Harvard does the right thing: drops Subramanian Swamy

The Harvard Crimson reports:

Faculty members chose to remove two summer economics courses at the Summer School taught by Subramanian Swamy, a controversial Indian political figure. Over the summer, Swamy published an op-ed that advocated for the destruction of hundreds of Indian mosques and the disenfranchisement of non-Hindus in India.

Chief Information Officer for the University Anne H. Margulies concluded the meeting by updating faculty on the newly-created Harvard University Information Technology system and its future vision, which included greater collaboration with the library and further digital pedagogy. [Link]

Although DNA never apologised for publishing “How to wipe out Islamic terror,” Swamy’s hate-filled column, (and Kapil Sibal thinks Facebook will cause riots), Harvard University has done the right thing.

This should also serve as a reply to those who wrote in response to my post back then, that one should have ignored that article rather than respond to it :)

The Hindustan Times reports:

“The debate was, putting it simply, over whether Swamy’s views constituted political speech protected under the values of the freedom of speech that all academics hold dear, or whether they represented an incitement to violence,” said a senior professor in the university’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences who participated in the December 6 meeting. “And we concluded that it did incite violence.” [Link]

10 thoughts on “Harvard does the right thing: drops Subramanian Swamy”

  1. I guess DNA is right in protecting his freedom of speech which also means his right to offend, however he is liable to face action if it is deemed as offensive and he did face the action. DNA should not indulge in pre-censor irrespective of the person’s ideology and they did the right thing by not censoring it. Indians read that and refused to be provocated and ignored this. Much better thing to do that even Harvard.


    1. agreed. the ultimate answer to the article by subramanyam swami was people not choosing to believe in it. thats the way it should be.


  2. This is dreadful. The man will be here throughout the year now. I thought Harvard deserved him. Can we please send him to London? To the place Niall Ferguson vacated?


  3. The famous person had wanted to justify his stand. What he had contributed in the magazine and his teachings in the university the same. And as such his service should be retained by Harvard University. He had given his admirers an opportunity to judge him.


    1. Apology. The second sentence should be read as ” What he had contributed in the magazine and his teachings in the University are not the same”.


  4. To those Swamy haters, remember, it is because of him, for the first time in independent India, some corrupt ministers are behind the bars now. Give him some credit for putting the fear of God in the hearts of venal politicians.


  5. This is not the first time Swamy got the boot from universities. The highly rated IIT Delhi dropped not only Swamy but also his wife in 1976 or 1977. The glorious emergency days it was ! Jayaprakash Narayan was jailed. There was an arrest warrant for Swamy too but he fooled the state by slipping away. The conditions for the second emergency rule seems nearing with all the controversies. Let us see how it will go this time around !


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