Should Narendra Modi be India’s next Prime Minister?


Sheela Bhatt writes:

The language, phrases and symbols (comparing the Congress to termites) that he uses are an integral part of his politics. Take it or oppose him, he won’t change it. The editorial writers in newspapers may have an issue but his ‘catchment area’ absorbs it. He has a killer instinct. He has violent bug to identify his enemy early and go against him/her the whole hog.

Study closely what he has done in the last ten years in Gujarat. He blunted the growth of the Congress so successfully. The Gujarat assembly is almost a defunct body. Even the BJP MLAs do not know what’s happening in the assembly at most times.

Modi works closely with his core team consisting of managers, executives, IAS and IPS officers. He is extremely secretive. The Chief Minister’s Office in Gandhingar is the all powerful body that has been successful in achieving the targets set by Modi. IPS and IAS officers are pawns in his games and they deliver because their actual power remains more than the elected MLAs of ruling party.

The Gujarat cabinet is a rubber stamp. Most of his colleagues are no match for Modi and some are so subservient that it even irritates Modi sometimes. Since the last ten years he has been ruling without obstruction to his ‘not-so-refined’ style. [Rediff]

And here are some thoughts from Twitter.

29 thoughts on “Should Narendra Modi be India’s next Prime Minister?”

  1. Sheela Bhatt is absolutely right. If modi becomes the PM, that is the moment, India will cease to exist as a nation; that will spell the death of democracy, death of a human society, an ancient civilisation.
    Today, Gujarat is a numb, blind monolith. Any thinking human being can’t dare to live there. The only possible way to survive there is to nod your head like a bull.
    So answer to your question is obvious – should he become India’s PM? It is like asking, should India cease to exist!

  2. This is seriously bad stuff by Ma’am Sheela and Kafila… What about Sonia calling him “maut ka saudagar”? And for that matter even in the article Sheela ma’am is calling him ” violent bug”… If someone really wants to oppose him they should first talk sense… vague opposition is not gonna work against this man’s tide… Else you may just opt to go in hibernation for next 10 years… because he’s gonna be thr, right on your face…

    1. Clearly you don’t understand the English language. Bhatt doesn’t call Modi a “violent bug”; she meant something else. See if you can figure it out with your chicken brain what that sentence actually means. And write proper sentences, not the SMS language.

  3. The results from local body elections in several districts of Suvarna (golden) Karnataka yesterday (Monday, 11 March) might indicate that the ordinary people of India have a certain savvy and that Swarnim (golden) Gujarat’s having elected Modi thrice does NOT necessarily mean Modytoadies are going to have it their way come 2014.
    A crucial difference between Germany and Italy of the 1930s and India is that we are split along caste, religion, language, region and racial lines.
    Vive la difference!

  4. ‘NaMo for Prime Minister’ unfolds a significantly acrimonious debate. My answer to the question of whether NaMo should become PM is an absolute NO. Especially when the credo of development that NaMo swears by is an utter farce.

    No doubt Gujarat is one of India’s most industrialized state and has been growing rapidly in the past few years, but it is also one of the most unequal states. His idea of development has only benefited the upper middle class and the super rich. Social indicators literally shame the state. The sex ratio is 918, compared to 940 for India, which is distressing for a ‘developed’ state. Only 2.4% women are employed in the formal sector, employment has remained stagnant since 2004-05 and there has been a significant decrease in employment in the public sector.

    Also, the BJP might not have a majority in parliament. But even if they do form a coalition, NaMo might not be able to replicate this ‘development’ on a national level due to issues arising from coalition politics ( TMC-Congress).

    1. Can you please elaborate the “sex ratio” point? “The sex ratio is 918, compared to 940 for India, which is distressing for a ‘developed’ state.”

  5. If people of India want a fascist as a PM then shame it would be. He will start building gas chambers and concentration camps for non Hindus as soon as he moves to Delhi.

    1. Current situation of the country is also the same. Your tax money and ur sisters and mothers are not safe. Your tax money and mp moves in a car. Your tax money and still u see terrorism. We need development brother. China might wage a war on us with pakistan and srilanka. with current defence we cant stop them. the country needs a lion like atal bihari vajpayee

        1. Shivam
          Actually Vajpayee did not say that Modi betrayed it , he said that Modi followed it. Check the video if that helps

  6. NO WAY!! humanity will cease. i hope not to see the day when india stands divided along all lines

  7. I don’t think anyone needs to stoop to “Argument ad Hitlerium” to criticize Modi. It is unfair to the man: notwithstanding his (still unproven, but very plausible) crimes, he clearly cannot be compared to a genocidal maniac like Hitler, and the only purpose it serves is to give Modi fanboys an opportunity to latch on to the exaggeration and claim that all critics of Modi are just argument-less fanatics who have to resort to such antics to criticize him.

  8. Not a Modi fan or even a supporter for that matter, but juxtaposing his name with Hitler’s pic seem to be going a little too far. This could be compared as the opposite end of the crap that MUFC sputter on twitter. We want proper debates and clearer information from the journalists and not the other end of the extreme view which moronic modi supporters have on facebook or twitter. I am ok if the journalists have bias, but please give us proper incidents with dates, places, details and why Modi is such a jerk and please don’t point to Gujarat riots each time we ask for it. We have read enough about it. There has been 10 years of his rule apart from the riots. Give us reasons to distrust modi. Compare him with the current government, give us the pro and con of each sides. Why should we endure the corruption of the current government over Modi or why should we give a chance to Aravind Kejriwal instead of Rahul Gandhi. Please give us more information than this kind of superficial crap which we see everyday in facebook or twitter.

      1. Thanks for the link, that article makes sense and is good, informatory and helpful for a free thinker to decide, though might be a bit too emotional for a serious site. But really informative and useful for free thinkers to make a decision. The spite in your comment above is almost equivalent to the spite I get when I talk negative of Modi in front of a Modi fan.

  9. Hardhik

    It is going to take much more than initiatives that have reduced development to mere economic and infrastructural reforms to save your ‘mothers and sisters.’

    Also, kindly refrain from seeing women in these consanguineous gender roles. It is contentious.

    1. @ gayatri

      We need to have reform thinking within ourselves. We also need to take intiatives to improve every aspect of the country. Well I consider women equal to men in every aspect. Our group is constantly working on making enviorment safe for women. I just meant to say that even after paying taxes it’s our money which is been misused. This money could have been used to provide more security to women. That was my key point.

  10. No love for Modi nor for Sonia…but where is the alternative ? Give something substantial worthwhile and useful….Anna Hazare raised expectations and then backed out….people are not there to support fasts everytime….they need redressal….Its sad, all these stray voices could not sound together…there is rebellion in air….it should not happen…detrimental…something be done before things go out of hands !

  11. It is premature to discuss the question.Why to waste your breath on it?There are so many much more important issues before the country at present.Let us wait for the bridge when it comes.Why to be so much impatient about it?

  12. when was india as nation born? what is india’s civilization? what was the postion of dalits and backward classes in that civilization? how is bjp different from congress? how is nehru is different from rajaji if modi is extreme version of rajaji?

    1. Unlike US/UK, Arab/Islamic nations are quick to realize Hinduism is nothing but covert mask for Casteism.

  13. Gujarat was never a poor state, was always prosperous due to a number of factors, sea trade, natural ports, strong tradition of business etc, that is the reason why it was always sought after even by the ancient and medieval empires. However, there is no denying the fact that he must have done some good work in the past 15 years, that the people of Gujarat have given him a mandate to rule. But if we talk about NaMo for PM, the first obvious hurdle is his now exposed for everyone who cares to see, ‘The Muslim Experiment’ – that is if he can win without appeasing the largest minority in the country, and if the numbers crunch in his favour, he might go for the kill again at the centre trying to replicate his social engineering at a pan-india level. I know these are serious allegations but not too far fetched,he is essentially an RSS product and the fact that he nurses a personal vile against muslims can not be ruled out absolutely, secondly, bettering an already prosperous state by a notch does not automatically qualifies one to repeat the same from 7, Racecourse road, if that was the only thing needed on a PM’s resume then Nitish Kumar has a much better report card as far as the percentage of change/growth vis-a-vis what it was goes, even Manohar Parikh has done wonderfully for Goa. In a nutshell, for the top job in the world’s largest democracy, it could be anyone but Modi.

  14. Why are we, as a nation, transfixed on “who” will become the next PM? Every party has a manifesto and in this age of coalition politics, it is the manifesto that (should) becomes the guiding force. So, the person who becomes the PM will be responsible for implementing the manifesto, whether it is Modi or Todi, that is (should be) immaterial. Let us focus on the manifesto. Please do not get drawn into this frenzy that is being created by the media. They have their TRPs to manage, at any cost. I would love to post this question to the Arnabs and the Rajdeeps of this world. Why do they not engage the intellegentsia of this country on the debate of which party has what to say as part of their manifesto? That would be a boring discussion, full of terminology drawn from economics, defense, technology etc. To participate, people will have to think about their priorities and then come up with concrete suggestions. That will certainly not help the TRPs. People – STOP, THINK and FORCE the media to initiate a more meaningful discussion.

  15. I agree. WHAT is more important than WHO. On present showing the WHAT delivered actually by one called ” Feku ” is better than one only promised by one called ” Pappu “. It remains to be seen if the majority of the rest of India thinks what most of Gujarat thinks. Maturity is not easy.

  16. if the throne of india is handed over to modi, this democratic nation is going to experience modi’s hindutva ideologies and the theory of sustainable developement will be iradicated from our society by the resting of power and wealth in few of his rich supporter’s hands which also results in creating a great difference between the haves and have nots

  17. “Namo” – the poor indians’ mantra has been looted. One shudders to chant the prayer. Just like paundraka who faked himself as krishna wearing His attires, the indians’ prayer ‘namo’ has been looted for impersonation. The true hindus cannot spare him.

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