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The Medical (Un)profession : Caveat Empty

This is a guest post by CAVEAT EMPTY

As a twenty something year old it was not the first time I had gone to see a gynaecologist, and been asked what was now the question of the hour.

“Are you married?”

This question had bothered me even during the visits to the gynaecologists (and other doctors), which were prior to my abortion, and where I had not been horror-struck. This question was the doctor’s way of determining if I was sexually active. Apart from the warped moral high horse it was riding, it was completely unprofessional, and maybe even dangerous. There was the risk that someone may not make the connection that these doctors were making between marriage and being sexually active. I myself had only made the connection belatedly, and only after having responded to it instantly. And, even when I did understand the question I did not exactly want to scream “Hey you judgemental pig, I am having pre-marital sex!” Continue reading The Medical (Un)profession : Caveat Empty