Gopal Das is free, Khaleel Chishty is not

Justice Markandey Katju, who has upon retirement just been appointed head of the Press Council of India, today addressed the media at his residence in Delhi. Towards the end of his speech, he said:

Before I conclude, I once again repeat my appeal to the Indian Government through the Prime Minister to release Dr Khaleel Chishty who is in Ajmer Jail. He is 80 years old and has not very long to live. He was an eminent virologist in Karachi Medical College and was a PhD from Edinburgh University. He is a heart patient and has many other ailments also. He is unable to walk. In the name of humanity I appeal to the Indian Government to release him and allow him to get back to home in Karachi to his wife and daughter who live there. The Pakistan Government honoured my appeal and released Gopal Das from a Pakistani jail. I am sad that the Indian Government has not yet honoured my appeal made several months ago to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Hon’ble Home Minister, and His Excellency the Governor of Rajasthan. In my opinion, the prestige of our country will be invreased if Dr. Chishty is released, whereas if he dies in jail, we will be disgraced.

Gopal Das, by Pakistani allegation and his own admission, was a Pakistani spy. Dr Chishty was just a man visiting relatives when a murder took place and he was falsely implicated. Rajasthan Governor Shivraj Patil’s refusal to sign a file and set Dr Chishty free is a matter of shame for humanity, for all of us, Indians and Pakistani.

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17 thoughts on “Gopal Das is free, Khaleel Chishty is not”

  1. One shitty argument I’ve heard over and over again in the context of Kasab. It costs money to keep him in Jail so hang him. Could we use the same logic in Chisty’s case – It costs money to keep him in jail so release him. Please.


  2. What a sad story. Poor old man. Someone should get a petition going, to Shri Shivraj Patil, the PM, HM and the President.


  3. rightly said but will it be heard .Its time for us to move on setting aside those days of enemity behind and show the world how great a nation is ours


  4. Depressed. Numb.

    Banging our heads on a wall called UPA2 who is deaf to all humane cry’s

    How do these ministers sleep well at night?!?


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