Inedible India on the NaMo App “Survey” on Demonetization

The PMO claimed that more than 93 per cent of the five lakh people who participated in a survey on Narendra Modi App have supported demonetization.

The loaded structure of the survey, the questions to which you can only “agree” or “partially agree”, with no option to “disagree”; all of it is typical of this utterly corrupt and dishonest government which holds the people of India in contempt.

The most powerful response to this government is to mock it.

Take this, Namo!

From Inedible India


5 thoughts on “Inedible India on the NaMo App “Survey” on Demonetization”

  1. This is a typical NaMo App,no space for dissent/disagreement and just five lakh fans of Modi today?His popularity has crashed among his own followers,isn’t it? NaMo would rather respect an ‘App’ than ‘democracy’,which sends representatives’ of the people to Parliament.This is the ‘App’ which any normal PM would use to gauge the mood and anger of the people but our dear PM who has used social media to ride to power has no patience for this .The faceless lot behind ‘apps’ emerge out of nowhere to protect our PM ,who seeks them out during ‘distress’,just as they battle it out for him under various guises,genders,religions,masks on twitter and facebook.Should we call them Modi’s Ninja’s?


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