4 thoughts on “Coming up! Must-have new products for women

  1. Sajan

    Ouch. I mean, ha ha. These are ads for Mumbai Police’s women’s safety helpline, 103.

    Nivedita has written elsewhere of the dainty Nirbheek revolver, specially designed to plug Indian molesters at close range. (You can buy one from the Field Gun Factory, Kanpur for Rs.87,120 to Rs.1,40,821, depending on the model).

    I ran a search for ‘women’s safety’ products on Amazon.in. They don’t sell revolvers yet, but they have a self-defense stun gun-cum-flashlight; several kinds of pepper sprays, including one called ‘Nirbhaya’; a Women Safety Angel Alarm Key Chain Pink Colour; spy cams and, presumably if all else fails, the Asics Women’s Mesh Running Shoes.

    Oh for Bagzilla.

    1. Nivedita Menon

      I did wonder if they were ads for Mumbai Police, or did the creating agency simply add the help-line number in their video, because at the end it says “Issued in the public interest by Eeksaurus’, not issued by Mumbai Police. If the latter, I can forgive Mumbai Police a limited number of their (doubtless) countless sins for somebody there having a sense of humour!

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