of times – have fallen out with delhi doing everything to keep maoists out of the power structure. One of the reasons for the break up was the alleged tilt of the maoists towards china.

    And then you land up with this kind of juvenile, but extremely counter productive reporting.

    Had been thinking ki in saale tv waalon ko danda maarna chahiye! But your post shows that sections of the print media are no better


  3. Thank you for this. I too have been noting with utter dismay this increasingly accepted style of reportage – to simply spend an hour drinking tea and taking notes at your local police station, or attend their press conference. One particularly absurd instance of the reporter following the police lead in shifting the burden of guilt on to the actual victim was in the recent Indian Express report of a Delhi University female student who was ‘found dead under mysterious circumstances’. The reporter, going along merrily with the Delhi Police’s line of thinking, states that police are following the clues recovered from the room the girl was found in, and concludes that she may have been involved in a party, since in the room were found…hold your breath…cigarettes, alcohol bottles, and a sofa set. A SOFA SET!! What was the girl thinking?? Surely (so the line of reasoning went – for the police as for the reporter) she was asking for trouble. She was (the subtext read) practically begging to be murdered, surrounding herself with cigarettes, alcohol and sofa sets…
    In a world of one-second attention spans, repetitive, hypnotic half-truths, and breathtaking violence and prejudice, one report like this is all it takes to etch a community’s guilt in the minds of the average newspaper consumer. Although I hate to take recourse to the law for everything, we should really be demanding some kind of national law on news reportage practices.


  4. If the story from the police side is true, it is indeed a commendable job by them. All those out there who hate the mainstream media, may pls remember the 70’s naxel movement in the state and the crimes they commited.
    And the current maoist violence in the NE.

    It is always the right thing to nip such movements in the bud before it growes to extreme levels and challenge the authority of the State or disrupt peace in the society.

    If the Police of Bihar, Jharkhand, MP etc. were so provactive, the current naxal menace there wouldn’t have occured….

    Anyone who understads the basic of political science would know that a State must act tough on those who preach for disharmoney and challenge its existence…

    And lastly, our friend Mr Kumarpushp seems to be a muslim jehadist disguised in a hindu name.


    1. Dear Raj,you hindus are dreaming for jehadi even in day time why you hindus are not nipping the buds of RSSABVP<RAMsena.


    2. dear raj ,dalits always attacked hindus from front not behind like your god Rama and Vishnu.I need not to change my religion .dalits are born buddhist.Dr ambedkar had stand on your RSS chest during Dharma parivatan divas when he said ,I was born as hindus which was not my hand but I would not die as hindu which is my hand and he had given 22 vows and we following these vows dear raj.you hindus are wearing half khaki pants and having half brain also.you go and drink Cow urine cola and be happy,which is being sold from RSS shops in india.


  5. I hold no brief for police or for such one sided reporting.There are dalit organizations that preach
    hatred against hinduism, hindus and against India as a nation. There are many groups which seek ‘liberation’ from Hindusim through promoting conversion. Some of the so called research work on dalits is funded by christian churches and other bodies funded primarily through the chruches’ sponsored NGOs. Chruch in Tamilnadu even sponsored a dalit movement through the seminary in madurai.It was called Dalit Liberation Movement.
    A tamil monthly called Dalit Murasu is anti-India and anti-Hindu and pro islam/muslim. They will
    not write a single sentence against Pakistan and
    will write that conversion to non-hindu faith is an option for dalits.Some of the ‘intellectuals’ in Tamil nadu have been writing in it and/or supporting it (e.g. S.V.Rajadurai, V.Geeta,
    A.Marx).Perhaps there is something common
    in this- they are also staunch supporters of Periyars ideas and spread hatred against a section of the hindus, following the foot steps
    of Periyar. State is bound to take note of these
    groups and take action if they violate the law.
    The nexus between chruch,islamist groups,
    some of the dalit groups and other anti-hindu,
    anti-india groups cannot be ignored.


    1. Dear Tamil,175 million dalits are living in india in hell,this is duty of people from world to librate the dalits from dalit holocaust in india .you should be happy that dalits are not taking arms to get justice.dalits had never attacked from behind .Buddha had fought with hindus with open arms,then come to Ravi dass who had said I am looking for that Rama who was not son of dasrath, then come to dr ambedkar who had converted to Buddhism with one million people in Nagpur,which is known as karma bhumi of RSS.Udit Raj had converted to buddhism in delhi with one lakh followers and now Mayawati is giving two fingers to Hindu led forces in india.dalits are not coward and they will never ever attacked from behind and not like your god Rama who had killed poor shambukha who wanted to study their vedas.In india 175 million dalits are ready to get librated from dalit holocaust.Dalits ,muslims and christians are blood brothers dear tamils.


  6. I am very happy for you, Raj and Tamil. It must be nice to live in a world of such certainty, to never entertain any doubts that things may not be as they seem, to place one’s full faith in the mainstream, in the State, in every ‘truth’ upheld by newspapers and the police, to know a priori that any order is better than the potential disorder caused by critical thinking, to inhabit a society in which the order seems to be clearly on your side…good for you!!!
    But why are you wasting your time with us doubters and naysayers? Why don’t you enjoy the just and noble order created for you by the just and noble Indian (Hindu) State? I guess we aren’t letting you enjoy it, right, with all our conspiracy theories about the mainstream…I feel genuinely sorry for you guys. Must be tough. You have the State, the ancient caste system, the police, the paramilitary forces, newspapers, television and even most cinema on your side, and yet your fun can be spoiled by us party poopers. Don’t worry, I am sure a day will come when even websites like Kafila will be banned, because we seem to be rather anti-mainstream ourselves. (Some of us even party with cigarettes, alcohol and sofa sets sometimes, when we are really happy). The government may even decide as they did in Nazi Germany, that all books and authors from around the world that question the mainstream should be publicly burned. Then, Raj and Tamil, you can fall over each other in pure happiness…


    1. Dear Sunalini,

      I am surprised by your arguemets agains tthe state and the mainstreme. You are a much harder extremist person than I thought. Hence I would like to leave that subject aside for I think it is not a good idea to argue with someone like you.

      You are entitled to place your arguments but you may please avoid prejudistic statments about others,like describing every one who oppse your view as mainstream Hindu etc.

      I am no Hindu fanatic, or ‘manstream lier’. Instead I am just anonther
      individual who believes in the goodness of Hinduism, and love all other religions of this world, and loves my country more than my caste and religion. For, you need a peaceful, democratic and united country, even to express your view points like you do here in this forum. So I am nationalist.

      I do wish that there will be a day when the caste system is competely erased form our society. But I also understand that no goverment or individual has the magical power to abolish a system which has been in existence for thousands of years. Instead of spreading hatred in society every one should focus on giving some educatin to those who need upliftment.

      But I am happy that things are definitely improving, though slowly. The India of 1920’s is not the India of today. There have been much torture of dalits those days. But many places in the country has grown up a lot, like kerala where if a dalit marries a brahmin, nobody will come and shoot you. I am a person who would like to appreciate these improvements, rather than finding fault with everything and help grow negative ideas in the mind and spread it outside.

      “Some of us even party with cigarettes, alcohol and sofa sets sometimes, when we are really happy”

      It is good to hear this. I also like to party and love others who do, and with all those items you described above, not only when I am happy but in other moods too !

      While you attack my views , it is interesting to note your complete silence on some of your supporters, who are using abusive and indecent language here. Is it because of this quality such people are still identified on the basis of their caste?? I wonder….


  7. Raj and Tamil – from your comments I have compiled a preliminary list of anti-nationals: Naxals, the North-East, Muslims, Dalits, Churches, Tamils.
    Now, the North-East, Muslims, Dalits and Churches/Christians pose no problem from the point of view of your state – just pick up and arrest them all.
    But it is not always immediately obvious who is a Naxal or which Tamil is anti-national, so then the safest thing to do again is pick up all Tamils and all villagers in the region where Naxalites operate.
    (I hope Tamil, your name here is fictitious – but you should be careful. kafila may be under watch for its anti-mainstream propaganda, and what if you are traced by the vigilant state and have to somehow prove under torture that you are one of the “other” nation-loving Tamils? Of course, you would appreciate the good job the state is doing, but still…)
    For the next round, I was wondering what your opinion is of the patriotism of the following: the Narmada Bachao Andolan and the anti-SEZ movements all over the country.
    Once these have been cleaned up too, the Nation will consist of Raj and maybe Tamil if he has been able to prove his nationalism.
    I’d like to live there myself.


    1. Nivedita,

      Your prejudistic description of my opposition to naxal violence as a total hate towards Muslims and others is in poor taste. I would rather call it as an attempt to try and win arguements over someone when you do not have any valid points to counter their views.

      I am sure that the Maoists, who are getting arms and funds from neighbouring countries and engage in killings and arson in India, deserve nothing but total elimination.And I believe that the nation will succedd in destryoing them soon.

      Well, I don’t know about he NE Muslims, but I do understand that some of those who have illegaly imigrated this country are indulging in anti-national activities with the help of some terrorist organizations ( you remember them hoisting a pakistani flag at a place in Assam some time ago ?).

      Or is that too another lie by your enemies, the mainstream media ?


    2. Here is some latest ‘lies’ by the mainstreme media for you and Sunalini

      1) Kerala Rights Group Under Police Scanner after Murder (T.K. Devasia), KhaleejTimes.

      29 September 2009 TRIVANDRUM — The Kerala police have put a human rights body under scanner following the arrest of two of its activists in connection with the murder of a man at Varkala near here last week.

      Shiva Prasad (68) was attacked by three people with a sharp knife while on a morning walk. Soon after the crime, a person identifying himself as the representative of Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM) called the Varkala police station and claimed responsibility for the murder.
      The man had claimed that the murder was committed to show the organisation’s strength, police said. K. Dasan and Asokan, who were later arrested by the police in connection with the murder, were key players of DHRM.
      The intelligence wing of the state police is looking whether the movement had any links with Maoist outfits outside the state and if its cadres had been given any kind of arms training, the official said.

      2) Asianet News:Thiruvananthapuram, Tuesday, September 29, 2009: The police team today took custody of fourteen Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM) activists including four women from Palathara near Varkala for further investigations.

      The activists were arrested while they were traveling by bus. Police said, the activists were in their uniforms and were heading to a protest march.

      Earlier, the police had arrested thirteen people including K Dasan and Asokan, prominent leaders of the Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM), in connection with the murder of Sivaprasad, 68, and the attempted murder of a roadside vendor on the Varkala-Ayiroor road in the rural police district.

      3) The Kerala police on Sunday arrested two activists of the Dalit Human Rights Organisation (DHRM), an obscure Dalit extremist outfit, in connection with a murder at Varkala in the district last week. Police sources confirmed that the crime was meant to demonstrate the militant nature of the organisation as Shivaprasad was hacked to death on Wednesday while he was on his morning walk.

      The arrested DHRM leaders were involved in the conspiracy behind the attack while the three-member team which murdered Shivaprasad was still absconding.
      The probe was still on to ascertain the alleged external links of the DHRM, which, according to the police, has been present in Dalit pockets across the state, particularly in south Kerala. Its clandestine operation remained unbeknown to the law enforcing agencies only because the activists were not thus far reportedly involved in any crimes. However, against the backdrop of the Varkala murder, the police are re-looking into similar mysterious criminal activities or attacks which remain unsolved.


  8. thanks for this piece. i have been noting how in stark contrast to the positive adverbs used for police sources, complaints of sexual abuse, particularly rape, always are prefaced with the word ‘allegedly’ in italics. and the word is used every time the abuse is mentioned in the report. this is a constant feature in the city news papers where most such crime, unless high profile, is reported.

    also, been wondering what happened to the two young boys who were caught for surely, not allegedly’, throwing stones at the shatabdi express carrying rahul gandhi. the police were sure it was just those two boys who threw the stones as they surely ‘confessed’.


  9. Raj,
    You have simply proved my point – all three “news” reports you give us of the supposed Dalit terror outfit are based on police hand-outs. Can you see even one other source in any of them other than “police say that”? Every report is obviously based on the same police press conference or press release. Why didn’t a single reporter go the village concerned, interview people living there, give us any information about the Dalit Human Rights Movement – the basic things one would expect a “news” paper to do?
    But the fact that you can just send us more accounts of the same thing as “proof” of something (I am not even sure what you think it proves, actually) shows how the magic of the media works. This is how the mainstream media hypnotizes its willing readership – it was in the paper, it was in six papers, so it must be true.
    Switch on your mind when you read the papers, you’ll find interesting stuff going on.
    Just for the record – it is entirely possible that a Dalit group has come into being whose agenda is violent retribution for the all-pervasive, daily, ubiquitous anti-Dalit violence by upper-castes, which never finds justice or even public acknowledgement, let alone recognition by the state. If this is the case, I have two questions: First, why is the media not giving us further information about it rather than merely quoting the police?
    Second, How come it took so long for such a group to come into being?!


    1. Novedita, I wanted to reply in length to your questions but chose not to do it, why?

      I am shocked by your conspicuous silence about the derogatory comments made by one of your supporters here ( though I hate to name him)

      I read your comments advising Mr Tamil about the watchful eyes of the state agencies, but you should have rather advised your supporter Kumarpushp on this, for he is in much danger of being tortured by the agencies for his anti- national, anti-religious and anti-secular commets.

      Good luck with your fanatic supporters….!

      Now, copying your own word form the prevous comments:
      “Just for the record – it is entirely possible that a Dalit group has come into being whose agenda is violent retribution for the all-pervasive, daily, ubiquitous anti-Dalit violence by upper-castes, which never finds justice or even public acknowledgement, let alone recognition by the state. If this is the case, I have two questions: First, why is the media not giving us further information about it rather than merely quoting the police?
      Second, How come it took so long for such a group to come into being?!

      I dont have to answer any of your questions here, for you are trying to vindicate the extremists by saying that they have every right to retalliate for the actions of some of the upper cast people in some other parts the country, by killing an innocent man.

      Explain to me what anti- Dalit action the poor man, who got killed during a morning walk in the peaceful town of Cherthala had been indulging in ?
      And you must be knowing that the Kerala Police ( though I have a lot of objections to their way of functioning under the current administration), have brought to justice many rapists and criminials and got them punished by courts here. Do you want to distrust them on this too and argue that all the punished criminals are victims of police brutality ????

      I request you to read, all possible Malayalam websites ( if you could read the language) and you will find almost 90 % of them supporting my argument here. I did’t copy all those news here for I am not interested in filling pages.


  10. Dear raj,Why DHRM will kill the innocent person on road side ,I think ,it goes against the human psychology.If DHRM wanted to show their presence then they would have done different way where more hindus would have been killed.what police had said is untrue and against the human psychology.I would like to tell you about hindus and their hindu led government in India,1982 ,kanshi ram had invited a ex Ambedkarite MP to inaugrate one of office in delhi ,just two hour before inaugration DCP came to that MP and told that Kanshi ram is a CIA agent and we are going to arrest him ,which was untrue and now you can see dalits are ready to bamboo congress first then other hindu organisation.Justice delay means justice denied.dalits donot want to stay in hindu fold any more.Muslims,christians,buddhist <sikhs are blood brothers.we will be get justice in one day then we will give you back with intrest dear Raj.we donot trust hindus and their medias.


  11. Dear Kumarpushp….congratulations for the sustained struggle and arguments in defence of dalits….this site kafila and the writers here are all upper castes except for you, ranu radha and Dr CB Prasad. They will never except or understand our arguments because they have not experienced the humiliation and insults that dalits have faced. They are seudo-intellectuals and activists who benefit by talking on behalf of dalits from NGOs and forigen donor. thanks for your stuggle


    1. Dear XYZ,Every 6 hour ,one dalit woman is being raped by hindus and every 12 hour ,one dali man is being killed by hindus still hindus are thinking that dalits should not comment on crimes against the dalits.since 1947 about one million dalits killed by hindus.as for as raj is concerned that dalits donot believe that India is a nation .dalits are seprate nation without land, day will come when dalits will stay in their own county away from barbaric hindus .


  12. XYZ, some of us authors have been fighting a long battle with blatantly upper caste commentators like Raj – so while I fully defend your right to say that upper castes don’t understand the humiliation dalits in this country have faced for centuries, I do hope you will target some of your ire towards the commentators too! It is absolutely true that the humiliation of a dalit (or a woman for that matter) is something only personal experience can fully capture, but don’t you think that those upper castes and men who have seen the horror of the caste system and of patriarchy respectively, should be given a chance to stop participating in these structures of oppression? It hurts me a little to hear that the best I can be if I am upper caste is pseudo-intellectual. In that case, if you are a man, you can never be a feminist…and I disagree. If you disagree with Kafila’s caste position, please engage with us, and tell us why.
    As for Raj, what can I say except to repeat my congratulations on your world of certainties, and to re-invite you to stop wasting your time with us feminist/seditionist/anti-mainstreamist/jealous/empty-headed/conspiracy theorist/communalist(!)/anti-nationalists…agar hum itne hi gaye guzre hain, kyun apna samay barbaad kar rahe ho dost?


  13. Oh by the way, Raj the reason I am calling you upper caste (although you will assume its because I have some shady agenda and I am much more ‘harder’ extremist than you thought) is because the only way you can survive in this country where anti-dalit atrocities are commonplace, is to be blind to the way in which the ‘Nation’ and the ‘Mainstream’ are constituted almost entirely by upper caste men/women/ideas/practices. This goes for the police, the bureaucracy, the army, the private sector….and you, may I remind us all, defend the mainstream repeatedly. Caste violence is not committed by a few uneducated, violent, psychopathic individuals…it is routine in this country, one of the systems that structures social relations in every single aspect of life, rural or urban. Caste is an ancient system, but that doesn’t mean that like some old wound in the body, it will disappear gradually on its own. There are millions of instances when old systems of oppression have modernised themselves, and come back with renewed force. Caste in India is alive and kicking (literally, unfortunately, as far as the lower castes are concerned). Your lack of knowledge in this matter shocks me. So when you say caste will disappear when some people who need upliftment are educated (what a condescending statement!), I would say, lets start with you.


  14. EDUCATION alone won’t prevent Casteism.

    I have seen Upper Caste parents in India intrinsically brainwashing their children to coerce other kids as per Caste hierarchies.

    Hence there are 3 solutions for Dalits

    1. Licensed Pistols for all Educated and Responsible Dalit Youth.
    2. Wait till 85% of marriages are Inter-Caste.
    3. Separate statehood for e.g Israel for Jews


    1. @ Police Officer

      Why do you like to give disproportionate weightage for education, when it comes to dalits being given licensed pistols?
      Anyway, violent caste wars need not necessarily be the solution as you seem to suggest. Besides, you seem to suggest that the situation has already become lawless and the pistols in the hands of the law enforcing agencies are not available for the prevention of lynching of dalits ( Jhajjar, Khairlanji, Tsundur and many other incidents already seem to suggest that and you are not making any new suggestion, that way)
      Will it not be a plea in favour of shirking the responsibility of the agency of police?
      Why should there be law then?
      Why should the police be armed then, if they don’t want to use them as and when necessitated by the law?
      Are the use of pistols by police reserved for giving protection to the perpetrators of caste crimes?
      Remember that 400 plus policemen were watching as mute spectators when five dalits were lynched in Jhajjar (Haryana)


    2. Dear Police Officer,inter caste marriege would not solve the dalit problems.Once dalits will convert Buddhism then they will open their eyes.one should not forget 22 vows of Dr Ambedkar .In india ,hindus and their hindu led government is spreading hinduism and making dalit fools.Dalits are wasting their time and mony by celebrating hindu festivals which never stopped .


  15. @ Nidevita Menon,
    In deep appreciation for your beautifully worded post, I was tempted to carry this to certain other forums, though not yet certain if that would be proper to keeping the ethics of Kafila.
    (Plz give me a word for future guideline on this)


  16. This should be seen in contrast with another murder that happened in Kerala about a month back — of a person from a well-known business family.

    The mainstream newspapers completely rejected the Police version of the story as ‘made up’ and they ran their own version of the story as a major front page crime thriller (till now). They said the Police version was manufactured by the Home minister who was directly involved in the murder.

    When it comes to accusing the Dalit Human Rights Movement, the ‘Police sources’ are the authority. No questions asked. Probably because this time it is not only in CPM’s interest, but it is also in the interest of the major media houses that the Dalit movements in Kerala be buried.

    See Indian Express news: Shadowy Kerala outfit preaches hate in Dalit ghettos.


  17. In the intrests of Dalit revolution, Sunalini Kumar and Nivedita should join up with Dalit Voice as assissant editors to the revolutionary editor VT Rajshaker of Dalit Voice. VTR is himself not a dalit but an upper caste Bunt but he has done more to dalits than many dalits. Dalits are ever indebted to VTR’s contribution. Now that our Bante VTR is getting old he needs young hands to carry on the revolutionary momentum set up by Dalit Voice.
    Jai Bheem.


    1. VTR is not a upper caste ,he is a OBc who had converted to Buddhism and following Ambedkarite buddhim.VTR ued to wrte hi sir name as shetty .shetty and bants are same ,both are OBCs.


  18. Also, BTW the upper Caste Hindus are oppressors no doubt, they also have their equally evil Jewish cousins helping them out in every away. Some focus on the zionists will also complete the picture.


  19. Dear Venugopalan,
    All material on Kafila is there in the public domain and can be freely circulated. There is no copyright issue here. No other ethical issues as well. Yes, we would certainly like an acknowledgement of the source – that also helps us expand our community.


    1. Thanks, Aditya.
      I believe that the concerns raised here on many topics should go beyond the circuitous paths of debates between few people here,making more powerful impact on the spaces outside kafila as well.


  20. A correction in my earlier comment @Police Officer:

    The sentence “Remember that 400 plus policemen were watching as mute spectators when five dalits were lynched in Jhajjar (Haryana)” may kindly be read corrected as
    “.. that the police were watching as mute spectators when four dalits were being lynched by 400 plus Upper Caste mob in Jhajjar (Haryana)..”
    Apologies for possible factual errors caused by citing a press report from memory, and hope that my contention here will still be accepted as about repeated omissions on the part of police in booking cases/ taking legal action against the perpetrators of violence when it comes to cases of massive violence & atrocities against dalits.


    1. “Will it not be a plea in favour of shirking the responsibility of the agency of police?”

      And why all VIPs in India apply for ARMS LICENSE?


  21. Not necessarily because they don’t get due protection from the state machinery, rather than because they feel insecurity because of their own lawless activities to others.
    The case of dalits facing the orgy of mob violence by the UCs almost everywhere, is entirely different.


  22. Hindu led government should tell the people how many dalits and hindus are having arms in per thousand population then only you know who is oppresor of dalits.


  23. I also found the Kerala Police’s version about the ‘confession’ by DHRM about the Varkala murder to be completely illogical: the police claims that the accused killed this person to show the ‘strength’ of their organisation. If an organisation wants to show its strength, would it not make more sense to do something in broad daylight or ‘murder’ someone who has a history of oppressing Dalits. Why would an organisation wanting to show off its strength murder an innocent man in the early morning, leaving no clues behind?
    If at all the murder was done by the DHRM, why did it target this particular person? Shouldn’t a responsible newspaper look into the dead man’s antecedents and find out if he’s all that ‘innocent’? and why this sudden trust for police ‘sources’ when we did not see any such trust from the media when a certain businessman was killed?


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