Birthday Wishes from the Hindustan Times

The Hindustan Times marked Rahul Gandhi’s fortieth birthday by tell us 40 things we “may” not know about “India’s most eligible bachelor”.

Nothing surprising about this. Why, don’t you remember how they told you 54 things about you didn’t know about Mayawati on Mayawati’s 54th birthday six months ago?

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15 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes from the Hindustan Times”

  1. I sometimes wonder though, about how things would have turned out if Rahul had not been an extremely photogenic material? Or if Mayawati had the looks of say Rekha (who is about two years older). Would the media have cared how she amassed her obscene wealth. By a matter of coincidence or genetics, the Gandhi family has had a line of really photogenic faces. How would things have turned out if they were all really bad press?

    Sometimes reasons might not be entirely political. The media has too many weaknesses – physical appearance, money, power etc. etc.


    1. So-called mainstream media is gutter media,and so-called national papers are national toilet papers.What we can expect from them?Rahul,Mayawati’s birthday bashes.Salman Khan threatens Vivek Oberoi,HT’s Lucknow edition headline.TOI publishes plethora of lies.
      I have stopped reading these newspapers;don’t watch TV because of Burkha Dutt and Arurab Goswami.Aren’t both intolerable?


  2. This thought comes to you only sometimes?

    Ok, so why don;t they do similar features on various other good looking photogenic babalog politicians, even Congress ones?


  3. Don’t they? Haven’t you seen any media coverage on Naveen Jindal, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora or even Akhilesh Yadav (even his wife was featured in a Tehelka article recently). How many of those coverage was because of the great work that they have done. Of course, with regards to the power component, they rank lower than the Gandhi family. So proportionately they get lower weightage.

    Of course, I agree with you on one thing, giving weightage to power while covering individuals does seem to appear like a form of sycophancy.


  4. Begin Rant –
    What if?
    What if Sanjay Gandhi had decided that sterilization would be a wonderful idea to try at home? What if he had sterilized himself and his brother over 40 years ago?
    – End Rant


  5. On a lighter note, I am not sure calling Mayawati, eligible bachelorette would have gone down well with the BSP leadership


  6. Actually, the NDTV Puppet thing absolutely skewers him with the Rahul Baba puppet who runs to Mummy for everything :-)


  7. I am all for calling Mayawati an eligible bachelorette. Lets do it, regardless of the what the BSP leadership is likely to think :)


    1. Mayawati married to dalit pride and hopefully she will convert the 165 million dalits to buddhism in coming year.


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