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Love In The Time Of Hate: Nikita Azad

Guest Post by NIKITA AZAD

It is easy to hate. In fact, one of the strongest emotions to have lasted so long and so vividly in our minds is hate. From La La Land to competitions in schools, we are taught to become self-serving narcissists; we are fed jealousy and hatred strategically. From the day we are born, we learn hating. We learn to mock our classmates for following a different faith, belonging to another caste, non-confirming to given genders, and everything else. As we grow, we learn to despise them for their grades and perhaps, reservations they deserve. And, when looking for jobs, we start hating them absolutely because we believe they are the cause of all our problems.

People hate what others eat. They hate what others wear. They hate Africans who study in this country because they wear ‘revealing’ dresses; they hate Muslim women because they do not wear those dresses. We let our lives be governed by this continuous production of systematic hatred that encompasses all our choices and decisions. For example, some people would never rent a room to independent women or Muslims because they cannot stand the sight of something or someone who doesn’t accrue to their ostensibly ‘homogenous’ culture. And, some would threaten a woman with rape, a woman who wants nothing else but peace and non-violence.

Then there are people like me. Who hate hate; who hate bigotry and prejudices, and who wish to transform this scenario and end this vicious cycle of reproduction of hatred and self-centeredness amongst humans. Continue reading Love In The Time Of Hate: Nikita Azad