Don’t let him drink water because then he’ll also want to go to the bathroom

Photo credit: Ishan Tankha

My name is… let that be. Maruti Suzuki is out to get me, not because I did anything but because they want to put virtually every worker in jail, even those who belonged to the third shift and were not even present when violence took place in the Manesar factory on 18 July. I was present there and will tell you what happened, but to understand it you will have to let me begin from the beginning. Read more…

2 thoughts on “Don’t let him drink water because then he’ll also want to go to the bathroom”

  1. A suggestion for the Kafila editors – this interview contains excellent information on what actually happened in Manesar, but because of the length of the interview, a lot of it is buried deep down where casual readers will miss it. It might be good if someone (I would do it myself but am in meetings for the next few days) could extract out the significant parts, especially about the latest clash, and put them in this Kafila post.

  2. The second half of the story, the one which deals with the violence in the Manesar plant, is obviously cooked up. Mr Avanish Kumar died because his legs were broken, because of which he could not escape the fire. The writer does not say who broke his leg. And the writer says, “meanwhile a short circuit started a fire”. What a coincidence! Why cant he say that the workers started the fire because they wanted to damage the CCTV recorders?

    Mr Shivam Vij Sir, you should have written at the end of your story that it is one-sided and a worker’s testimonial, instead of waiting for your readers to pick holes in the story. And you have asked the readers who do not agree, why do they believe Maruti’s version instead of your version. The answer is, your version goes against common sense. When the HR manager was assaulted and his leg was broken, your worker says he does not know how he died. We do not believe Maruti’s version, but then we can see there is a hole in your story also.

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