#SelfieWithDaughter – Ehsan Jafri and Nishrin Jafri Hussain


A picture that says more than a thousand words

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Read about Ehsan Jafri here.

Recently, under increasing pressure for the growing incidents of communally targeted violence by BJP and its allied Hindutva groups, the PM Narendra Modi met Muslim leaders and assured them he would be available to address their issues even “at 12 in the night.” In the face of this blatant hypocrisy we will remember that in Gujarat in 2002, Ehsan Jafri, his house filled with Muslims seeking shelter from the murderous mobs, made several desperate phone calls, including to Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat at the time, and he got no response but abuses.

The Special Investigation Committee investigating the Gulbarg Society massacre concluded laughably, as we know, that Jafri’s death was caused by his “provoking a violent mob”, and predictably gave Modi and the state authorities the proverbial “clean chit”.

Are there any limits to the shamelessness of this Prime Minister, this party, this government?

One thought on “#SelfieWithDaughter – Ehsan Jafri and Nishrin Jafri Hussain

  1. Nivedita Menon

    What I feel bad about is that Modi’s cynical appropriation of the “Selfie with Daughter” contest started by one village in Haryana has eclipsed an initiative that is actually quite creative and lovely – Bibipur Sarpanch Sunil Jaglan said he has already received over 100 entries since the contest was announced three days ago. “When we visit people’s houses in Haryana, we find there are fewer pictures of girls there. The aim of the contest is to ensure that girls get the importance they deserve in their houses and are not ignored,” he said.

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