Allah Baksh, a people’s obituary: JKCCS

This release was put out yesterday by the


On 24 October 2012, the news of the death of former Deputy Inspector General [DIG] Allah Baksh broke out. Politicians, government officials, business groups, and certain elite sections of the Kashmir valley shamelessly competed with each other in offering condolences.

It is a shocking phenomenon which JKCCS condemns as Allah Baksh was notoriously known for his involvement in the 21 January 1990 Gaw Kadal massacre when he was the Deputy Superintendent of Police [DSP]. The Gaw Kadal massacre was one of the first massacres in the post-1990 armed conflict in which reportedly more than 50 civilians were killed. For this massacre an FIR was registered against the dead and surviving civilians [3/1990 Police Station Kralkhud] but no one was held accountable for the massacre itself.

No enquiry was conducted. Instead, Allah Baksh was mysteriously rewarded with the Director General of Police’s Commendation Medal, 1991, President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service, 1992, and by being promoted within a short period of time from DSP to DIG. Post retirement the benefits continued, for example with his appointment as a member of the Jammu and Kashmir State Public Service Commission. This encouraged many police officers towards killing for awards and rewards. A pattern of impunity and unaccountability was set, which led to scores of other massacres.

JKCCS considers Allah Baksh to be a person responsible for one of the most gruesome massacres in the last 22 years. Allah Baksh should have been subjected to a thorough investigation for his role in the massacre.

Allah Baksh will be remembered in the history of Kashmir as a killer.

Adv. Parvez Imroz

President, JKCCS

2 thoughts on “Allah Baksh, a people’s obituary: JKCCS”

  1. Allah Baksh belonged to the same ‘elite’ coterie of influential people who pawned their conscience for petty gains. No wonder the sec scandal tainted former JKB Chairman , M Y Khan and land grabber Minister Taj Mohiyuddin are his very close relatives.


  2. Whatever the deeds of a person, issuing this kind of a press release after the death clearly shows the mindset of people who have issued it.


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