Over 500 concerned citizens, democratic rights’ activists across movements, women’s groups, students and academics condemned the misuse of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) against scholars and activists, raising constitutional issues and asking for the government’s accountability.

We the undersigned women’s organisations and concerned individuals strongly condemn the continuous and repeated harassment of a number of women activists and intellectuals, by the Enforcement Directorate(ED), under the guise of an inquiry, in Delhi. This is a clear abuse of its extraordinary and draconian powers under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). As in the case of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), there are increasing instances of the misuse of PMLA, especially against persons who are vocal critics of the government and its policies, and those who raise issues of the poor and oppressed sections of society. The ED is being used as an intimidation tool for political vendetta, where the process is the punishment for the detention of dissenters.

In the course of the last few months, several women scholars and activists have been summoned repeatedly, made to wait long hours, often interrogated without any woman officer present throughout, asked to furnish documents over and over again, in an ED investigation. In a clear case of evergreening the inquiry, the process has become endless. It is quickly turning into a fishing expedition, with all kinds of irrelevant documents and personal information being demanded, such as those about other family members, having no relevance to the inquiry whatsoever.

All of these women, whom we cannot name because of threat of further harassment, who are being questioned have worked tirelessly on substantive issues of national importance that matter to a vast majority of our people – food security, accountable and transparent governance, peace and harmony, informed citizenship, farmers rights, women’s issues and so on. They have been at the forefront of holding the state accountable to the needs of these sections with great commitment and perseverance, under different regimes, be it the Congress led UPA, or the AAP government, or the BJP led NDA.

We have no doubt that the ED has targeted these particular women to stifle their voices and stop the crucial work they do – for example, to highlight the distress of our people on account of faulty economic policies, as is the case with the farmers’ agrarian crisis. Or their engagement at the grassroots level to raise awareness about constitutional processes of governance and accountability; the work with the Right to Information Act to safeguard democracy and constitutionally guaranteed justice. Some have used the powerful instrument of social audit and public hearings to ensure the delivery of entitlements like rations, pensions, etc. to the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of society. They have done important research on poverty, inequality, land rights, access to common property, etc in reputed journals and publications. Drawing national and global attention to these issues makes the powers that be extremely uncomfortable, resulting in this vindictive action.

The use of PMLA is particularly sinister as it gives unbridled powers to the ED. It was enacted in response to India’s global commitments, including the Vienna Convention, to combat the serious crime of large scale money laundering, particularly from trade in narcotics, arms smuggling and organised crime. It is shocking that the legislation is being misused in such a manner, against opposition leaders, activists and intellectuals, a clear mockery and dilution of its original objective.

Under the Act, the state is relieved of all responsibility for observing the principles of natural justice, fair trial, due process, protocols for women, and human rights. The investigation agencies effectively exercise police powers and should be obligated to follow the CrPC, but PMLA has an overriding effect in case of any inconsistency with any other Law, including CRPC, etc.

The ED does not have to record an FIR before starting investigations, or inform those under investigation of the specific charges against them at the time of summons or during the investigation. ED has unbridled power of summons, raids and arrests. The power to summon are so wide that any officer of the rank of Assistant Director or above can call any person, accused or not, for discovery, inspection, recording statements and produce documents, etc. Though it is a judicial proceeding with much wider powers than a Civil Court, the accused or witness does not get the protection of a Civil Court, like the right to a lawyer, of knowing the charges, the right to remain silent, etc.

Statements made in the course of an investigation can be used against them in judicial proceedings, an extraordinary power that even the police doesn’t have. The Act violates Article 20 of the Constitution, which guarantees the right against self-incrimination as a fundamental right; and ED can compel the production of records and giving of sworn statements, since silence is punishable. It presumes guilt of the accused unless proved otherwise, placing burden on those under investigation; bail is extremely difficult since innocence has to be proved for bail.

We oppose the draconian provisions of PMLA that skew power equations and weaponise agencies to violate personal liberty, procedures of law and the constitutional mandate.

 We unequivocally condemn the misuse of PMLA against these researchers and activists in order to crush their voices and work.

 We demand that this persecution and witch hunt must stop immediately.

We also demand that proper procedures be put in place for the summoning, questioning and evidence gathering from women so that they are not harassed and victimised.

 We further demand that given the immense powers under the Act, the ED should exercise great responsibility and discernment in the persons and cases where they choose to use PMLA, and certainly not use it to intimidate opponents, activists and intellectuals.

Name Affiliation/Profession City
Mohan Rao Former professor at  JNU Bangalore
Ayesha Kidwai Professor, JNU New Delhi
Jasveen Jairath Social activist Hyderabad
P. Rohini Rajasekaran Writer/Artist Bangalore
Shraddha Chigateri Researcher Singapore
Nisha Biswas Feminists in Resistance Kolkata
Aditi Mehta IAS Retd Udaipur, Rajasthan
Aravinda Potluri Computer engineer Hyderabad
Kinnera Murthy Retired Hyderabad
Indu Chandrasekhar Publisher Delhi
Pyoli Lawyer New Delhi
Nivedita Menon JNU New Delhi
Anuradha Banerji SAHELI women’s resource centre New Delhi
Sanghamitra Malik Apna Watan Hyderabad
Vidya Dinker INSAF Mangalore
Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Journalist and Writer Delhi NCR
Subhash Gatade New Socialist Initiative Delhi
Nandita Narain Associate Professor, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University Delhi
Maya Krishna Rao Theatre artist Goa
Padmaja Shaw Rtd Prof, Osmania University Hyderabad
Annie Hasan Researcher Hyderabad
Zoya Hasan Professor Emerita, JNU Delhi
 Anand Kumar Convener, Loktantrik Rashtranirman Abhiyan Goa
Aysha Activist, Right to Food Campaign Delhi
Poonam Kaushik Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan Delhi Delhi
A.Suneetha Independent Researcher Hyderabad
Ramesh Dixit Academician, President,  Samvidhan Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow
Vijaya Venkataraman Professor, University of Delhi Delhi
Arundhati Dhuru National convener NAPM Lucknow
Sachi Hegde PUCL Karnataka Bangalore
Tarini THI Kohima
Sarah Mathews Sankalp Women’s Support Alliance Hyderabad
AS Vasantha WSS Delhi
Rajiv Dogra Retired Private job Dharamshala
Khadijah faruqui Human rights consultant New Delhi
Savithri Singh Retired from  Delhi University Delhi
Jashodhara Dasgupta Independent Researcher Nainital
Balveer Arora Professor Retired New Delhi
B. Anuradha Writer and Activist Hyderabad
Chaman Lal Retd.Professor JNU New Delhi
Runu Independent activist Gaziabad
K. Padma Advocate Visakhapatnam
Anita Narayanasamy Social Service Hyderabad
Mritiunjoy Mohanty Professor, IIM Calcutta Kolkata
Dr.Mohan Rao Former professor, JNU. Bangalore
Shabnam Hashmi Anhad , social activist Delhi
Shalu Nigam Advocate Delhi NCR
Saheli Women’s Resource Centre Women’s crisis intervention centre New Delhi
Ashima Roy Chowdhury Woman activist with Saheli Women’s Resource Centre New Delhi
Vineet Bhambhu MKSS Rajsamand, Rajasthan
Pushpa S Social & Political Activist, Swaraj Abhiyan Bengaluru
Satish Misra Journalism Noida
Dvijendra Nath Kalia Retd. Associate Professor, PGDAV College Delhi
P Bilimale Writer New Delhi
Rakhi Sehgal Labour researcher & activist New Delhi
Vivekanand Tripathi Social Media Activist Noida
Pamela Philipose Independent journalist New Delhi
Panchami Jose Research scholar Mumbai
Persis Ginwalla Individual Ahmedabad
Chhaya Basu Social  worker and rainbow home cpc member New Delhi
V Vinoo Hora Delhi
Sachidanand Sinha Retired Uttarakhand
R.Manohar Regional Coordinator, Human Rights Defenders Alert India Bangalore
Anjali Mehta Doctor, ophthalmologist Delhi
Arjun Prasad Singh Social-Political Activist Delhi
Rita Manchanda Independent Consultant and Author New Delhi
Arshdeep Arshi Journalist Chandigarh
Manisha Student Mysore
Aparna, IFTU President, National Committee IFTU Delhi
Koninika Ray National Federation of Indian Women New Delhi
Ruth Manorama Women’s Voice Bangalore
Rushda Siddiqui Delhi State Unit, NFIW New Delhi
Nandini Rao Feminist activist Delhi
Deepak Kumar Activist Delhi
Komal Saigal Individual New Delhi
Jayati Ghosh Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst, USA
Kiran Banga Chhokar RCE Network New Delhi
Runu Independent activist Gaziabad
L.nageswara rao Retired as private employee Hyderabad
Seema Azad PUCL Allahabad
Harbans Mukhia Former Professor and Rector, JNU Gurgaon
Radheysham Iftu Greater Noida
Ria Yadav Advocate Delhi
Kalyani Menon Sen Independent researcher Coimbatore
Deepak TALAPATRA Retired Delhi
Pradip Datta Retired Professor New Delhi
Ritu Independent Researcher Delhi
Dr Shikha Academic New Delhi
Nandini Sundar Sociologist Delhi
Tasneem Suhrawardy Academics Delhi
Chayanika Shah Retired Lecturer, Forum Against Oppression of Women Mumbai
Karuna DW Academic Bangalore
Dr syed ali mujtaba Professor guru nanak college chennai Chennai
Rekha Rajan Retired Hyderabad
Sajaya K Women and Transgender organizations JAC Hyderabad
Sardara Singh  Mahil Writer and agriculturists Mahil  Gaila, sbs nagar , punjab
M A SHAKEEL Advocate Hyderabad
Soumya Dutta Researcher-Activist-Author Delhi
Ramesh Babu V Journalist and Writer Hyderabad
Mridula Mukherjee Professor Retired JNU Delhi
Sujata Patel Retd. Professor, University of Hyderabad Pune
Ashla Srinivas Activist Hyderabad
Suryakumari Journalist Hyderabad
Rama Melkote Prof.retd. Osmania University Hyderabad Telangana State
S.Rama Journalist Hyderabad
Vineeta Bal Academic Pune
A.Hyma Social worker Nalgonda
P.kiranmayi Retired employee Miryalaguda
Sangeeta Goswami Human Security Collective / Global NPO Coalition on the FATF The Hague
Prof Ritu Dewan Retd Director and Head, Mumbai School of Economics and Public Policy, University of Mumbai Mun
Sanjeev Human rights forum Hyderabad
Anjaneyulu Social Justice Activist Hyderabad
Vani Subramanian Feminist activist, Saheli Women’s Resource Centre New Delhi
Nalamasa Krishna advocate Legal Hyderabad
Brinda Adige Activist Bengaluru
Shailajha ( arpitha) Yoga trainer Hyderabad
Venkat Social activist Hyderabad
Prerana Research Scholar, JNU New Delhi
Bandari Laxmaiah Struggle Association for Annihilation of Caste Inequalities Hyderabad
K. Lalita Researcher Hyderabad
Savita Sharma Feminist activist, Saheli Women’s Resource Centre New Delhi
M Sarat Human rights activist Visakhapatnam
Usha Seethalakshmi Independent Researcher and Activist Hyderabad
Vinay K Sreenivasa Advocate Bengaluru
K. Ravi Kumar Rythu swarajya vedika Hyderabad, Telangana
Nazreen Krishna Murthy Anti corruption crusader Chennai City
Surinder Kumar Professor Rohtak
Vinodkumar  Matam Business SANGAREDDY
Jyothi Entrepreneur Hyderabad
Johanna Development professional Ahmedabad
Deepti Gopinath Trade Union activist Mumbai
Rekha Awasthi Janwadi lekhak Sangh / Retired professor Delhi
Susan Visvanathan Academic Alappuzha
Ramesh Dixit Academician, President, Samvidhan Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh Lucknow
MMP Singh Former DUTA President / Editor Naya Path Delhi
Sandhya Shree G.s Carnatic musician Hyderabad
Hemalatha Pendyala Senior Citizen Hyderabad
Kamayani Bali Mahabal Feminist and human rights activist Mumbai
Arun VIRASAM Hyderabad
MohMmed sabir hussain Manager DubI
Sagari Ramdas Veterinary Scientist , Food Sovereignty Alliance Hyderabad
Ramesh Dixit Academician, President, Samvidhan Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow
Sucharita Sen JNU Delhi
Jovan Rao Rydder Activist Edinburgh
Shadab Bano Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh
Rama Asst Professor Warangal
Gautam Sonti Filmmaker Bangalore
Seema Kulkarni Makaam Pune
Bimal Sharma Consultant Kolkata
Murali IAS retd Social Activist Hyderabad
Arun Goyal Researcher New Delhi
Uttam Kumar Student Delhi
Ravichander  L Advocate Hyderabad
Satyavati Social Activist Hyderabad
Sunita Sheel Individual Pune
Subhashini Ali Vice president AIDWA Delhi
Kavitha Kuruganti Social activist Bangalore
Vanaja Media Hyderabad
Anjani Assistant Professor Khammam
Anwar Ali Social activist Hyderabad
Dunu Roy Ecologist New Delhi
N.D.Jayaprakash Socialwork Delhi
C. P. Chandrasekhar Economist New Delhi
Manshi Asher Researcher-activist Kangra
Indira Krishnaswami Retired teacher Bangalore
Raghavender reddy Karra Journalist Hyderabad
Madhu Ambala Business Hyderabad
Bhanuj Kappal Journalist Mumbai
Vijayalakshmi Moderator Hyderabad
Nikita Naidu Climate Action Hyderabad
M. Yadagira Charyulu Associate prof. of Economics(Retd), Social Activist Warangal
Anuradha Kapoor Feminist Activist Kolkata
Rajiv Khanna Private Service Gurgaon
B. Rammohan Rao Teacher Khammam
Sundar Burra retired civil servant  New Delhi
Raghavendra Prasad Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) Hyderabad
Shalini Gera Lawyer Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
M. R. Nandan Retired teacher Bangalore
Dipendu Chowdhury Journalist Kolkata
Aruna Individual Pune
B Srinu Private Job Vijayawada
Ananth Guruswamy Retired Bangalore
Kirti Singh Aidwa Advocate Delhi
SIDDHARTH KALHANS Journalist, National Secretary, IFWJ Lucknow
Anu chenoy Retired professor Delhi
Gopalji Pradhan Delhi Teachers Initiative Delhi
Alessandra Mezzadri Associate Professor, SOAS London
Tapasi Praharaj AIDWA Bhubaneswar
Dr. Samunnatha Osmania University Hyderabad
Utpala Mukherjee Hospitality Delhi
Varsha Bhargavi Gender Sensitisation and POSH Act Trainer Hyderabad
SK Saleema Journalist Hydearabad
Thulasi Chandu Journalist Hyderabad
Lata Singh Associate Professor, JNU Delhi
Saraswati Kavula Independent filmmaker and journalist Hyderabad
Ariba University of Delhi Delhi
Animesh Das Medical Practitioner New Delhi
Dr. Indira Rani Freelance Researcher abd Consultant Hyderabad
Shreya Neroth Trainee Software Engineer Mysore,  Karnataka
Ashalatha MAKAAM Hyderabad
Animesh Dad Indian Federation of Trade Unions New Delhi
Shewli Kumar Associate Professor Mumbai
Geeta kapur art critic delhi
Vasuki umanath Aidwa, national VP Chennai
Ritambhara Shastri Journalism Delhi
Nagaragere Ramesh Karnataka Janashakti Bengaluru
Dr V Rukmini Rao Gramya Resource Centre for Women Hyderabad
Maitrayee Chaudhuri Retired Professor NewcDelhi
Ammu Abraham Forum Against Oppression of Women Mumbai
vandana mahajan Independent, citizen New delhi
Jyoti Goyal Women Rights advocate Faridabad haryana
vandana mahajan independent new delhi
sheba chhachhi photographer/artist delhi
Chitra Joshi Independent historian New Delhi
DSSR Krishna Telangana Vidyavantula Vedika Hyderabad
Meenakshi bali President. AIDWA karanataka state Kalaburgi
Sadhna Arya Retired Teacher Delhu
Dr. Albertina Almeida Advocate Taleigao, Goa
Raghu Menon Publishing Hyderabad
Avinash Kumar JNU Delhi
Indira Hirway Centre For Development Alternatives Ahmedabad
Indravelliramesh Writer /senior journalist Hydearabad
Tara Rao Concerned Citizen Bangalore
Prosanta Nath Choudhuri Social Activist Jalpaiguri
Monisha Behal Individual Guwahati
A.Geetha malini Teacher Sangareddy, Hyderabad
S. Venkateswar Reddy All India Regional Rural Bank Employees Association Hyderabad
Swarnjit Mehta Retired University Professor Mohali
Mannika Chopra Media New Delhi
Lakshmi Krishnamurty Alarippu and mahila samakhya – retd. bangalore
Anwar Khan Ghauri Foundation for Justice and Governance Delhi
Mona Mishra Senior Advisor, UN Delhi
Dwiji Guru Sustainable Food Systems Trainer & Consultant Bengaluru
Dr. M A Srinivasan Assistant Professor Hyderabad
Dr Ameer Sultana Professor Chandigarh
Amod Shah PhD Researcher Uttarakhand
Indira C Public Health Researcher Delhi
I agree – Mumtaz Khan Former Associate Prof  Jamia Millia Islamia  New Delhi
Aruna Sinha NFIW Gzb
Deepti Bharti Social work Ghaziabad
Faisal Ali Business Kolkata
Julie George Lawyer Pune
Stop intimidation by ED and mis use of PMLA for harassing Activists and intellectuals Senior Citizen Hyderabad
Ayshka consultant Dubai
Meena Gupta Retired civil servant Hyderabad
Harjit Singh Professor (Retired) JNU New Delhi
B.Girija Social activist Hyderabad
Y Krishna Jyothi Journalist Hyderabad
Neha G Feminist Activist Delhi
Brinda Karat CPI(M) New Delhi
Sujatha Teaching Hyderabad
Meena Deshpande NFIW Nagpur, Maharashtra.
Supriya Chotani NFIW Delhi
Anushree J Feminist researcher/activist Delhi
Sushama Jain Retired professsor New Delhi
kuhu teacher mumbai
Uma bhatt Uttrakhand mahila manch Nainital
Anuradha Development professional Bangalore
Akhileshwari Ramagoud Independent Journalist and Academic Hyderabad
Madhu Madan Ca New Delhi
Kiran Moghe Trade union activist Pune
Dr jagadeeshwar Doctor Warangal
Meena Gopal TISS Mumbai
Yogendra Yadav Political activist, Swaraj India New Delhi
Shubhra Chakrabarti Retired teacher Kolkata
Jyothi A NFIW Bengaluru
Geetika Bhargava Executive Search Gurgaon
Sandhya .V Women’s activist Hyderabad
Kaneez Fathima Civil Rights Activist Hyderabad
Ashok Maridas Samvidhanada Haadiyalli Bangalore
Jagdeep Chhokar Professor (Retired), IIM Ahmedabad New Delhi
Divakar N Writer Mysore
Swatija Feminists Activists Thane
Pradeep E CI Bangalore
Flory Menezes Advocate Pune
Balasangameshwara Vollepore AIPC Bangalore
Raja Vemula Advocate Hyderabad
Lakshmi Nakasakay Gunturu Teaching and writing Vijayawada
Krishna Kumari Nfiw , social activist Hyderabad
Syed Salim Logistics manager Bangalore
Aditya Mukherjee Historian New Delhi
Shashwati Teacher Mumbai
Talat zamir Self employed Noida ( UP )
Rohini Hensman Writer and independent scholar Mumbai
Archana Post-Doc JNU New Delhi
Sharifa Siddiqui Prerna Secunderabad
Pramod Yadava Professor (Superannuated) Gautam Buddh Nagar
Safoora Zargar Freelance researcher and activist New Delhi
Uma Shankari Citizen, farmer Hyderabad
Anomita Sen Theatre Professional New Delhi
Varalaxmi Organizor Hyderabad
Swetha samalla Profession Siddipet
Narayanaswamy Poet Flemington, New Jersey
A Raghu Kumar Advocate Hyderabad
Asha Puri Teacher retired New Delhi
Navneet Research Scholar Hisar, Haryana.
KRISHAK D Bardewa Student Gangtok
Neeraj Malik University Professor Noida
Mariam Dhawale All India Democratic Women’s Association New Delhi
Gurpreet Kaur Researcher Delhi
P. K. Sreemathi All India Democratic Women’s Association Trivandrum
Vandana Aidwa Lucknow
Shantha Sinha Professor (retd) Hyderabad
Dr Sarita khadse Social Work Nagpur
Cheryl Dsouza Advocate Delhi
Syed TOUSEEF ULLA Own company Bangalore
Kavita Srivastava Human Rights Worker Jaipur
Dr. P. Prasanthi Development professional Hyderabad
Kalpana Family counselor Hyderabad
Md Shafiuddin Yakub Ali Legal Hyderabad
Manjeet Rathee AIDWA Centre Rohtak
Sreelalitha Job Hyderabad
BR Leelavathi Helpline Councellor Hyderabad
Abha Dev Habib Miranda House,  University of Delhi Delhi
Palvinder Kour Ph.D Scholar Jammu
Papori Bora JNU New Delhi
Minakshi Singh Buissness Delhi
Manjula NFIW Chennai
Shalini Mulackal Retired Professor Rome
Bhaskara Employee Hyderabad
Mukul Priyadarshini Retd. Miranda House, University of Delhi Delhi
Anuradha GR Individual Delhi
Panchali Ray Krea university Chennai
Shraddha Chatterjee PhD Delhi
Manju Kulapuram Activist Delhi
Champak Home maker Gurugram
Marcia DCunha Teacher Thane
A. R. Vasavi Researcher Bengaluru
K J Ramarao Social Actvist Hyderabad
Chirashree Das Gupta JNU New Delhi
Dimple Oberoi Vahali Independent activist Delhi
KhalidaParveen Activist Hyderabad
Renu mukunda Freelancer Bangalore
Anjali Monteiro Filmmaker and academic Goa
K.P. Jayasankar Filmmaker and academic Goa
Amita joseph Advocate Delhi
Arun Kumar Retd. Professor Gurgaon
Pratiksha  Baxi Academic Delhi
 X press Roving Citizen India
Philomena D’Souza Consellor Mumbai
Farah Naqvi Independent Writer Delhi
Lissy Social Work Hyderabad
Satya Sagar Chennai
Sushil Khanna Professor (Retrd) Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Kolkata
Jawhar Sircar Member of Parliament (RS) Kolkata/ Delhi
Dr. indu prakash singh CityMakers Mission International New Delhi
Dr. indu prakash singh CityMakers Mission International New Delhi
Nupur Basu Journalist Bangalore
Mohd Abuzar Choudhary Independent Journalism New Delhi
Kothapalli Ravibabu Retired principal Tenali
Bizeth Banerjee Concerned citizen Hyderabad
SUJATA Retired Bangalore
Freny Manecksha Independent journalist Thane
Jayanti Raghavan Retd Prof. JNU Gurgaon
Kranti kumar Former Chennai
Dorothy Fernandes Social Action Patna
Raynah Braganza Passanha Indian Christian Women’s Movement Pune
Anil Bisht Read teachers Nainital
John Dayal Writer and Activist New Delhi
Sujata Madhok Journalist New Delhi
Dr Areet Kaur Doctor Chandigarh
Yasmeen Retired New Delhi
Dr. Suman Kumari Professor, MRIIRS Faridabad
Nagmani Rao Retired Academic Pune
Tanushree Gangopadhyay Journalist Ahmedabad
Anjana Mangalagiri Educationist New Delhi
Sr. Sherly Keeranchira Medical Mission Sisters Ernakulam
Rajeev Khanna Journalist Solan
Elsa M IWTF, ICWM Chennai
Asha G Scientist Trivandrum
Sandhya Kumari Education Greater Noida
K P Fabian Retd.Ambassador Delhi
SK Garge Management Consultant Mumbai
Ravinder Goel Retired teacher Delhi
Vaishna Narang Professor New Delhi
Lilly Social work Bhopal
Sheila De Sa Teacher Chennai
Vertika Mani Lawyer, Secretary PUCL Delhi Delhi
Libania Nurse Haryana
Xavier Thumma Concernd person Chengalpattu
Ashok Kalbag Retired Mumbai
Snehlata Gender expert New Delhi
Vivian Fernandes Journalist Delhi
Vijay Kiyawat Retired Pune
Anirudh Deshpande Professor of History, Deptt of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, DU. Gurgaon NCR
Binu Mathew Journalist Kochi
Ajay Patnaik Retired Professor, JNU Delhi
Usha singh Kashyap Social spiritual thinker  & homemaker New Delhi
Pushpa Lalitha Social work Mandi dabwali
Urvashi Dhamija Retired teacher ,Miranda House, University of Delhi Delhi
Vanita N Mukherjee Independent Professional New Delhi
Suneeta Activist Delhi
Sujata Raghavan Development Writer New Delhi
Lakshmi Raman NGO consultant Bangalore
Lizy Teacher Kalady
Imrana Qadeer Retired professor Delhi
Silvia Retired teacher Chennai
Rohit Prajapati Environment Activist Vadodara
Ashok choudhary All India Union of Forest working People Aiufwp Saharanpur
Siddharth Business Delhi
Abid Shah Journalism Ghaziabad
Beena Pallical National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights New Delhi
Angelo Extross Retired Citizen Pune
Smita Gupta Economist and Activist New Delhi
Rajashri Dasgupta Independent Journalist Kolkata
Riyaz Ahmed Professional Delhi
Theresa Vaz Teacher Pune
Regi Teacher Srinagar
Sujatha Teacher హైదరాబాద్
Kinjal Banerjee BITS Goa Goa
Vimala K S AIDWA | Women activist Bangalore
A. O. Pinto Concerned Citizen Panjim
Susmita Sinha Film maker Kolkata
Mary E John retired Delhi
Hasina khan Bebaak Collective Mumbai
Devi Aidwa Karna
Selvam ramasamy Farmer Arachalur village, TN
Devi Aidwa Karnataka
Krishna Bandyopadhyay Activist  of  Democratic  Rights Kolkata .WestBengal
Mukhtiar Singh University of Manitoba (Retired) Winnipeg, MB; Canada
Sarada lingaraju Hospice counselor Hyderabad
Cassia Social worker Pune
N. Prathap Simha Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), Advocate Bangalore
Kamaxi Bhate Doctor Mumbai
Binny yadav Journalist New Delhi
Abhilasha Kumari Independent Consultant Noida
CShah Retired Pune
Dr C M Ramesha Professor Bangalore-560054
Nandigam Krishna Rao Storyteller and Advocate Hyderabad
Kumudini Pati Freelance Journalist Allahabad
Shishu Ranjan All India Revolutionary Students Organisation Delhi
S. Jeevan Kumar Human Rights Activist Hyderabad,Telangana
Jagannath La LIC pensioner Mysuru
Bratati Pande Retired Associate Professor Delhi
Janardhana Employee Kolar gold fields
Basamma AIDWA Bangalore
Abhijit Roy Jadavpur University Kolkata
Muralidhar Rao Individual Bengaluru
Dr.vijaya Journalist,writer Bangalore
Bheemanagowda Sfi State Secretary Karnataka Bengaluru
Channappa Teacher Raichur Karnataka
Jayasurya Student Hbhalli vijayanagara karnatka
K.A.pavan Kumar Yas Hospet
Peggy Mohan Visiting Professor Ashoka Delhi
N. Gayathri Retired Bank Manager Bangalore
Niranjanaradhya V P People’s Alliance for Fundamental Right to Education -PAFRE Bengaluru
Meera Banerjee None Bangalore
Svati Joshi Academic Ahmedabad
Anantha raj b m Student Jagaluru
P A Azeez Freelance researcher Coimbatore
Banjagere Jayaprakash Writer Harohalli
Sankara Narayanan Business Erode
Banjagere Jayaprakash Writer Activist Harohalli
Jael Silliman Professor Kolkata
Nikhil Dey Social Activist Rajsamand Rajasthan
Eerappa CSR Coordinator Bangalore
Anand Chandolu Civil engineer Hyderabad
Abhishek Student Bengaluru
Sandhya gokhale Forum Against Oppression of Women Mumbai
Sangamesh Teacher Bangalore
Sujata Student Karnataka kalaburagi
Hulagamma Student  S.Karnataka  d.kalaburagi
Suresha Student Kalaburagi Karnataka
Vijayalaxmi Labour Bengaluru
Sipra Mukherjee West Bengal State University Kolkata
Shobha TB AAIDWA ಕಾರ್ಯಕರ್ತೆ Doddarasinkere
Chidananda.karigooli BA.LLb.MSW Sirwar
Achutha Samudaya Karnataka K GF
Achutha Samudaya Karnataka Bangaluru Bengaluru
Achutha Samudaya Karnataka Bengaluru
BN Manjunath Advocate Bangalore
Brunda s dhanni Student Gulbarga
Tushit s dhanni Student Gulbarga
Rohit s dhanni Student Gulbarga
Radhika Desai Independent Gender and Livelihoods Researcher Hyderabad
Shipra Nigam Researcher New Delhi
Dr Mira Shiva Public Health Physician New Delhi
Dr.K.Rajani NFIW medical Hyderabad
R.D.Philip Retired Bangalore
Anthony Lobo retired Bengaluru
Naina Malika Williams Free Speech is our birth right Bangalore
Mercy Francis Forum for Peace and Justice Patna
Shalini Suren Counselor Bangalore
Ashish Ranjan National alliance of people’s movements Araria
Meera Sanghamitra National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) India
Aneesha ranjan Concerned citizen Delhi
Rita Banerjee. House wife. Kolkata.
Ashok Kumar social worker Delhi
Prateek Vijayavargia Research Scholar, JNU Delhi
Vishukumar N R Retired government official Bengaluru
Jahnvi Andharia Development professional Ahmedabad
Dr Sarmila Chandra Doctor Kolkata
K Marulasiddappa Retired professsor Bangalore
Dr.G.Ramakrishna Retires professor Bangalore
Manjari Roy Wildlife biologist Dehradun
Susheela House wife Bangalore
Pankaj Mullick Journalist New Delhi
Doddabadavaraj Student Ballari
P.Venkataramanappa professional  photographer Karnataka, Kolar
Vrinda Gopinath Journalist New Delhi
Neena Vyas Journalist freelance Delhi
Anna George Teacher, researcher Delhi
Laxmi Murthy Journalist Bangalore
Sugandha HR Professional London
Vasudeva Uchil Rtrd. State Govt. Servant ,Karnataka Mangaluru
Maimoona Mollah AIDWA Delhi New Delhi
Asha Sharma AIDWA Delhi New Delhi
Padma Velaskar Academic Mumbai
Keya Dasgupta Retired faculty, CSSSC, Kolkata Kolkata
Roopashri Sinha Freelance researcher Mumbai
V. Saldanha Indian Christian Women’s Movement Mumbai
Uma Bhrugubanda Academic Hyderabad
S. G . Siddaramaiah Rtd professor Bengaluru
Diamond Oberoi Teaching Delhi

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