Why I need feminism

Here’s wishing all men and women across borders and boundaries, in New Delhi and New Haven, Ranchi and Russia, Dublin and Damascus, Srinagar and Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Bermudas, a very happy International Women’s Day. These images are from the ‘I Need Feminism’ Campaign at the Lahore University of Management Sciences

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8 thoughts on “Why I need feminism”

  1. A few months back in a discussion, he said “feminism, socialism in short all these ism’s are theoretical concepts and need to stick to academia. In the “real world” things work according to social norms..I need to learn to live with this”. In fact most often I realize that friends around believe in this reality very strongly.

    We need Feminism not just as a theory but as a practice.

  2. I need feminism as I love life and all things beautiful. What is a world without women and men. What is life without the hushed silence and fights. What is life without those beautiful colours. What is life without celebrations.

  3. I need feminism, even in my more selfish moments (which I hope are few). Safe, happy, supported women keep men happy too! It really is win:win.

  4. I need feminism because although in 1947 my country got ‘freedom’ from oppression, more than half of the citizens are still waiting for that freedom to reach them. Till I live in an un-free un-just society, I need feminism to support my struggle to be an equal citizen of a free country.

  5. Hello, we organised a similar campaign in India in IGIT and Ambedkar University Delhi. Here are the photos of that campaign.

    Feminism in India Project organised a "I need Feminism" campaign on 15 April 2014, which is a public awareness campaign…

    Posted by Feminism in India on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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