Big Media Anyone?

From an article I did for this morning’s Hindu:

DB Power is a subsidiary of DB Corp Ltd, a media conglomerate that owns four newspapers, including the Hindi Dainik Bhaskar and English DNA, that have a combined readership of 17.5 million readers, and the My FM radio station.

The company’s most recent project in Dharamjaigarh shall displace 524 families from six settlements to extract 2 million tonnes of coal every year to fuel a 1320 MW thermal power plant that shall be built in the adjoining district of Janjgir.

No prizes for guessing what the Dainik Bhaskar’s coverage was like:

Black diamond to give sparkle to Dharamjaigarh's destiny


Villagers take steps to support DB power


As it turns out:

On the day of the public hearing, villagers were united in their opposition to the plant. “Company officials have been intimidating the villagers and are pressuring us to give our land, and the police are refusing to register cases against the company,” said Adhir Majhi, a resident of Baisiya Colony who shall lose his land if the power is cleared.

It appears villagers don’t always believe what they read in the newspapers.

8 thoughts on “Big Media Anyone?”

  1. pathetic…..i extremely sorry that two years ago i endorsed this newspaper to some friends. the paper’s nature and behaviour is very near to one of english daily, which claim to be the largest readable newspaper…..i was used to be in Bhopal for my study from 2008-10, just behind our university, this one is located. their journalists act as ‘hooligans’ , keep reporters at bay, dishonor them and many more maladies. how this newspaper was mummed over extreme rightist wing of the state……endorsed their views. there was only satisfying feature were its editorial articles which were cosmopolitan in its nature…….
    i think it just a tableaux, the worst is yet to come….i have no any connection with this newspaper and no intention to malign its image. i watched its activities very closely. i spent my two years just 50 meters away from its office. some one claim number of newspaper houses indulged in land grabbing at press complex, bhopal, violating the norm and used it in their interest.
    thanx aman sethi. i think reading this news paper means endorsing a crime against humanity…again warm thanx for your daring act

  2. Good piece of investigation! Is there a regulatory body for the press ( Press Council of India?) and can a case be made out before the body of unethical reporting?

    1. in our side there is a figure of speech which translates “it is given in the news only”. It is used sarcastically as … Someone says something obviously false

      eg. boy says “Amma I did not eat the laddus all by myself” “Of course you didn’t. It is given in the newspaper that you didn’t”.

      “Babuji I really did not drink” “Of course you didn’t, it is given in the newspaper that you didn’t”

  3. In Rajasthan, you have choose from Dainik Bhaskar and Rajasthan Patrika. Any suggestions!!!:)

  4. Brilliant! Strange, how even when we know how these things work, it nevertheless surprises us every time we hear of instances like these. As a friend says, if we saw this in an agitprop play, we would certainly find it crude! Life is cruder than a crude agitprop play.

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