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Photographs from Ejipura Demolition : Mirno R. Pasquali

Mirno Pasquali  is a photographer who has been documenting the EWS evictions in Ejipura Bangalore. Gautam Bhan has written about the evictions here

I spent the past few days photographing in the Ejipura slum which has been the focus of many activists working here in Bangalore. This has been my first attempt at documenting these types of issues, and being a foreigner has made it particularly interesting. I hope to have done so in a way that is fair, unbiased and ultimately insightful.

A number of activist have referred me to this forum as an intellectual space to post stories, issues and ultimately begin a dialogue about a number of different topics. I am happy to have found a place to place these photographs, and I hope doing so will aid to this goal.

Please feel free to use them for any publication, write up or other purposes. I only ask for acknowledgement and the passing along of my contact information.



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Seven Propositions and One Challenge from Ejipura

The recent eviction of over 1500 Economically Weaker Section (EWS) households from Ejipura in Bangalore (see here, here and here) to make way for a high-end mixed-use development (with some EWS housing for “original residents”) is just one a series of millennial evictions that have scarred the landscape of Indian cities and yet another instigated by an order of a High Court. Below are seven quick propositions on how to understand these evictions, how to respond in the immediate and near-term.

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