Shame on G.K. Pillai: Women demand an apology for his sexist comments


24 November 2011

Stung by the SIT report which concluded that Ishrat Jahan was executed in cold blood, former Union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai—hard-pressed to defend his affidavit to the Supreme Court that Ishrat was a Lashkar operative—has stooped to now slandering the girl’s personal life suggesting that her checking into different hotels with “another man” was definitely suspicious. Perhaps, Mr. Pillai wishes us to believe that all those young women who travel and work independently are ‘suspicious’ and could have terrorist links.

Pillai is no doubt aware that questions will be raised about his affidavit—and also all those journalists who were churning out whatever that was emanating from his office—and is now rushing to hide behind sexist insinuations.

Pillai knows well that with the killing of Ishrat and three others, the case is forever closed. No court is now going to try Ishrat for her alleged links with Laskhar. And that is precisely the convenience of encounter killings—the allegations can never be proven or disproven. Lashkar-e-Toiba’s hailing of Ishrat does not count for much. Organisations have been known to make grand claims for purposes of propaganda—Norway being a case in point.

We condemn Pillai’s insensitive sexist slandering of a girl who cannot defend herself, and demand an immediate apology.


Jyoti Punwani (Independent Journalist)
Githa Hariharan (writer)
Saba Dewan (independent filmmaker)
Sabeena Gadihoke (Associate Professor, Jamai Millia Islamia)
Prof. Janaki Rajan (Jamia Millia Islamia)
Prof. Anuradha Chenoy (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
Kavita Srivastava (PUCL)
Seema Mustafa (senior journalist)
Tahira Hasan (Tehrike Niswan)
Kavita Krishnan (AIPWA)
Rita Manchanda (activist)
Khaadeej Arif (journalist)
Shikha Sen (independent filmmaker)
Mansi Sharma (activist)
Seema Duhan (activist)
Mona Das (Satyawati College, University of Delhi)
Vani Subramanian, Satnam Kaur and Vinita (Saheli)
Manisha Sethi, Farah Farooqi, Azra Razak, Sanghamitra Misra and Ambarien Al Qadar (JTSA)

8 thoughts on “Shame on G.K. Pillai: Women demand an apology for his sexist comments”

  1. We do go by the court jouridistion that it was a fake encounter. But
    Please do refrain from patronisng the diseased, lets wait for the final report regarding the motive behind the Killing.
    Please dont cherry pick out of the total statments of pillai, he in addition asserts the following

    1. The phone calls made by Pranesh Pillai(Javed sheikh) to pakistan

    2. The statement provided by Pranesh Pillai’s sister before the Police that she have seen the two unidentified individuals with Pillai before also.

    3. The alleged contact made by Pillai with arms dealers in UP .

    4. Do understand the case of four youth from Kerala got eliminated in kashmir by security forces ,a case now being investigated by NIA. Even during that there was IB report of Pranesh coming in contact with LeT groups in Oman (statemnet by extradited activist from kerala Sarfraz Nawas)

  2. I agree entirely with the condemnation of Pillai’s remarks and join you in demanding an apology from him. I would like to express full solidarity with JTSA on this issue.

  3. The head stopped, now the tail. These IAS guys are strange creatures, who lose all self respect in a sick system. And to talk this way at this stage, even if to save himself from jail, is funny.

  4. I also join and condemn the remarks made by Pillai- this is usual patriarchal mode of defaming women

  5. In today’s world A bureaucrat particularly of countries like our is not expected to be rational and his/her job is just to defend the establishment. How can Mr.Pillai be any different?He knows Ishrat is dead and cant defend herself.

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