JNU Faculty Stand With The Women Students Of SLS

We, the undersigned teachers of Jawaharlal Nehru University, are deeply distressed to read about extremely grave allegations of moral turpitude against Prof. Atul Johri, amounting to charges of sexual harassment, academic dishonesty, and financial misappropriation. We now hear that seven women have made police complaints. Coming on the heels of recent media stories that Prof. Johri was involved in the forgery of assent by leading scientists in a signature campaign, we are appalled by the university’s silence about an individual that it has vested with so many offices. Prof. Atul Johri is the Director of the University’s Internal Quality Assurance Cell, the Director of the Human Resource Development Cell, a warden, and the Vice-Chancellor’s favourite nominee on several committees.

We demand that Prof. Johri be immediately removed from all these positions, as the allegations against him bring great disrepute to the university. We expect the university to take all the requisite measures to investigate the charges that may be brought against Prof. Johri and to pursue them to their logical conclusion.

As faculty who have fought for and long supported the GSCASH, which this administration has shut down, we are distraught that complainants have had to take charges that should have been pursued within the institution to the police, because of a lack of faith in the university’s internal complaints committee nominated by the Vice Chancellor. We support the complainants’ exercise of their rights to approach the police, but rue the fact that the illegal and immoral dissolution of GSCASH has resulted in a situation in which no aggrieved person seems to have any faith in the delivery of justice within the institution on matters of sexual harassment. This is the second such case when allegations about sexual harassment have been filed under the IPC, because complainants do not have faith in the autonomy, impartiality, and commitment to complete confidentiality of the JNU ICC. We would like to emphasise the complainants’ rights to approach the police with their complaints must be respected and protected, and that the complainants must be given full protection against victimisation and full cooperation by the university authorities in pursuing their complaints. 

Ameet Parameswaran
Anamitra Roychowdhury
Anuradha Chenoy
Archana Prasad
Ayesha Kidwai
Babu Thaliath
Bishnupriya Dutt
C.P. Chandrasekhar
C. Usha
Chitra Harshvardhan
Chirashree Das Gupta
G. Arunima
Geeta Nambissan
Ghazala Jamil
Hemant Adlakha
Indrani Mukherji
Janaki Nair
Jayati Ghosh
Kali Chittibabu
Kaustav Banerjee
Avinash Kumar
Madhu Sahni
Mallarika Sinha Roy
Manidipa Sen
Manju Hara
Meenakshi Sundriyal
Mohan Rao
Mohinder Singh
Moushumi Basu
Navaneetha Mokkil
N.S. Roomi
Niraja Jayal
Nivedita Menon
Parnal Chirmuley

Pradeep Shinde
Pratiksha BAxi
Praveen Jha
Rajat Datta
Rama Baru
Raman Sinha
Ramila Bisht
Rekha Rajan
Riddhi Shah
Rohit Azad

Ravi Srivastava
S Prakash
Sabaree Mitra
Sachidanand Sinha
Satya Das

Shambhavi Prakash
Sharad Baviskar
Udaya Kumar
Urmimala Sarkar
Vikas Bajpai
Vikas Rawal
Vinay Kumar Ambedkar


3 thoughts on “JNU Faculty Stand With The Women Students Of SLS”

  1. I am not in India, but I want to support your actions to expose institutional collusion at JNU to hide sexual harassment charges. The only way in which a culture of predatory sexual behaviors can be stopped is by holding institutions one hundred percent responsible for systemic and structural accommodations of such behavior. In the US, where I live and teach, as you are aware, the whole country is ruled by a confirmed sexual predator, Donald Trump. Nothing sticks to him even when he is recorded on tape talking about “grabbing women’s pussies” because his base–the ultra conservative Christian far right– has his back. It is shameful. I wish you better success in India and at JNU. Thanks. Gayatri Devi https://redearth823708591.wordpress.com/

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  2. It is a shame that some learned professors and teachers are resorting to sexual abuse and harassment. Such predators have no place in higher educational institutions. They should not be allowed to continue as they are lowering the credibility of institution

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  3. I am pained to read that a professor of JNU has been charged by nine of his students of sexual harassment. I am aware that these girls are leveling their charges under IPC as they lost faith in the JNU administration’s ability to solve this issue on a much gentle manner.Give our sisters /daughters the right to point out the sexual harasser with dignity and to extend all possible cooperation under the legal frame work of the country.This professor should be suspended with immediate effect as not to provide any further opportunity to harass his students further.

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