“Caste census will increase incidence of Japanese encephalitis”: Sociologist

Just four years ago, during “Mandal II”, everyone opposing the extension of OBC reservations to central educational institutions were saying we don’t even know how many OBCs there are. Now, when there is a proposal to count the OBCs, these voices are not to be heard. Just like “Mandal II”, a new term, “caste census” has been invented, as if the census already does not count the Scheduled Castes. The term “caste census” is used repeatedly in a way that suggests that a secular, progressive pro-development exercise is being sullied, polluted, by this monster of caste because of those uncouth cow belt politicians. Chee chee!

Obfuscation and intellectual dishonesty are in order. So, a lot of bullshit is being written about “caste census” to prevent us from knowing just how many of us are OBCs, to prevent the Other Backward Classes from entering the privileged spaces of the upper castes. This one takes the cake:

Since the SC, ST and OBC lists are comprised of numerous endogamous castes and tribes, any support for continuing these lists amounts to supporting endogamous marriage. A census based on caste also does the same. Both go against the individual’s freedom in choice of spouse for marriage. [Don’t waste your time reading the rest!]

He might as well say “caste census” will increase the incidence of Japanese Encephalitis. He might as well claim “caste census” will prevent pigs from flying, or that “caste census” will increase male pattern balding, or that it will make us all alcoholics, or that it will result in damaging to morale of the Indian football team in the ongoing World Cup.

Does he know Ambedkar married a Brahmin? Does he understand that people get caste certificates based on the caste of their fathers? Is he trying to tell us that the Indian judiciary prohibits inter-caste marriage to those who tell the census of India their caste? Is he trying to tell us that reservations and “caste census” and such measures as amounting to the state’s recognitition of caste disadvantages, result in these groups choosing not to marry outside caste? Then how do you explain upper castes advertising in matrimonials for spouses of their own castes?

Given that the census already counts SCs and STs, has he done a study on the impact of the census enumeration of Scheduled Castes on endogamy amongst them? Has he, for that matter, done a study on the impact of lack of reservations for upper castes on inter-caste marriage amongst upper castes? Or has someone else done these studies that he can cite?

Or what?

3 thoughts on ““Caste census will increase incidence of Japanese encephalitis”: Sociologist”

  1. Please, who is the sociologist arguing that supporting these lists is tantamount to supporting endogamous marriage, and also the details of the publication you have quoted from.

    Anil Sharma


  2. It is remarkable, that all those who claim that a “caste census” would dilute “Brand Equity India” and that increasing awareness of caste would lead to greater strife in the rural hinterland
    ( which i persume would result in diverting the attention of our hard working peasantry away from their national duty of giving a filip to the GDP) are totally silent on the ugly face of Khap Panchayats, one of the most horrible manifestation of caste oppression.

    Is it that only the upper and dominant castes have the right to assert their caste identity and the others don’t deserve to be even counted.


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