Sepia Mutiny (2004-2012)

The great Indian American blog Sepia Mutiny is shutting shop.

I also truly feel that the mission of Sepia Mutiny is complete, especially for what I envisioned SM would be all about (other bloggers can share their view).  Back in 2004 there was very little brown representation in the media and very little “voice” representing us.  There was not a single loud speaker for the South Asian American community. Now there is quite a bit more and brown is everywhere.  There seems much less need for a “Mutiny” given our strides.  We were even invited to blog at the 2008 Democratic National Convention which was hard to imagine in 2004.  That is not to say we are anywhere near where we’d like to be, but a Mutiny should naturally give way to a more organized movement of some kind.  I believe SM did its job in sowing the seeds for that next chapter, whatever forms it now takes.

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They are right about much of the fun having gone away from blogging because Facebook and Twitter took over. Before Facebook and Twitter, in the brief golden era of blogging, we discovered interesting people on the internet through full-length articles, not 140 characters. Amongst my many happy discoveries back then was this group of desis at Sepia Mutiny. They wrote with such joie de vivre it was hard to tell they were on a mutinous mission. The pendoo that I am, I have never been to US, and it was great in those days to discover desis in a form other than the desi-visiting-des. And yet, sadly, Facebookism and Twitteritis took over and I confess not having read Sepia Mutiny for years.

I was once part of a sting operation where I had to write fake questions that Indian MPs were bribed to submit in Parliament. Here was one of my questions:

Is it true that while NRI firms such as India Uncut of USA, Sepia Mutiny of Britain and AnarCapLib of Netherlands have been allowed to invest in Indian SSIs, the reputed German investment firm Desipundit has been denied permission? If so, the reasons thereof? Is the Union Government of India planning to make automatic the long procedure of permission for SSIs to import new technologies such as Trackbacks, Pingbacks, Blogrolls, Splogs and Hitcounters?

I had not imagined how much joy this would bring to some bloggers in North Dakota :)

Sepia Mutiny, you will be missed.

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