Kafila was hacked – but we’re back!

For the second time in two years, we were the target of  a malicious cyber attack.

We must be doing something right!

For ten years, since October 2006, Kafila has served as a forum or debate and dissent, and with the support of our readers, contributors and commentators, we hope to keep going.

Thank you to the group of superb experts (in the games people play in the cyber-universe), who were so prompt and generous with their time, enabling us to get back up and running.

Our new domain name is kafila (dot) online.

As Faiz said:

mata-e-lauh-o-qalam chhin gayi to kya gham hai

ki khoon-e-dil men dabo lee hain ungliyan maine

(So what if my slate and pencil have been snatched,

I have dipped my fingers in the blood of my heart)







5 thoughts on “Kafila was hacked – but we’re back!”

  1. Sir, what was the time of this cyber attack. We too had our website (www.awaam.net) down in afternoon till evening. Nothing was opening.


  2. What a relief!

    As Nida Fazli said:

    itna sach bol ke hothon ka tabassum na bujhe
    raushni khatm na kar aage andhera hoga

    I noticed “https” in the URL, so the site is hopefully more secure than before.


  3. and the next two lines are

    Zaban pe mohar lagi hai to kya, ke rakh di hai,
    har ek halqa-e-zanjeer mein zaban mein ne

    in a very rough translation

    so what if my lips have been sealed
    every link of the chains, that hold me, speaks


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