Enough is enough: Anand Teltumbde

ANAND TELTUMBDE in The Hindu today


The tree in Katra Shahadatganj village (Badaun district) from which two young Dalit women, sisters, were found hanging after being gang-raped on May 27, 2014. Their bodies were found on May 28th.

The images of two innocent Dalit girls hanging from a tree in Katra village in Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh and a crowd of spectators looking bewildered at them best describes our national character. We can endure any amount of ignominy, can stand any level of injustice, and tolerate any kind of nonsense around us with equanimity. It is no use saying if those girls were our own daughters or our own sisters, we would still stare at them, bewildered and resigned like anyone in that crowd did. In just the past two months, while we as a country were busy playing fiddle to Narendra Modi and his promise of acche din, there have been a series of gory rapes and murders of Dalit teens across the country.

But beyond the residual anger, there is hardly any real concern for these atrocities. The rulers are not concerned, the media is hardly interested, and then there is indifference of the progressive lot and Dalits’ own frigidity towards them. It is shameful that we take the rape and murder of innocent Dalits as an adjunct of our social environment and forget about them.

10 thoughts on “Enough is enough: Anand Teltumbde”

  1. Kalpana Kannabiran in Deccan Chronicle:
    The aggravated sexual assault and brutal murder of two young dalit girls in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday fills us with anger, raging grief and a deep sense of failure. It is so easy to spirit girls away, like the two cousins were; so routine and everyday to torture them in unimaginable ways; and yet so easy to proclaim that India has moved beyond caste.

  2. Just a quick quibble with the intro to this. While the crowd may have looked somewhat bewildered, they were, as a whole, not. The picture was of a silent protest as the community was galvanized by this horrific act.

  3. 120 million dalits need separate county away from barbaric hindus where they can stay peacefully away rama and krishna land.

  4. i think we have to think of the sorry way the dalit leaders have allied with the BJP. There will be more of this and no one will do anything.

  5. Dear Dr. Menon,

    I am confused by the subtitle that says “rapes are not Manu ordained.” What does Mr. Teltumbde mean by this?

    1. In the passage that follows, Teltumbde is arguing that we need to see that these kinds of atrocities are contemporary and of our times, not some mythically ordained events. I understood him to be saying that harking back to Manu absolves present day leaders and “modern monsters” of their culpability in today’s violence against Dalits, as if some ancient code continues despite everybody’s best efforts to modernize. He wants us not to “bury our neck ostrich like into sands of mythic past and blind ourselves to our own times where contemporary castes have been constructed.” He clearly locates these atrocities of our times in a context of unbridled capitalism and capitalist transformations of agriculture.

    2. ALL hindu gods and godeses are carrying arms that why all killing done on dalits by hindus in name there hindu gods and godeses.120 million dalits have to carry arms to punish the hindus in same way what they are doing to dalits.

  6. Even if the ‘semi-proletariat’ was exclusively derived from exclusion of particular groups, it is not likely to remain so contained. Caste manifestations rear their head/s when the rhetoric against other groups/targets of hate loses steam. Wish the ‘left liberals’ can hang together

    1. 120 million dalits should buy arms to punish the hindus and there hindu led government in india.

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