Beware BJP’s Filthy Campaign and Desperate Bid to Steal the Elections!

Avam characters

As the AVAM drama unfolds and much more detective work remains to be done, some other disturbing news has also started trickling in. A journalist friend got a mail from an official yesterday, who confided to this journalist:

Dear Sir,
We would like to bring to your notice that our volunteer Mr. XYZ (name withheld for obvious reasons) has attended the preparation of Electronic Voting Machine on 31st January & 1st February and he noticed some discripencies in the EVMs of Booth No. 26, 47A, 75 & 87.
Whichever button he was pushing the vote was being casted in favour of BJP only.
However, after his objection the EVM machines were replaced.

We of course, do not know how many such machines there are.

Meanwhile, another friend – an academic – sent this mail, which tells us something of the sense he got from a tour around Delhi areas – along with his deep suspicion that once again, through some machinations, the elections may be stolen:

This is just to tell you that I accompanied two journalist friends to go on an election tour of Delhi (targetting trader bases with BJP support) and most of the people that we talked to openly supported AAP. Attitudes to Modi ranged from indifference to criticism for blabbering away and not doing anything to plain abuse. Many have started identifying the BJP as a “syndicate” party i.e. as a party of rich businessmen. Above all people think that the 49 day government was a period they felt empowered – and they compare it to the lack of any improvements under Modi for the last 8 months!

This still does not let me lose my belief in the worst: But it gives me a warm feeling when I keep my fingers crossed!

I have watched elections campaigns closely since 1971 and never have I seen such filth, dishonesty and plain lies being resorted to by persons no less than the prime minister and finance minister. What do they think we are? A bunch of morons, who would believe, for instance that hawala and black money comes in cheques and with PAN numbers? Essentially, what Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley are banking on – and so far it seems very correctly and confidently – a repeat of the carpet bombing indulged in by the media for the next three days so that no questions can be asked of them. One or two honourable exceptions apart, the media has carefully avoided asking any question about the so-called “exposure” of the funds received by AAP. After all, the most significant point here is the fact this so-called “exposure” has been made with information culled from the AAP website itself and while noisy TV anchors have lost no opportunity in grilling AAP representatives about their so-called misdemeanor not one has raised the most obvious question: That between 70-80 percent of the election funds of both the BJP and the Congress come from undisclosed or unknown sources. Here is what one report has to say:

While defaming the AAP, with the help of AVAM, what BJP – and the Congress too – betrays is its own immorality regarding money. About 75 percent of its funds come from unknown sources. Between 2004-5 and 2011, the BJP had received Rs 952.5 crore from unknown sources. Of course, the Congress was the king of this kind of money – Rs 1,951 crore.

The party that makes a virtue of the charges against the AAP of money laundering because some funds, as stated by the AAP itself, came from dubious sources, should also say that it doesn’t know the source of three-fourth of its donations. Obviously, nobody can vouch for their bonafides. Read the full report here.

Not one of the self-righteous anchors, shouting at the top of their voices, took this opportunity to raise questions that should have obviously cropped up in anybody’s mind, as they are arising in ordinary peoples’ minds. Consider this, for example, this from an article by Sandipan Sharma on Firstpost:

Media reports have pointed out that the four companies in question are bogus companies with fake addresses. But these companies did not come into existence overnight; they were there even before the birth of AAP. They have been in existence for a long time, have questionable sources of income and nobody knows who owns them.

If all this is true, our banking system and financial institutions have failed.

Isn’t it the duty of the registrar of companies to verify the address of a registered company? If it registers companies on the basis of a bogus address and it is allowed to exist for several years, obviously a lot of our hard earned money is being wasted on an incompetent department.

If somebody is operating a fake bank account, what happened to all the KYC norms that banks are supposed to comply with? If huge amounts of cash are being deposited in accounts and then being paid through cheques, what happened to the directive to banks to report all such transactions to the I-T department? If people are doing this with impunity, why is just the common man required to mention his PAN?

There are many bogus companies in India, most of them are fronts for politicians for routing their black money. Their directors are just dummies used by their paymasters to hide benaami deals.

So, the question is: whose front are these companies? Who are the paymasters? Do they have any vested interest and connection with others who are vying for power right now?

Meanwhile, questions have arisen also about who these people who claim to be AVAM are? One of them we know – but the media never mentions it – has recently joined the BJP. Is there a connection between this fact and others related to the so-called “exposure”? And one TV channel at least, had the guts to raise at least one of the most obvious questions. The AVAM representatives had apparently procured to undated and unnamed cheques from the same company/ies that contributed to AAP, in order to show how black money transactions can take place through cheques and paybacks. The point of course, is that is the addresses of the companies are fraudulent, how did these folk contact them and manage to get these cheques? And why did the companies, now apparently in the eye of the storm, oblige them? Is there something else going on here? Is there a connection between the BJP, the companies and AVAM that is being hidden by the mainstream media? Here is a screenshot from NDTVIndia:

Avam fraud

Meanwhile, a plausible explanation for what might have happened, from Mohan Guruswamy’s facebook post (via Mansi Sharma):

My information is that the midnight donations to AAP on April 5, 2014 were made by a business house at the behest of the Congress to stiffen up the AAPs campaign, under the notion that they will shave off BJP votes. I also understand that the same channel of front companies was used to fund the BJP, Congress and SP. I doubt if the government will seriously probe this lest it show up skeletons in its cupboard.


3 thoughts on “Beware BJP’s Filthy Campaign and Desperate Bid to Steal the Elections!”

  1. The title should have been “BJP’s desperate attempt to steal the elections – AGAIN”. Except that in the Lok Sabha elections, they managed to pull off the the theft.
    Their tactics are thoroughly transparent in Delhi, ranging from the Less Than Legal – cooked up charges of hawala money against AAP etc., to the Outright Illegal – tampering with EVMs and electoral rolls. But in the last elections, nobody was really prepared for the kinds of things these screen villains are capable of. Ask any journalist, ask anybody who was on the ground in Banaras – the mood was palpable. There was no way Kejriwal lost that election without large scale criminal intervention by the BJP backed by corporate money. Some stories have trickled out nevertheless:
    In this second case, the EC issued a “clarification” that it was just 6.47 lakh repeated names, not 3 lakh bogus names.. Now, as a commentator pointed out:
    “the process was to compare both the voter’s as well as his father’s name with other voters. This reduces the probability of merely duplicate voters. Also consider that 6.5 lakh duplicate names were found in a constituency with 17 lakh voters, how does that occur?”

    And in Gurgaon, where the INLD was in alliance with the BJP, The Indian Express reported:
    78 pc turnout, but few can show ink mark

    See also an eye witness account:

    Everybody in Delhi knows that AAP is in for a sweeping victory – unless the BJP pulls off another scandalous theft of the people’s mandate through the foulest means possible.


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