Higher Education Commission of India Act – Send your responses NOW!

The Government of India has set up a draft proposal to repeal the UGC Act, scrapping the UGC as a regulatory body and establishing a new regulatory body called the Higher Education Commission of India (HECI).

Needless to say, such an act has far-reaching repercussions for higher education in India.

The Union HRD Minister, Sri Prakash Javadekar, has urged all members of the concerned public to respond to the proposed draft of the HECI within the 7th of July, 5 pm.

This is a very short time span, but a response has been prepared by college and university teachers laying out the problems of the draft, strongly opposing the same. We believe that by withdrawing financial powers from the regulator and handing them over to the central government, and by giving the HECI unilateral and absolute powers to authorise, monitor, shut down, and recommend disinvestment from Higher Educational Institutions, the Draft Bill will expose higher education in the country to ideological manipulation, loss of much needed diversity as well as academic standards, fee hikes, and profiteering.

You can read the full draft of this response here.

If you would like to respond to Shri Javadekar along these lines, please click here and follow the simple instructions.

5 thoughts on “Higher Education Commission of India Act – Send your responses NOW!

  1. Samhita

    Hope any new change and body supports inclusion and autonomy to strengthen existing and future institutions. Our education should be such that it prepares us for world institutions and also connects us with our local roots. Hope all efforts enables children, adults, youths and elderly in the shared learning processes.

  2. Dear HRD minister MR … P. Javedkar plz do not repeal UGC and the repeal of UGC will be creat some extra problems within the systems functions regarding education .


    A point b point cogent explanation of the adverse effects of the proposed Act with logical solutions

  4. SK Mishra

    Think of a falling stone, rolling along the surface of a hill. By chance, it may find a spot in its way, to stop temporarily. If not disturbed, the stone remains there at that stoppage. However, if disturbed, it starts falling again only to reach another temporary point of stoppage or a continuous fall until the bottom is reached. The history of the Indian education system is the trajectory traversed by such a falling stone. It was resting on UGC for some time. Now it will rest on HECI.

    The real issue is not the Institution, but the governance. I see no chances of improvement of governance in this country in the near future.

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