Volunteers needed to transcribe all 104 Radia tapes

See Reading Radia

As you know, Open and Outlook magazines have put out legally taped telephone conversations of several people with lobbyist Niira Radia. Open put out only a few audios, and transcribed them all, where as Outlook put out a somewhat different set. However, Outlook was kind enough to put out all the audios they had on their website. There’s a lot of muck in there, and it’s not just about Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi, it’s not just about the 2G scam. It’s very crucial that we transcribe ALL these tapes so that the words are on Google, se we can access the content of all tapes more easily. The media should have done this by now but the media is silent to save the skin of their own. So we need to become the media, you and I. Just 15 minutes of your time needed. To volunteer, please leave a comment on any post which says a volunteer is required to transcribe this one.



58 thoughts on “Volunteers needed to transcribe all 104 Radia tapes”

  1. hey…iv been a regular reader and i really like the articles that are put up here…
    i’ll be glad if i can be of any help..


  2. Me too. I will transcribe into Marati.
    And me a Swadeshi Hindutva person. Couldn’t help mentioning this.


    1. there are around 20 tapes already transcribed there, and all tapes are available on Outlook website. Feel free to translate into Marathi and post wherever you want.


  3. Send to Dalit voice ,we will do all and we will send to world medias about Hindu toilet papers and their Kargujari,people called as vibrant democracy but we called it vibrant corrupt country .


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